Struggling to Grow Your Business? Discover What You Need to Know for 2022

There are few things more exciting and rewarding than owning your own business. For those who don’t have the desire to be an entrepreneur, the attraction to long hours of work, uncertainties and risks might be baffling. How can all of that work, stress, hustle, and determination be something that anyone would want? 

But for the business owner, this kind of intense relationship with their product is something they can’t imagine living without. Owning your own business and learning how to grow it isn’t just something that you do, it becomes a lifestyle. For many business owners, their work becomes a part of their life much like their families or hobbies. 

This can be both good and bad as burnout and frustration are a very real reality even for the most dedicated and passionate entrepreneurs, but most often it takes this kind of dedication and work ethic to make it. The world of business is not for the faint of heart. You have to believe not only in yourself but in your company and you have to be willing to work hard and constantly be learning.

No one is going to take your business to the next level outside of you and your team. If you don’t start the ball rolling, it simply won’t move. While this can seem daunting and intimidating to some, it’s the source of attraction to others. That being said, how do you handle the stress of feeling stagnant and stalled in your business? 

No matter the success story, every business at one time or another has struggled to grow. This is a fundamental and important part of the process of owning your own business. This tension actually helps to create a forward movement that forces business owners to think outside of the box.

While these struggles may be normal, and even necessary, finding the tools you need to help you solve these problems doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you are struggling to grow your business in 2022, here are three tools that can help you discover what you need to move forward!

Working Smarter and Not Harder

When it comes to owning your own business, it can seem shocking how much work there is to do. It seems like there is a never-ending stream of administrative work that can just pile up out of seemingly nowhere. 

Effective administration is crucial for creating a successful business, however, there are certain aspects of administrative work that can be simply time-consuming. Helping the company grow and move in the right direction, providing the leadership, resources, and tools necessary, and being a key element in communication throughout the company are all important parts of administrative work. However, there are aspects of administration that can seem to only fill up your schedule.

This is the work that while it’s crucially important, can seem like it’s never-ending and put your time management in jeopardy for completing some of your other more nuanced tasks. These administrative tasks that accumulate are things like data entry, scheduling, payroll, accounting, and more. 

While your company needs these tasks to be completed and to be done with excellence, they can at times pull an administrator away from his or her real talent. That’s why outsourcing admin work in 2022 might be one of the best moves you make to help your business grow. 

Outsourcing some of the more heavy, tedious aspects of your administrative duties can help to free up the leadership in your company to continue being effective. It can also represent a legitimate amount of financial benefit for your business. Outsourcing administrative duties can also mean that you effectively take care of your company without hiring new employees or expanding your facilities. 

Cap Tables That Help You and Your Investors

The old adage, it takes money to make money is never more true than when you are a business owner. Just because you may have a great idea or an outstanding product, doesn’t mean that you have what it takes to make it in business. Even a great work ethic and business plan aren’t enough to get a concept off the ground if there isn’t funding. 

Capitalization tables, or cap tables, are one of the best ways to help you stay in touch with the investors that are making your dream a reality. These effective and powerful tools allow you and your investors to see exactly where your stalk is at a glance. 

This can be a powerful tool for helping not only yourself keep up with who you are responsible to for your company, but also helps your investors see that you take them seriously. Now, creating a capitalization table that is effective, up to date, and easy to understand can be a challenge. This is a lot of organization and information that needs to make sense at a glance. 

Thankfully, cap tables that are sophisticated, easy to understand, and incredibly effective can be achieved using SUP’s signature cap table tool. Built by venture investors that know what they want to see when they look at a business startup, this tool gives you the resources you need and the peace of mind you deserve. 

Creating easy-to-read, accessible cap table reports doesn’t have to be a nightmare, and what’s more, is that you can show your investors that you take them seriously by using a powerful tool like this. Used already by hundreds of business start-ups, this cap table tool could be a powerful way that you move your business forward in 2022.  

The Software You Need For The Results You Want

One of the biggest challenges to building a successful company in the modern age is finding the right tools that work for your goals. Technology has done more to help businesses than ever before. Communication has reached a point in time where the world is connected in a way that makes business and development almost limitless. 

Not only that, but tech is constantly evolving. The more creative you are in the business world, the more you will benefit. However, that doesn’t mean that all of these great opportunities do not come without challenge. In fact, one of the greatest challenges to starting a business is making sure your using the right software. 

If you have started a business you know what this challenge looks like. With so many tools on the market for helping build businesses, it can seem overwhelming to start looking for the perfect ones that will move your dream forward. Thankfully, finding software for small businesses doesn’t have to be hard, even though it can seem daunting.

With Thryv, you will find a team of dedicated professionals who know what it’s like to be a small business that is struggling to grow. That’s why they produce some of the best, top-of-the-line software in the industry to help you reach your goals.

Get The Help You Need

This year does not have to be the year that you struggle to move your company forward and see the growth you want. Using these tips and tricks, you can experience the growth and expansion you want in your business and make 2022 a year you never forget!


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