Step into The Ring and Feel the Benefits of Youth Boxing

Suppose you have watched popular boxing movies, like Million Dollar Baby, Rocky and Southpaw. Then there is a good chance that you were inspired to step into the ring and give the sport a try for yourself! If that is the case, then the boxing gym is a great place for building friendships, finding meaning and direction, and most importantly, stepping out of our realities.

Recent years have seen the rise of the popular boxing sport as a perfect solution to keep fit and promote healthy living. The sport is fun, achieves a lean muscle build-up, and strengthens the heart and lungs.

While grownups are encouraged to take up the sport, so are the younger generation and here are some reasons why:


With all kinds of technology at our disposal, our children quickly take up unhealthy habits like playing video games all day. Regardless of age, physical fitness is highly recommended. Most kids who take up boxing tend to have lower body mass index levels than their peers. Boxing is known for boosting endurance and power, influencing low-fat content—the perfect solution for the increasing obesity among children.

Athletic conditioning

When we talk of boxing, you picture punches; however, the sport is more than that. It utilises maximum output power and teaches how to minimise potential injuries. An efficient sport boosts speed, agility, hand to eye coordination, and balance. All these are benefits that children can appreciate from taking boxing classes.

Self-defence techniques

All boys and girls should learn self-defence skills, and one way is through the martial art of boxing. Youth boxing helps one develop self-protection skills and techniques, with a top-up of confidence for use when necessary. All this is taught from principles like when to walk away to when a situation calls for de-escalation. One technique enables kids to avoid a hit from an attacker by creating different angles for punching.

Builds confidence

Youth boxing comes with belief in oneself, a courtesy of coaches’ training techniques and mental strategies. They never settle for ordinary, encouraging kids always to do better. Punching the bag is one way to relieve stress. It also promotes determination and self-mastery.

It helps young people set goals

How old were you when you realised the benefits of goal setting? A boxing coach helps your child set a goal based on their current abilities and what they should achieve after a certain period. This way, your child sets objectives and learns that they can work towards accomplishment. It’s helpful in school and when they finally become adults.

Adapting the right eating habits

Not everyone likes competitive sports, and that’s what non-competitive classes are there for. Regardless, one can still learn basic healthy habits, which they carry with them into adulthood. In addition, some trainers offer insight into dietary needs for their students.

Good performance at school

Boxing instils self-discipline while encouraging responsibility and dedication for an all-around student. 

Nurtures good values

In the ring, boxing may be about competition, but all boxers have respect for each other, and that is one value your child takes away. They learn to respect their peers, as well as those holding authority. 

Boosts a young person’s social life

Kids train together in boxing, making it a social sport, so they will make friends from the classes, likely eliminating social anxiety.


Most boxing classes focus on physical fitness rather than contact, so no need to worry about your child coming home with a bleeding nose. It’s the pads and bags that get to feel the punching, not their face. To get young people to reap the above benefits, sign them up for a local boxing club near you.

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Adam Ali