When should you get car detailing done and how often should one get their car detailed?

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Having your car detailed from time to time can have a lot of benefits and should always be considered as a part of maintaining your vehicle because car detailing just doesn’t mean washing your car but adding to the life of your paint job as well as keeping the interiors of the car clean and shiny all the time. Car detailing only adds to the life of your vehicle and whenever you do sell the car, you will get a higher price for a well-maintained car.

Let’s talk firstly about a car wash and car detailing and the major difference between both of them

Both car washes and car detailing are very important in maintaining the overall look and feel of the car but they aren’t exactly solving the same problem as thought by many. Car washes are basically meant to just get all the dirt and grime present on the surface of your car body as well as the interiors of your car. Most car wash services don’t know the right process of washing the car and sometimes end up damaging the paint job of the car as well. This can also happen when you wash the car by yourself and don’t use the right products.

Car detailing on the other hand is a completely different process. It includes the use of professional machines as well as manual labor to make sure that the exterior and the interior of the car is completely made to look shiny and clean without affecting its integrity in any manner. The whole idea of car detailing is to always make sure that the car looks like it has just come out of the showroom.

Car detailing is an extremely important service that many people underestimate

Advantages of Cleaning and Detailing services in India

  • Your paint job can get affected due to various factors including wrong washing products, hard water, dullness due to heat, but car detailing can add life to the paint job with the various products involved in the process which help eliminate the swirl marks and the minor scratch marks that are present and can make your paint job look all shiny and new.
  • Talking of interior detailing, it does help to increase the life of your upholstery and it doesn’t really matter which kind of upholstery that you might have gotten installed in your car. Whether leather or any other kind of soft surface, there is varied kind of products available in the market, which when applied makes sure that all the stains and marks are removed while maintaining the look and feel of the upholstery as it used to be.
  • Car detailing also includes engine detailing and it basically helps to keep the engine all clean and without any dirt and grime present on it, it runs at lower temperatures and somewhere does help to increase the performance of the engine by a small bit.
  • If you have maintained the look and feel of the car and have made sure that you have attended to all problems and resolved them in time, your car will always look like it has come out of the showroom and will be the car that has many jealous admirers in your circle. It also does help to add value to the final price of your car years later when you plan to sell the car.
  • Car detailing is all about the minor details making sure that everything and every area in your car are clean and shiny down to the smallest hole in the car.

If you do want to ensure that your car is always clean and smelling nice, you should invest in a car detailing service in India at every 6 months’ interval so that the paint job of your car is maintained while keeping the interiors of the car in top quality and condition. Do your research and lookout for a good cleaning and detailing service because not every car detailing service will do a good job on your car. Make sure you talk to your peers and check for their experiences as well as their choice of car detailing service provider.

This will help you in going for the best car detailing service and ensure a good-looking and well-maintained car in your garage.

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