Slimvance Reviews – Best Weight Loss Supplements 2022?

We recently came across several Slimvance reviews on the internet that call this ‘the best weight loss supplement’ ever.

Now that’s a claim we’d make very carefully if we were the guys promoting Slimvance. In fact, it is what made us want to dig deeper into the Slimvance craze in the first place.

Guess what we found? Slimvance Core Slimming Complex is a natural weight loss supplement, with some good ingredients. But, the claims and the ingredients are poles apart. There’s nothing in the formula that supports the kind of weight loss they promise.

To give you some perspective, we review dietary supplements for a living. We have reviewed weight loss supplements by the dozen and in all these years, we have hardly come across a handful of them that produce healthy weight loss.

The rest are just overpriced or driven by exaggerated marketing claims. Which one of these two is Slimvance? Let’s find out.

Best Alternatives to Slimvance

  • PhenQBest Alternative Overall

  • LeanbeanBest Alternative for Women

What is Slimvance?

Slimvance is a range of weight loss supplements manufactured by Body Dynamix, that claims to help you lose up to 6-times more weight than you can normally. It’s a stimulant free fat burner that helps you burn fat without exercise.

That’s a tall claim. But that’s not the kicker. The Kicker is that it claims to produce these astounding results with a blend of just 3-ingredients.

None of these are potent fat burning ingredients that we are familiar with.

What’s more, is that the entire Slimvance range of weight loss supplements contains this exact same blend of 3 ingredients. Now, you might start to understand why this draws suspicion and raises eyebrows.

How can you promote different products under different names when they all have the same ingredients?

For instance, Slimvance Core Slimming Complex is one of their flagships. It also contains the same 3 ingredients.

Is Slimvance good for weight loss?

So, there are several reasons why we think that Slimvance may not be all that it is cracked up to be. Let us explain here.

The Claims are exaggerated – Slimvance says that the Slimvance core slimming complex will help you lose 6x more weight if you don’t exercise and just pop two capsules every day. If you exercise, you lose 12x. It also claims to help reduce your hip and waist circumference by 3x. Even if you are a rank newcomer to fat burners, you’d know that the claims are grossly hyped.

The Ingredients are not proven – Slimvance contains 3 ingredients which we will discuss in detail. They are natural ingredients and have multiple health benefits associated with them. But weight loss is not one of them. The absorption rate is poor, the impact on metabolism is too meager.

It’s a proprietary blend – If there’s anything we absolutely despise in a fat burner, it is a proprietary blend. The Slimvance Core slimming complex has a proprietary blend, which is nothing but a fancy way of saying that it contains more than one ingredient. You have no idea how much of each ingredient you are getting, so what’s the point? For instance, if ingredient A is effective at 100 mg only and nothing less, a proprietary blended weight loss supplement can contain just 1 mg of Ingredient A and still paste it on the product label.

Slimvance Ingredients – The Breakdown

Let’s talk about the ingredients then. Slimvance contains just 3 ingredients as we said. Here’s a closer look.

Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract 

Moringa Oleifera is an immensely-beneficial plant that has been used for centuries in the Indian subcontinent, especially in traditionally prepared Ayurvedic remedies.

It has tons of health benefits. It is an anti-inflammatory agent, an anti-arthritic & antioxidant, and is also beneficial to treat diabetes.

Now that’s quite impressive. But this is not weighted loss related information at all. In fact, moringa may not promote weight loss at all. So, what’s this got to do with Slimvance?

It is a good thing that the company has included this in the formula, but it would have been better had they mentioned how much of it is used per serving and its impact on weight loss as well as other benefits such as reducing cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure.

Murraya koenigii Leaf Extract

Murraya koenigii Leaf, also called Curry Leaves is a plant native to tropical Asia. It has a zesty lemony taste and is used in cooking.

There are some reports that indicate that curry leaves can help reduce cholesterol levels. There is one animal-model clinical study that links it to body weight loss in rats. But their effects are not always identical in humans, are they?

Even if it did help with weight management, the impact on body weight loss would be negligible. There isn’t any information regarding its dosage or why it is used in Slimvance.

Curcuma longa Rhizome Extract

This is Turmeric or simply put, Curcumin. It has a multitude of benefits and more are being discovered each passing day.

This includes antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory effects, blood sugar & insulin control as well as being used to treat inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Now, Curcumin is also a thermogenic ingredient, which explains why it finds a place in Slimvance.

But most recent studies have shown that Curcumin’s bioavailability is poor or circumspect, at best. The only possible way in which one can increase Curcumin’s absorption is by blending it with Piperine. But surprisingly, Slimvance does not have Piperine in it.

This means that the Turmeric Extract in Slimvance is practically useless.

There are no other ingredients in Slimvance, which is why there’s no way you can lose the amount of weight with it, as claimed.

Is Slimvance safe to take?

After reviewing the three ingredients in Slimvance, we feel that it is pretty safe to use. Here’s why.

It’s natural ingredients that are backed by science

All 3-ingredients are recognized as safe by science. But the problem is that their bioavailability and metabolism boosting properties are doubtful.

While it may be fair to assume that they won’t have harmful side effects, you cannot expect amazing results from Slimvance even if you were to double its dosages.

It’s a stimulant free fat burner

No ingredients in Slimvance are stimulants. If you have a low caffeine tolerance, you can use this body fat burner without compromising on your sleep.

But the question is, why would you even want to use it in the first place, considering that it won’t have any positive influence on weight loss?

Many weight loss supplements are 100% safe to use. But they don’t help you use weight, even if you exceed recommended dose. Then what’s the point of taking them in the first place, stimulant free or not?

No known allergies or adverse effects

None of these 3 ingredients are known to cause allergies or any adverse effects, at least in recommended doses. However, since we do not know the exact dosage of the ingredients, we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any.

The best you can do is watch out closely for signs of adverse effects. Some people experience mild nausea when they use curry leaves. So you may want to keep an eye out for that.

How long does it take to see results with Slimvance?

There are no proven weight loss ingredients in Slimvance Core Slimming Complex that actually work. It’s a different matter that no Slimvance review actually talks about this. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how long you use the product, you may not see any results unless you club this with an intense diet and exercise routine, where the diet and exercise will lead to weight loss.

You can expect some fat burn but not at the rate or intensity as claimed by the manufacturer of this dietary supplement. Also, if you maintain the same diet, expect nothing at all.

What are the benefits of Slimvance Core Slimming Complex?

We will base this on the ingredients and the science behind them, rather than the claims the brand makes on the official website.

Reduced Inflammation

Both Moringa and Curcuma Longa have a positive impact on decreasing inflammation. This means that you can expect to see a reduction in pain and stiffness, along with quick recovery from sprains and fractures, for instance.

But even that depends on the dosage concentration. Unless we know the exact dose, we cannot conclusively say that it can alleviate these symptoms.

Better Immunity

The reason behind this claim is that Moringa contains high concentrations of Vitamin A and C which are well known for their immune boosting benefits.

Moringa has been traditionally used as an immune system booster. Therefore, you can expect it to help your body fight off pathogens.

But again, if the dosage concentration is not known it’s hard to conclusively say that you can use Slimvance Core Slimming Complex as a first-line treatment for immune system problems.

Control Blood Sugar

Both Moringa and Curcuma Longa contain high concentrations of antioxidants, meaning they’re great at reducing oxidative stress.

Also, they can help lower blood sugar levels by improving your body’s resistance to insulin. This may help suppress appetite to a small extent. But the appetite suppression will not be significant enough to help you lose weight, at least without a supplementary diet and exercise routine, that lasts up to one hour least.

Slimvance Customer Reviews & Results

If you look up for Slimvance review on the internet, most of the reviews that you come across will be sales in nature. This means that rather than taking an objective look at the product, the reviews are more inclined towards selling it.

This is not necessarily bad for you as a prospective buyer, but if you want to find out what other people who actually used this product have to say about Slimvance, we suggest that you read through some real customer reviews.

The reviews are mixed, with the bulk of the poor, claiming that Slimvance core slimming complex had no positive effect on their body fat. In fact, some users claim that they had to deal with weight gain, instead of weight loss.

That’s because they were under the assumption that Slimvance core slimming complex would help them lose weight no matter what they ate. So, rather than hopping on an exercise program, they actually ate more calories. Goes to show that there are very few weight loss pills substitutes to daily exercise.

Slimvance Pros & Cons

Here’s an overview of what we have covered so far in this Slimvance review. The Pros and Cons of the Slimvance patented blend.


  • Novel herbal formulation that may offer other health benefits such as blood sugar level control and anti-inflammation
  • Stimulant free formula with no caffeine
  • Clean label product with only 3 natural ingredients like moringa and curry tree leaf
  • Is backed by one placebo controlled crossover study where the participants who used Slimvance lost 10 lbs. more than the placebo group over 16-weeks.


  • Proprietary blend with no transparency about the actual concentration of each ingredient
  • Lacks key weight loss ingredients that have been proven to work
  • No real customer reviews can be found online. Reviews on retail portals like Amazon are very poor
  • None of the ingredients can boost the body’s natural ability to burn fat or convert fat into energy

Slimvance – Questions and Answers

  1. How long should you take Slimvance?
  2. You should take Slimvance continuously for 16-weeks if we go by the clinical study that they refer to, on the website. But we doubt that you’ll notice much of a difference if you use it for that long, or even longer.
  3. Do you need to exercise while using Slimvance?
  4. Absolutely! We recommend exercise regardless of what weight loss pill you use. In this case, there’s no way you are losing weight without exercise with a blend of moringa and curry leaves. You have to burn more calories than what you are consuming every day.

Slimvance Review: Does It Work for Weight Loss??

Slimvance is a blend of patented ingredients that promises to help you lose weight.

It works by using moringa and curcuma longa (turmeric) to keep your body’s fat burning process active and promote muscle growth at the same time. But in our opinion, Slimvance lacks proof in terms of customer testimonials and scientific studies.

The studies are more important than testimonials. Even if you increase the dosage, there’s practically very little chance that you will lose weight with Slimvance in our opinion.

Alternative Supplements to Lose weight

If you seek healthy weight loss, then you have to look at supplements that work on sound, proven scientific principles, such as appetite suppression, calories in vs. calories out, and thermogenesis.

We have two options for you.

#1 – PhenQ – Top Rated Weight Loss Supplement

PhenQ is an international bestselling weight loss pill that uses several mechanisms of action to help you lose weight.

But it primarily works by helping induce thermogenesis, which is the process by which your body utilizes more calories and burns them for energy.

That’s not the only reason why we recommend PhenQ though.

What are the benefits of using PhenQ?

As we said, PhenQ offers more than one positive benefit for people looking to lose weight safely and keep the weight off in the long term.

  • It boosts your metabolism

PhenQ contains a blend of Capsimax and Caffeine anhydrous, two ingredients that are proven to provide a great boost to your resting metabolic rate. When your metabolism increases by even 5%, it allows your body to burn more calories during rest.

Even a 250-300 calorie burn boost can significantly help with weight loss.

  • It suppresses your appetite

Losing weight is not just about burning more calories, but also about consuming fewer calories.

PhenQ has Nopal, an ingredient that is scientifically proven to suppress appetite for up to 4-6 hours. This allows you to easily reduce your calorie intake without struggling to cut out food.

  • It boosts your mood and performance

PhenQ’s synergistic blend is designed to address each and every problem that people face while trying to lose weight. Low energy levels are one of the primary ones.

PhenQ helps boost energy and keeps cognitive performance at its peak.

What are the ingredients in PhenQ?

PhenQ is a blend of six natural ingredients and caffeine anhydrous, which work beautifully in synergy.

The best part is that every ingredient in PhenQ is backed by more than one clinical study that shows how it can influence weight loss and fat burn.

  • Capsimax Powder
  • Nopal
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Caffeine anhydrous
  • Piperine extracts
  •  α-Lacy Reset

PhenQ Pricing

You can choose from 3 packages when you shop for PhenQ.

  • 30-days at $69.95
  • 60-days + 30-days for FREE at $139.90
  • 90-days + 60-days for FREE at $189.95

For a supplement that helps users drop more percent body fat than what they’ve ever lost, that’s quite reasonable, we would say.

It will be the best $189.95 you’ve ever spent.

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PhenQ – Final Thoughts

PhenQ is a great option for those looking to lose weight fast and keep it that way.

The combination of appetite suppression, fat burn boost, and increased energy levels makes it a complete solution for people of all ages, who are struggling to lose weight.

#2 – Leanbean – Appetite Suppression for Healthy Weight Loss

If you prefer a stimulant free version of a weight loss pill, then you are going to love Leanbean.

This is a bestselling diet pill that’s designed for women, who find it difficult to cap their calorie intake within a specific limit.

Science reveals that women are more likely to indulge in unhealthy snacking as compared to men. Leanbean helps you tide over this hardwired problem during your weight loss journey.

What are the benefits of Leanbean?

Just like PhenQ is primarily a thermogenesis booster, Leanbean is primarily designed to help curb your appetite.

That said, it is also a multi-dimensional weight loss pill, that does more than keep the calories in check.

  • Control Hunger easily

Leanbean contains Glucomannan, which like Nopal, is a water-soluble fiber that absorbs a large quantity of water, often many times its weight. So, when you take a dose of Leanbean, the 3 grams (highest dose in any supplement we’ve seen), begins to absorb water and turns into a thick jelly.

This begins to move very slowly through the gut, unlike unhealthy, sugary snacks which move instantly. While it moves slowly, Glucomannan induces Insulin control and scrapes the inner wall of the intestines, thereby reducing cholesterol levels.

Just one dose on an empty stomach will keep you full for up to 6-hours or more.

  • Thermogenesis to support hunger suppression

Leanbean contains a blend of natural thermogenesis boosters, which work as a supportive adjuvant to the soluble fiber. This means that it will help your body burn even more calories.

Yet, it’s a safe and stimulant free thermogenic boost, which means you won’t experience the jitters and tremors one normally does with stimulants.

  • Mood and stable energy levels

Leanbean contains some amazing B-Vitamins as well as amino acids like L-Theanine that will help you with mood and energy levels. You will never find your performance waning, even when your calorie intake is low.

It’s the perfect blend to witness real transformational weight loss in a span of weeks.

What are the ingredients in Leanbean?

Leanbean is one of the most unique blends of ingredients we have seen in a long time. It’s 100% natural, completely safe, and perfect for use by women and men of all ages.

  • Glucomannan
  • Choline
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Vitamin B6, B 12
  • Chloride
  • Zinc
  • Green Coffee
  • Turmeric
  • Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract
  • Acai Berry
  • Piperine

Leanbean Pricing

Leanbean is one of the most affordable, effective patented blends of natural ingredients you can find. We did not expect this supplement to be priced below $100 at least for a 30-day supply.

But you get a 30-day supply for just $59.99. What’s more, you can get a 120-day supply for just $189.97, which is a great value.

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Leanbean – Final Thoughts

Leanbean is an amazing diet pill and one that’s perfect for you if you prefer natural weight loss solutions.

It works perfectly as a hunger suppressant and by ramping up the body’s core fat burning processes. Plus, it does not contain caffeine or other harmful stimulants, making it perfect for daily use.

To sum it up

That’s it, folks. Rather than opting for hyped diet pills that contain no scientific basis to back up their claims with, use either PhenQ or Leanbean to get the best results when you are on a weight loss program.

PhenQ is for those who prefer a strong thermogenic fat burner and Leanbean is for women who struggle with unhealthy snacking behavior.


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