Melzu Foot Peel Mask Review: You Must Read This Before Buying Melzu Foot Mask AKA Melzu Foot Patches

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Chances are, you dedicate a good amount of time to pampering the skin on your face, but have you stopped to think about other areas of your body that could benefit from a little attention? Just like your complexion can use a face mask, your feet can use a special treatment of their own—aka a foot peel mask. If you like to spend your spare time scrolling through the latest and greatest beauty posts on Instagram, chances are you’ve come across Melzu Foot Peel Masks many times. The fan-favorite, forever-trending foot mask is about as good as it gets for at-home foot care. But, what is Melzu Foot Peel Mask? And how does it work? And, most importantly, is it safe? Keep reading because We’re going to talk all about it in this Melzu Foot Peel Mask review.

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What Is Melzu Foot Peel Mask?

Melzu Foot Mask is a one-of-a-kind at-home foot peel that makes feet feel fresh out of the salon—or even better. According to many dermatologists reviews about this product, Melzu Foot Mask is the original foot peel mask that works by gently sloughing away dead skin with a blend of exfoliating and hydrating natural extracts. A simple one-hour treatment is all it takes to bring about stellar soft and smooth results.

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How Does Melzu Foot Peel Mask Works?

Back to the extracts—AKA the magic of this foot peel. When you open the Melzu Foot Peel Mask package, you’ll find four boot-shaped socks that are noticeably oversized. Within the boots, a blend of 17 natural chemical exfoliants awaits your dry, rough soles. (These natural ingredients loosen the bonds between the layers of dead skin on your feet, which is gentle on the skin)

It’s really important to mention, Do not expect immediate results because This peel is meant to slowly remove dead skin over the course of three to 14 days. And beware: It’s not the prettiest process. After wearing Melzu Foot Mask booties for an hour, you can expect your feet to start peeling within a few days and they’ll stay that way for at least a week—hanging skin and all. So, if you’re worried that you’ve somehow contracted athlete’s foot when you notice your feet peeling at a rather ungodly rate, just know that’s all part of the super-soft foot process.

What Are the Active Ingredients in Melzu Foot Peel Mask?

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Remember: Melzu Foot Mask is made with a blend of natural ingredients—camel grass, watercress, chamomile, lemon, and more—but just because they’re natural doesn’t mean you won’t notice a few common acids on the ingredients list.

The key active ingredients are glycolic acid and lactic acid which are natural chemical exfoliants. Skin and Foot experts advise using caution for at-home foot peels, the fact that Melzu Foot Mask is made with two of the gentlest exfoliating acids makes it less of a concern.

Using Melzu Foot Peel Mask Is So Easy!

It’s best to use the mask just before you shower. here’s how to use it:

  • Clean or wipe your feet.
  • Cut open the package and take out the foot mask.
  • Put the mask on so it fully envelops your foot. Paste paper stickers at the ankle and put on a pair of socks. (Socks help make sure your feet absorb enough gel).
  • Take off the foot mask in 60 minutes. Gently rub in any remaining gel.
  • Wash your feet with clean water or just shower.

That’s it!

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Is Melzu Foot Mask Safe?

TL;DR: For the most part, it’s safe, but there are some groups who will want to take caution.

It is not safe for those who are pregnant or nursing, diabetic, have allergies to any above ingredients, or those with open sores on their feet. This is because the skin becomes more sensitive due to hormonal shifts during pregnancy, lactation, and menstruation. Using a foot peel during this time could lead to irritation.

When it comes to diabetics, Skin and Foot experts point out that anyone with diabetes is known to be at risk for sores and ulcers on their feet, which can be further agitated by over-exfoliation.

What Happened When I Tried Melzu Foot Mask

After talking with the experts and reading through a number of Melzu Foot Mask reviews, I decided I might as well try it out for myself. While my feet aren’t typically insanely calloused or rough, they certainly weren’t smooth. With that and the experts’ advice in mind, I bought a package and set some time on my calendar to give it a whirl.

When I opened the package of Melzu Foot Mask, I was met with four large booties that looked almost comical in their flat silhouette. Nevertheless, I cleaned my feet as advised and slipped them onto my feet. Given their size—and despite being a size 10 myself—I was thankful they came with little strips of tape to fold and adjust the fit to your feet. What I wasn’t so thankful for, however, was my lack of forethought when putting them on. You see, I applied them while sitting on the edge of my tub in the upstairs bathroom at my parent’s house. Being an antsy person who hadn’t anticipated sitting in that exact location for an entire hour while the peels worked their magic, I had to get creative with finding a way to make it downstairs to interact with my family. While you might not think that walking around in plastic booties would be very difficult, I assure you, it’s a certain type of terror. Remember: With the boots is a plethora of slippery ingredients that, while wonderful for exfoliating, are anything but in terms of traction while walking. Needless to say, my attempts at going from one floor to the next and then outside were certainly a sight to behold. All this is to say, if you plan to try Melzu Foot Peel Mask yourself, be sure to read the fine print or let this serve as your siren to apply them where you want to spend an hour of your time, or at the very least, to remind you to bring something entertaining into the bathroom with you.

The actual process of wearing the booties—once seated—was a breeze. It didn’t feel any type of tingly way—just as though I was wearing lotion-filled plastic socks.

After an hour, I cautiously (and hilariously) trekked back upstairs to peel the booties off. I rinsed and, to be honest, questioned whether or not they’d work given my feet looked no different immediately post-peel. And as the hours turned into days, that feeling only grew.

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By day five, I was questioning the viral peel altogether, but then I took a shower and the first signs of peeling began. As I’d read in other reviews, it looked much like a minor case of an athlete’s foot. Then, as the days rolled on, the peeling grew more severe. Now, the packaging says not to physically peel the hanging skin, but being the rebel that I am, I simply couldn’t resist. I never tugged or tore, though, I just separated the hanging skin from my feet right at the edge of the peel so that I wasn’t walking around with flopping dead skin. (My nephews were terrified of this new development in my beauty routine.)

The peeling was persistent. By the 10-day mark, it had made its way from the soles of my feet to the tops of them. I’ll admit, I can understand why pedicurists say these peels should be used with caution—after all, the tops of my feet have never been dry or calloused. Fortunately, I didn’t have an allergic reaction (surprising given my sensitive skin), but it’s something to be considered if your upper foot skin is particularly soft and delicate.

By the 14-day mark, my feet had finally stopped peeling. And, I’ve got to give it to Melzu Foot Mask—my soles felt soft as can be (or, rather, as soft as adult feet can feel, because, admittedly, they didn’t feel like a baby’s). Even still, I was intrigued by the results because, in addition to the texture of my feet, they had a new slightly-pink vitality that made them look like infant’s.

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Melzu Foot Peel Mask Pricing


Final Verdict

At the end of the day (or, more accurately, at the end of two weeks), I’d give Melzu Foot Mask a solid eight rating. The process is simple, the results are amazing and the price is affordable. Nevertheless, it’s not quite a 10 for me because I do think that it could be better in a different type of sock that’s less dangerous to walk around in (but that’s just me). I’m really satisfied with this product and highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to get healthy, clean, and soft feet. It’s totally worth it.

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