Sin City Metaverse To Auction Two Districts At Miami Blockchain Week Washington Elite Events

As 2022 kicks off with Bitcoin hovering in the $40,000’s the world is abuzz with the metaverse, NFT’s and play to earn. Metaverse has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors. “Augmented reality and virtual reality are coming together to create a mixed reality experience that is available to consumers with only a smartphone” says Washington Elite founder, Bruce Porter Jr. “With a QRode and Instagram filter you can have your art, NFT or metaverse reality jump to life right in front of your eyes!”

Sin City Metaverse is one of the original metaverse games. Users can build their very own “Rated R” Metaverse, centered around an underworld play-to-earn game housing multiple gaming projects for an immersive experience. Land owners are able to develop the land, buy processing plants, build restaurants, clubs and monetize their plots in various ways. The project recently sold four districts in their metaverse for $3.5mil in just under two hours.

Two districts are up for auction during the Miami Blockchain Week kicking off at the Versace Mansion and James L. Knight Center on Monday, January 17th. “With the Metaverse Land Rush and the Awards Ceremony and Charity Gala of the Washington Elite we have put together an amazing opportunity for metaverse prospectors to have exclusive first rights on land in the Sin City Metaverse” says Washington Elite COS, Robin Matthes. “Many are trying to copy the Sin City Metaverse and game but $SIN is the first, and we strongly believe that will bode well for the platform as the space expands.” More information about the Sin City Metaverse is at

Washington Elite is holding their annual charity gala at the Versace Mansion on Monday, January 17th beginning at 6PM. The Metaverse Land Rush is happening during that day with events at the Versace Mansion and the James L. Knight Center. The team is working with leaders in Miami-Dade to showcase the thriving technology community in the area. Proceeds from the events benefit the Washington Elite disabled Veteran sporting initiatives. Tickets for both the gala and metaverse events are available at

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