Natural is Beautiful

To Taya Langley natural is beautiful and she would not have it any other way. True beauty should not only be, felt but also look natural and that is how you accomplish true beauty. I believe that one must express their inner beauty by allowing it to flow to their outer appearance. Taya tells her story on how she decided to make a hair brand product, of all-natural ingredients for herself.

 So how does one show their natural beauty? My goal is to help others in using natural ways to do so. My focus currently is how to naturally grow and ensure healthy glowing hair without the use of chemical-laden products that I believe do more damage than they do good. Those products damage the hair. At an extent to where there is no repairing, without cutting away your beautiful locks. I am not just speaking for women, but for men as well. I mean what woman does not like a man with healthy manes. I have been spending multiple days and hours asking around, researching on the web and articles, just to get an idea or ideas as to how to produce an all-natural solution for healthier more lush hair. I want it to be 100% chemical-free, with absolutely 100% all-natural ingredients. Safe for the user and anyone including animals, so no harm whatsoever can come from it. It must do its job, as I foresee it doing so. 

Not only do I wish to create this hair beautifying product, but there is also more to it than that. I have a plan to help others further. As to how to use and apply the product to enhance its effectiveness when applied and used correctly. How to see the change within their hair’s health used daily. All the natural hair stubbornness calmed as though the hair was tamed, even though the hair was not tamed, but stronger, healthier than ever before.

I remember when I was younger, how would I get teased by fellow peers for my hair is unruly. Brushing it, no lie I swear made it even worse yet. Puffed it right out, full of frizz, which you would swear I had never bothered to so much as comb it. Hair products did not help either, made it knot up, now I had a tamed rat’s nest on my head. Ugh!! Products were not for me, and the pulling tearing that accrued after the product use was painful, to say the least. To top it off it caused ripping and breaking within my hair. Not a good look and did not cut the cake either. Let me not forget too much or too little it never really made any difference. It left my hair feeling like greasy hair, sticky hair, stiff hair, continuously feeling wet, weighed down. Nevertheless, feeling not right at all. No way, I could be beautiful with all that, and there is nothing natural about it.

I know women like myself have dealt with these similar issues there is no doubt in my mind about that, and sure enough, there must be men as well. Quite frankly I believe we’ve all have had enough. Why should natural beauty be painful in any way? You know what it should not, not in any way shape, or form. Natural beauty should come as well as natural as beauty is. It is because of this belief of mine that, I felt called to produce a natural product.

My goal overall is to ensure that your hair feels like your hair. Natural, light, clean, vibratingly all naturally beautiful and glowing with life.

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Adam Ali