The Lost Ways: Is it a Legit Survival Book or Just Overhyped?

The Lost Ways is known to be the best survival book that aims to prepare its readers for the worst scenarios or any catastrophe. The book is written by a bunch of the world’s best survival experts. The team leader of this survivalist crew is Claude Davis who himself is an experienced Survivalist and primary author of this book.

Moreover, the book consists of more than 300 pages and aims to prepare its readers to deal with any unfavorable conditions such as wars, feminine, pandemics, or any sort of natural disaster. The book outlines certain techniques and remedies that enable a person to cope with all such situations with the minimum amount of resources.

Notably, the techniques mentioned in this book are utterly based on the ancient methods of forefathers totally deprived of modern technology or modern means of bringing ease. That’s why this book also empowers you to stay bulletproof against the ever-growing threat of Electromagnetic Pulse.

What are these techniques? Are these worth applying to deal with the worst scenarios? To find answers to these questions and get to know everything about this book, you need to read this article till the end. And if you are up for buying this book, this article exposes certain facets that you need to know before buying it.


Book Title The Lost  Ways
Category Survival Book
Author A team of 16 authors including Claude Davis as a primary author
Content ●     Herbal Medicines

●     Food and Scavenging

●     Shelter building

●     Sourcing Water

●     Self defense

●     Hunting

●     Making knives and other tools

●     Making candles, glue, and soap

●     Navigating without GPS

●     , etc

Major Benefits ●     Vast information with a diversity of techniques and methods

●     Comprehensive and easy to understand techniques

●     Step by step guide

●     Covers pivotal survival topics

●     Multiple themed chapters

●     Provides three bonus books

●     Digital publication and available all around the world

●     Economical price

●     Offers full money back refund policy

Money-back guarantee 60-days money-back guarantee
The Lost Ways Price $37
Where To Buy The Lost Ways?



A Complete Overview of The Lost Ways

The Lost Ways is advertised as the best Survival book written by a renowned survivalist most prominently Claude Davis. Claude Davis contends the best knowledge and survival techniques on how to survive an apocalypse. To be more precise, this survival book explores the best and the unique survival techniques practiced by our ancestors.


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Essentially, The Lost Ways is a book that covers vast information and knowledge for dealing with any sort of catastrophe. The information or the knowledge mentioned in this book outlines some peculiar survival techniques and methods practiced by native Americans in the 18th century. These skills and methods were pretty common even at the start of the 19th century. Moreover, these were passed down from ancestors to their next generation until the World witnessed the industrial revolution.

Due to industrialization, these hard-earned skills and techniques started to fall into obscurity. Notably, the book is written by a team of highly experienced survivalists which is why it has the crux of their years of experience and diversity of writing styles. This diversity makes it a unique collection of effective techniques and methods. One of the best perquisites is that these techniques are based on natural remedies without any involvement of modern techniques.

Above all, The Lost Ways is a dense book consisting of more than 300 pages which is why it carries a substantial amount of information. Notably, all of these techniques are derived from the American pioneers and Native Americans.



About the Authors of The Lost Ways,

The official publisher of the book has mentioned that this survival book is written by 16 world best survival experts including Claude Davis as its primary writer. Interestingly, he is the survival expert who has written several survival books and the foreword of this book. Besides, he is also responsible for compiling and editing this book.

It is important to mention here that he learned most of the survival skills from his grandparents who came from Ukraine. Over there, they had to survive the Holodomor. Around one estimation, this one famine genocide killed more than 12 million people which is why it is known as one of the massive disasters that occur in the 20th century. Additionally, Davis’s grandfather himself was a soldier in World War II. All this family background helped Davis to gain the best and the most effective survival techniques and methods.

Other than him, the book is written by 15 other well-accomplished survivalists. Please note that it is nearly impossible to share the information of all these writers. However, the company has mentioned the names of these writers; G. Arminius, S. Patrick, M. Richard, M. Searson, M. Taylor, P. Vlad, and S. Walter. For some others, it is still ambitious how they actually contributed, such as Fergus Mason and Jimmy Neil. However, one thing is irrefutable that all of these are experienced survivalists who have poured the crux of their experience into this book.

What’s inside this Survival program?

As mentioned earlier, due to its vast information and the prize of three bonus books, many people named it a Survival program. So, this survival program provides all sorts of information to survive any catastrophe or natural disaster including flood, famine, pandemics, and so on.

The Lost Ways customers’ reviews suggest that the book is more comprehensive than you think. However, in this article, we have listed the core topics of this survival guide.

The topics are mentioned below,

  • Herbal Medicines
  • Food and Scavenging
  • Shelter building
  • Sourcing Water
  • Self defense
  • Weaponry
  • Hunting
  • Making soap, candles, and, glue
  • Navigation without GPS
  • Root cellars

Other topics that are covered in this survival guide are;

  • How to make knives and other necessary utensils
  • The 1700s to 1900s spycraft and 18th-century pioneer recipes
  • How to cook on an open flame
  • Wildcrafting table
  • How to build semi-subterranean roundhouses
  • Trapping in winter for beaver and muskrat
  • How frontier sheriffs defended their towns
  • Making sourdough and other traditional slices of bread
  • Water acquisition, filtering and storage for long term
  • Practical survival lessons from the Donner family
  • Building and maintaining smokehouses the pioneer way
  • How to make Hardtack biscuits which are also a survival food used during the Civil War of United States
  • How our forefathers used to build sawmills, grain mills and stamping mills, and much more.

Major Components of The Lost Ways

As mentioned earlier, The Lost Ways has many multiple themed chapters written by a variety of authors. And that’s what makes this book unique compared to other survival books. Imagine a work that contains the brilliance and experience of sixteen professionals. The same is the case with this Survival book. The book is written by sixteen expert survivalists who added the blood and sweat of their years of experience.

At its core, the book is designed to give ample information to its readers to withstand the worst situations, situations like ongoing war situations, pandemics, lockdowns, and so on. However, the book has some major components that are also the key topics. These major components are listed and briefed below.

  • 18th Century Pioneer Recipes
  • How to brew at home?
  • Remedies to make natural and herbal medicines
  • Root cellars
  • How to navigate without GPS?
  • How to make candles, soap, and other important things at home?

Here is the detail,

  • 18th Century Pioneer Recipes

18th century recipes that were mainly practiced by native Americans are provided in a separate section. The section is written by James Walton under the title of Lost pioneer recipes from the 18th century. The purpose of adding this section is to make daily cooking independent and free from the reliance on modern grocery items. Imagine days when you cannot access these grocery items, so what will you do? So, it is explicit that the section was solely designed to make you eligible to cook without these kitchen accessories and grocery items. For that, Walton has mentioned some unique recipes of our ancestors that were pretty common in the 18th century. Importantly, his recipes are easy, simple, delicious, and most importantly, purely dependent on natural resources which is why these are healthiest as well.

  • How to brew at home?

The answer to this question is provided in the top heading. The section written by a famous and experienced chemist Susan Morrow. In this section, she has mentioned every small detail about how to build a basic setup for homebrewing, then what natural ingredients are required in what portions, and most importantly, how you can preserve these beverages at home without any special utensil or apparatus. She has mentioned simple and easy techniques for all these steps.

  • Remedies to make natural and herbal medicines

Another huge component of this book is to teach you the easy and quick remedies of making natural and herbal medicines. And it is one of the most important and big sections that even has plenty of subsections. Because no matter what the scenario is, we can’t deny the significance of medicines in human life. More precisely, this section outlines the essential natural medicines that you should have during the lockdowns or war scenes.

These are crucial for treating insect bites, treating infections, cuts, or even relieving the pain. Moreover, the author has also mentioned various kinds of herbs that are helpful in easing some kinds of illnesses. For instance, the pollen can be used as a diuretic, and you can make an astringent lotion or cream for burns and which root is best for cuts or stopping bleeding, everything is mentioned in this section.




  • How to navigate without GPS?

Navigation is surely not a walk in the park on a beautiful sunny day when you can not access your GPS system. In any scenario, you can lose your access to electricity or communication services. To ensure such situations, it is compulsory to know how to navigate without any external stimulants such as GPS. For that purpose, this section has purportedly been added to  The Lost Ways. Notably, this section is written by Shannon Azares under the chapter heading of How our ancestors navigated without using a GPS system.

  • How to make candles, soap, and other important things at home?

The book has a dedicated section for briefing how to make candles, soaps, glue, and such sort of essential items at home. Their manufacturing procedure is mentioned in detail and step by step guide which is why anyone can easily make these items at home. Please note that these items may not sound mandatory for survival, however, their availability can help in many other tasks and enhance the overall quality of life. Notably, this section is written by G. Arminius under the title of How our ancestors made candles and glue out of pine resin.

Likewise, learning from our ancestors how to take care of our hygiene when there is not anything to buy is another most significant and longest chapter of this book. The chapter is also written by Susan Morrow. She teaches the easy technique of making soap at home in the traditional American pioneer method.

Market Analysis of The Lost Ways

Before digging into The Lost Ways, please keep in mind that this is not the sole survival book available in the market. In fact, many other survival books are available. But the recognition this book got is irrefutable. This is because of its comprehensive information and unique collection of multiple writing styles. Due to that, it truly hooks the readers and completely engages them. Additionally, many of us can correlate the information and techniques mentioned in the book with the methods commonly practiced by our forefathers in the local areas. Above all, the free supply of bonus books on purchasing The Lost Ways is incredible.

Bonus Books that you get with The Lost Ways

With the purchase of this survival book, you will get three bonus books. Each one of them provides further help to cope with any unfavorable conditions for longer periods. The detail of these books is mentioned below;

1. What Every Survivalist should grow in His Backyard

This is an e-book consisting of 52 pages. The main agenda of this survival guide is to provide you with a list of certain herbs, vegetables, and plants that are essential for survival in unfavorable conditions. Furthermore, the book also throws light on how to grow these plants with limited resources. As it is mentioned in the book that growing these (vegetables mentioned in the book) vegetables are important to growing in your garden today for your survival in the future.

Please note that all the vegetables mentioned in the book are known to provide sufficient benefits to the body. More particularly, some herbs or vegetables such as broccoli have nutritional value, some plants such as prickly pear cactus are used to provide juice, and some plants such as chickweed are known for medicinal benefits.

2. How to Outlive the Early Pioneer Way

This is another bonus book that you get with The Lost Ways. This book consists of 66 pages. In this bonus book, the writer has covered the same information more elaborately. In other ways, we can say that this book explains the key points of The Lost Ways more thoroughly. However, it is important to mention that all the information mentioned in this bonus book is explained through the lens of an EMP disaster.

In addition to this, the book also outlines a day-by-day plan on how to survive in famines, economic crises, droughts, wars, pandemics, and other unfavorable circumstances. It has a full spectrum plan for the exact thirty days. This thirty-day plan fully revolves around the knowledge about survival secrets and techniques originally used by native Americans. More particularly, the first day highlights initial information about the emergency procedures. Furthermore, day three teaches how to find and preserve a water source. Eventually, you will finalize the root cellar on the 29th day and finally formulate your long-term survival plan on the 30th means the final day.

3. Building your own Can Rotation System

Surveys tell that canning is crucial for long-term survival. Likewise, rotation is important for effective canning because it ensures that you are not eating any expired food. Therefore, it is important to know the rotation system that will automate the whole rotation process. Notably, in this book, you will find the whole step-by-step guide for building an affordable rotation system. This step to step guide will ensure to automate the canning process for you. With this automated canning rotation system, you can eliminate all the hassle of dating lids because it assures that you pull the oldest jar from the storage.

Benefits of The Lost Ways

The Lost Ways reviews tell that this survival book offers overarching advantages. Some of the most eminent are mentioned below;

  • The Lost Ways book contains vast information with a diversity of survival techniques and methods due to its multiple writers.
  • The book has multiple themed chapters.
  • It also helps to decrease the reliance on the grid and become more independent.
  • The ebook of The Lost Ways comes with bonus books that provide further help to survive in the worst scenarios.
  • It has a digital publication which means you can easily access the book from any corner of the world.
  • Written by multiple writers which is why it has a diversity of styles.
  • The book is a dense collection of verified and easy to follow survival methods.
  • It also teaches you to upgrade your lifestyle and enhance your life with this lifestyle guide.
  • The book, The Lost Ways, is available at quite an affordable price.
  • The book comes with a 60 days refund policy.

The concept behind this Survival Book

At its core, the book is a digital ebook that covers ample survival information. But when you look at the content and its volume, you will realize that it is more than a book. For that reason, some of the customers referred to it as a full spectrum program or complete lifestyle guide. As far as the concept behind this book is concerned, it is to connect us back to our roots.

As a matter of fact, our ancestors or forefathers built this world with mere sweat and blood. Without any involvement of modern-day technology, they survived for centuries even faced many calamities or catastrophes. With this regard, this book is compiled to revive their ancient survival methods and techniques. Notably, the hardships and worst conditions that our forefathers endure are incomparable to ours. Even in these worst situations, they survive just with the help of their shrewd and nature-based methods and techniques.

What is the Most Appreciated Section of The Lost Ways?

There is no doubt left in the comprehensiveness and overarching advantages of this book. Being a comprehensive and easy to follow the guide, it has already won the applause of its customers. The customers even suggested some sections as a treasure trove of information that everyone must need to know. Additionally, these certain sections received a separate admiration due to their precision and usefulness.

A brief account of these sections is mentioned below.

  • Casting iron cooking
  • Making beverages at home and storing them for longer periods

Here is the detail,

  • Casting iron cooking

Cast iron cooking is pretty common and liked by many of us. Many people use cast iron pots and open fire for cooking something special on any special occasion or festival. However, many people want to learn more about it so they can become experts in it. The Lost Ways is a guardian angel for all such people who love to cast iron cooking but fear any hazard due to their little knowledge. This survival book has a special section that thoroughly teaches how to cook with cast iron including its cleansing and seasoning.

  • Making beverages at home and storing them for longer periods

This section is also liked by most of the readers because many people crazily love home brewing but are not experts at it. The section is specifically written by a famous chemist, named Susan Morrow. The best part about this section is that she has thoroughly defined the whole procedure of home brewing and storing the beverages for a longer period without using any special apparatus or equipment. So, no need to worry if you do not have any fancier equipment. In addition to this, she has also mentioned the alternatives of hops that include aniseed, juniper, caraway, ginger and yarrow.

Where to buy The Lost Ways?

You can purchase this book online via its official website without any hassle of going to any bookstore. By placing an online order, you will get access to one of the best and most comprehensive books. Its official website is……


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Customer Reviews of The Lost Ways

Having said earlier, The Lost Ways is advertised as a comprehensive guide that aims to teach the maximum hacks and nature-based strategies to survive in the worst and unfortunate situations. The situations may be caused due to any catastrophe, natural disaster, or war. In other words, this book claims to prepare you to fight against all the odds and withstand these scenarios or situations.

However, to investigate the truth behind all these remarks, we thoroughly examined the customer reviews regarding the exactitude of the information mentioned in The Lost Ways. And to our no surprise, customer reviews were replete with applause and appreciation notes. Importantly, most of them suggested that the book is a must-have since we had already faced a pandemic recently.

Others suggest that the book not only provides information to cope with the toughest and worst conditions, rather, it also helps to improve sustainability and overall lifestyle. In Particular, we found high recommendations in the reviews for the people who love gardening and are closer to nature.  In nutshell, as per the customer reviews, the book is highly recommended to everyone living in this unpredictable age.

What do the critics say about this survival book?

We have already talked about customer reviews and the publisher’s claims, however, it is crucial to know the experts’ or critics’ reviews before purchasing this book. While investigating the reviews by professional book reviewers or critics, we found out that just like any other nonfiction book, this book has not been reviewed by so many reviewers. Still, we found a few critical reviews that mainly support the publisher’s claims and customers feedback.

In addition to this, this book has also been reviewed and featured in many magazines, newspapers, and journals for having comprehensive and outclass guidelines. It is here important to mention that The Lost Ways has quite a good aggregate rating mainly featuring four and five stars which is definitely quite good.



Advantages and Disadvantages of The Lost Ways

Here are some eminent benefits offered by The Lost Ways program as mentioned by its official website;


●     The techniques and procedures mentioned in the book are feasible for everyone. Besides, most of them are easy to follow and easy to understand.

●     The program is available all around the world at quite an affordable price.

●     This one program will help you to adopt a healthy lifestyle with all-natural remedies.

●     This survival book is an ultimate emergency contingency plan that provides enough tools and techniques to survive an attack by an electromagnetic pulse.

●     As mentioned above, it is a full spectrum program with all the effective methods to keep all the essential needs at hand such as food, water, appliances, shelter, electricity, and so on.

●     The ebook can easily be downloaded on a cell phone, tablet, or laptop.

●     You can easily access the book from any corner of the world.

●     The book comes with a full money refund policy that fully backs your investment without any risk.


●     The book is only available through its official website.

●     A little time and effort are required to practice all the mentioned techniques and methods.

Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ

  • Is The Lost Ways a legitimate book?

The company has advertised The Lost Ways as the best survival book having genuine and authentic information. Since all the information mentioned in the book is based on the years of experience of the authors. Additionally, the customers have fully supported the company’s claims regarding the authenticity of the book.

  • Who is the real author of this survival book?

This survival book is written by 16 authors including Claude Davis who is a survival expert and the primary author of this book. He has written the foreword of the section of this book. Moreover, due to a variety of authors, the book has a variety of writing styles and is the crux of many survivalists’ experiences.

  • Do they offer any refund policy on buying The Lost Ways?

Yes, the book, The Lost Ways, comes with a full money refund policy that lasts for sixty days which means you can claim your refund within sixty days of its purchase. Please note that you can only get this offer by ordering through its official website. Also, the company has advertised that no question will be asked and the whole money will be returned.

  • What will you get by purchasing this book?

By purchasing this book, you will have 4 ebooks with thorough information for your survival amid the chaotic situation caused due to any catastrophe. The books are available in the form of pdfs and will be provided via a link that you need to save even after downloading PDFs of these books. This is because you can redownload the books if they get updated in the future.

  • Does the book really work?

For sure, the techniques and methods mentioned in this book definitely work for everyone. All the survival information mentioned in it has already been practised by Native Americans.

  • What is a negative point of The Lost Ways?

 A slight negative remake we found about this book is that it also has the element of historic books. In other words, we can say that authors, especially James Walton, often meander through history rather than stating straight facts or remedies. Now, one thing is notable that the people who love history or like to read chronological books would love this aspect of the book. However, others may find it desertion.

The Lost Ways Final Review

The Lost Ways is a comprehensive program that aims to teach survival tactics, techniques, methods, and hacks. All of these are derived by the Naive Americans who used these techniques to survive several catastrophes and worst situations. The book is mainly written by Claude Davis who has a survivalist family background. Additionally, he is an expert survivalist.

Other than him, the book is written by 15 highly experienced and survival sages. Each one of them has poured the crux of their experience and remarkability. That is why the book contains multiple themed chapters with a diversity of styles.

If you want to get to know these ancient techniques to cope with any unfavorable conditions or natural disasters, place your order today through and get an amazing discount offer.


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