Best Adderall Alternatives (2022): Top 4 Natural OTC Adderall Supplements


Adderall is a medication recommended for treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or (ADHD). It promotes alertness and improves cognitive power.

However, Adderall has adverse negative effects and individuals who use the medication often report changes in their libido or mood. Cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, and nausea are all possible adverse effects of this medication. Similarly, it is an amphetamine-based medicine that has been rated as highly addictive by the Food and Drug Administration.

It is one of the reasons some nootropic pills are becoming more popular among individuals who have ADHD. These alternatives to Adderall are scientifically verified and established formulae that contain the proper balance of chemical doses.

The formulation of these nootropics increases the amount of activity in the brain, attention span, and cognition. By selecting the appropriate nootropic, the individual can experience the same benefits without even thinking twice about medications like Adderall.

One can find several pure alternatives to Adderall available on the market today that deliver the same cognitive function advantages as the prescription drug. The sole distinction is that supplements are non-addictive and do not lead to any adverse side effects on the health as Adderall.

The first query that comes to anyone’s mind when looking for Adderall alternatives is that can one find a 100 percent natural alternative for Adderall? The pharmacy market is all about better and natural alternatives. One must note there is enough scientific proof showing amino acids, neurotransmitter precursors, and herbs have a potent outcome on memory, cognition, focus, and recall.

The following four incredible Nootropic pills are quickly displacing it as the go-to solution for improving mental capacity among overburdened students and burnt-out professionals.

4 of the most effective Adderall substitutes

Several individuals have begun using these options because of their safety and zero negative effects. These supplements may be used for a lengthy amount of time without causing harm to the health, in contrast to Adderall, taken under the guidance of a doctor.

If any individual seeks a natural substitute for Adderall, go no further than this article.

#1. Noocube

It is a nootropic supplement that aids in getting laser-like attention and focus. In recent years, it has shown to be a useful tool for professionals, students, and anybody else who needs assistance remaining on target by separating their minds from the millions of distractions surrounding them.


Noocube Benefits

The supplement contains some of the natural and most potent cognitive functioning enhancers. It is also under study as an adjuvant for treating degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Consequently, in addition to improved concentration and memory, the individual will notice a significant improvement in the information processing pace. Complex situations become less difficult to deal with as time goes on. Following are some of the prominent benefits-

  • It helps one get away from their surroundings: It enables one to isolate from their surroundings and concentrate only on the subject at hand. The supplement accomplishes it by boosting the activity and synthesis of the neurotransmitters like norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine, which are crucial for maintaining memory and attention and regulating mood.
  • Neurotransmitters allow for more rapid processing: Several neurotransmitters the supplement enhances have been linked to increased information processing. An individual will notice a boost in the flow of their cognitive functioning and processing, which will make the individual more productive and driven to attain the objectives. Assignments that would have taken hours to do in the past may now be possible in a few minutes.
  • It allows for better performance: Whenever an individual uses it, they will feel productive along with other things. It aids in the development of much-needed mental concentration, processing of information, maintains a happy mood, enhances cognitive function, aids in the development of clear thinking, and even enhances one’s memory.

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Noocube Ingredients

The supplement is a concoction of seven different components. It utilizes seven natural elements, such as amino acids and herbs. All the ingredients have shown scientific research to increase the synthesis of neurotransmitters and improve the communication between brain cell synapses.

  • Alpha GPC: It is a cholinergic combination that helps with memory and knowledge retention by boosting Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for learning, attentiveness, and focus. Hence, it has rightfully acquired the moniker “learning neurotransmitter” because of its ability to facilitate learning.
  • Huperzine A: Huperzine A is a neuroprotectant that removes acetylcholinesterase enzymes from one’s brain. It ultimately allows for significantly increased Acetylcholine synthesis. Huperzine A is used to treat Alzheimer’s and results in a considerable increase in learning speed, brain functioning, memory retention, and overall cognitive ability.
  • Cat’s Claw: In addition to increasing the synthesis of dopamine and noradrenaline, which are neurotransmitters that are crucial for concentration and attention, Cat’s Claw also has anti-inflammatory properties. It also has a stress-reducing effect via regulating cortisol levels.
  • Bacopa Monnieri: It is a plant with multiple uses. Bacopa may help remember things better and retain more knowledge. It also consists of bacosides responsible for producing serotonin, GABA, Acetylcholine, and dopamine. These neurotransmitters are involved in regulating mood, sleep, and memory, among other things. It has been widely proven in Memory Enhancement Studies, among other fields.
  • L-Theanine: When consumed in sufficient amounts, L-Theanine passes the blood-brain barrier and promotes peace and wellbeing by raising the amount of GABA. The element also has the additional effect of increasing mental attention and cognition. However, the exact mechanism of action is not yet proven.
  • L-Tyrosine: It is an amino acid famous forerunner for dopamine and norepinephrine, two potent neurotransmitters responsible for improved memory and cognition.
  • Oat Straw: The nootropic has multiple elements, like lipids and avenanthramides, responsible for activating (BDNF) brain-derived neurotrophic factors.

Purchase and price and money-back guarantee

The supplement is on sale on the official website, and all purchases have a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

The manufacturer’s website now offers this brain booster supplement for sale online for $44.99 for one pack containing 30 capsules that is good for up to one month of use.

As an alternative, it also comes in a 60-capsule packet that costs $59.99 and can last 2 months, making it a very cost-effective option, which has a monthly cost of over $1000 for Adderall.


In comparison to Adderall, it is a much superior product. It has a 30-day refund guarantee and includes free delivery anywhere in the globe. What is the greatest thing about it? An individual does not need to have a prescription. There will be no more obtaining prescription medications from dubious sources on the internet.

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#2. Brain Pill

It is a supplement that shows significant improvement in cognitive function. This pill is an excellent option if the individual wants to increase their ability to learn for a short period or enhance their general mental function in the face of daily challenges since it can do both.

The supplement has quickly risen as the most popular Adderall replacement among students, owing to the fast-acting and all-natural component combination it contains, as well as its widespread exposure in a variety of media platforms.


Brain Pill Benefits

  • It prevents one’s brain from becoming sluggish: There is a thing called mental tiredness. When an individual overburdens their brain with activities that it finds difficult to do, it becomes burdened and worn, much like the muscles after a vigorous exercise. This supplement helps to keep the mind sharp by combating mental tiredness and increasing neuroplasticity, two factors that contribute to cognitive decline.
  • Maintains cognitive endurance throughout the day: It maintains a constant level of cognitive function throughout the day without causing mood swings, unequal levels of performance, and crashes.
  • Make decisions that are timely and correct: It provides a level of mental clarity that is unparalleled. Few students describe getting a feeling of serenity and making swift judgments without being sidetracked by other thoughts. Aside from that, there is no worry or tension to interfere with the mental clarity or cognitive function.

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Brain Pill Ingredients

It is a proprietary mix of 13 components that are all-natural and offer the ultimate positive effect on their brain. It is one of the most sophisticated formulas ever seen in the health supplement market, and it is one of the most innovative formulations one has seen.

  • Concentration and Cognitive Blend: It is a combination of neuroprotective compounds, vitamins, and amino acids, previously discussed in depth in the products. As a result, just looking at the names will provide enough information to comprehend why they are a part of the Brain pill formulation.
  • It includes vitamins B6, B12, and B5 and amino acids such as L-Theanine and Tyrosine. It also has neurotransmitter precursors such as PS and Citicoline. These substances facilitate purposes ranging from energy generation to improving concentration.
  • The Memory Matrix blend: The second mix is known as the Memory Matrix, comprising Bacopa, Vitamin B9, Huperzine A, Vinpocetine (a potent natural substance that is only accessible by prescription), DHA complex, and Ginkgo Biloba. It also contains vital fatty acids, among other ingredients.

Purchase and Price

It is an exceptionally cost-effective supplement with excellent effects without depleting the bank account. At just $69.95 for one bottle, it will be sufficient for a month’s supply, ultimately offering value for their money.

For $345.95, the individual can get enough product to last for a whole year, a significant saving. As a result, the more purchases, the lower the price.


As a result, it is the most effective nootropic essential for ADHD since it works by increasing memory recall and decreasing mental tiredness. It will assist in reducing the occurrences and brain fog frequency, enabling it to function at the highest level at all times, regardless of the situation.

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#3. Hunter Focus

It is a Nootropic product with a three-pronged effect and is quite popular. It improves memory, mood, and focus, which are the three key impacts many professionals and students are searching for as natural alternatives for Adderall.


Hunter Focus Benefits

An individual will get an exclusive formulation tailored to the needs of high-achieving professionals above 30 years, who are overwhelmed by excess stress and want to live a more productive life.

In general, it provides three key advantages:

  • Enhances memory and mental clarity: The components in the supplement will guarantee that the brain becomes more adept at absorbing knowledge more rapidly, making it easier for the individual to retain information later on in the day.
  • The ability to withstand insane stress: Individuals who have attempted anything new or taken on a significant assignment while under time constraints are familiar with the feeling of being unable to complete the task. It is because stress negatively impacts memory, emotions, and overall brain function. The individual can deal with difficult events without feeling overwhelmed, nervous, or sad if the user uses it regularly.
  • Increased inventiveness: It includes elements scientifically proven to increase both creativity and focus, allowing to produce new ideas at a quicker pace than ever before.

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Hunter Focus Ingredients

It contains nine components, separated into three groups or blends for convenience.

  • Blend for concentration: A component of this mix is citicoline. After consumption, citicoline transforms into Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter linked with improved attention span and memory.
  • Memory Blend: The memory mix in the supplement comprises Lion’s Mane Mushroom. It works by raising the number of neurotransmitters in the brain. Ultimately increasing the amount of connection between neurons. Maritime Pine Bark and Bacopa in the formulation also have neuroprotective qualities.
  • Mood improvement blend: Ashwagandha is a potent element in the blend since it is a known de-stressor that also helps raise choline levels in the body. In this combination, the last component is passionflower, which is beneficial for having a good night’s sleep.

Purchase and Price

According to the manufacturer, one can purchase the supplement for $75. It will last for one month, which may appear excessive compared to the competitors. Moreover, the manufacturing takes place in a GMP authorized facility and contains quality elements. The product is free of fillers and toxins.


The product excels on all three facades, which is why it assists in achieving amazing outcomes. The supplement comprises quality components that aid memory, attention, and overall brain health per clinical studies.

It’s also devoid of any potentially hazardous ingredients or stimulants, making it a risk-free method for naturally improving mental function.

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#4. Nootrogen

It is a dietary supplement popular for improving the brain’s overall functioning. It also increases one’s efficiency. It is a safe method of enhancing cognitive brain function in healthy individuals.

It also offers multiple benefits, including increased energy, less weariness, improved cognition, and improved memory retention. The pill also increases mental performance.


Nootrogen Benefits

  • It assists in the production and storage of energy. The product boosts mental functioning, and the substances are all-natural. They are effective and beneficial in maintaining tranquility while lowering stress levels.
  • The firm does not utilize any dangerous chemicals in the course of its operations. It is 100 percent safe to use and has little or no adverse effects. It aids with the retention of memories and the plasticity of synaptic connections.
  • One’s mood improves with the supplement and allows one to be more active throughout the day. It raises the level of thinking, which helps to reach the objectives more effectively. The capsules are simple to take in and out of the system.
  • With Nootrogen, the user may reduce the everyday tension that might sabotage their efforts.
  • It is a formulation by a reputable corporation situated in the United States in a production facility approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Nootrogen Ingredients

This supplement includes substances such as glutamine, bacopa monnieri (bacopa), HCL, DMAE extract, green tea to improve cognitive performance and decrease inflammation in the brain. As an additional benefit, it includes glutamic acid, a neurotransmitter in the brain with anti-inflammatory properties.

Purchase and price

The product is available for purchase through the company’s website. Nootrogen is available for $29.95 for each bottle. With the purchase of this product in large quantities, the individual will get deals and discounts. One must buy this product through the official website to avoid counterfeits.


In addition to providing nutritional advantages, Nootrogen is a very unique and effective supplement for enhancing one’s mood. It is a nootropic that enhances mental wellbeing while also lowering stress and anxiety levels in the user. It also helps one by boosting energy levels, which improves mood and allows for more relaxation.

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What is the over-the-counter medication that is the closest match to Adderall?

Each one of these pills may be considered a fantastic substitute for Adderall.

Which nootropic is most similar in terms of effectiveness?

Both Mind Lab Pro and Brain Pill are excellent alternatives. However, just like with everything else in healthcare, the decision should be tailored to the specific needs and should be based on the difficulties experienced with mental performance.


The above nootropics are safe for one’s cognitive health and superior to Adderall as their effects are not limited to a short-time increase in attention and concentration.

This information will assist the individual in selecting a better supplement, one that will improve brain health while also assisting in dealing with the stresses of daily life.