How Omar Yunes is Taking a Viral Fitness Sensation to the Next Level

Omar Yunes says that 54D fitness centers which stand for the 54 days of boot camp, have seen some growth over the years, given the approach of after 54 days, you need to have made progress in your health goals. However, it was during the COVID-19 shutdowns and stay-at-home orders that the company really became a viral sensation.

As the lockdowns continued, 54D started putting their workouts on social media for free, making it easier for people to start healthy habits while they were stuck at home. However, it was the process of adding Omar Yunes to the company’s CEO position in 2019, just before the pandemic began, that allowed the company to leverage that visibility into growth. Awarded Best Franchisee in the World 2015 for his work for Sushi Itto, Omar Yunes helped launch 54D on their online program that was made available to customers in 75 countries during the lockdowns.


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How Omar Yunes is Taking a Viral Fitness Sensation to the Next Level

Part of the reason for the success of 54D is the feeling of community that has been built around the business. At a time when people needed social connections most, this workout program provided that sense of community. A two-pronged approach looks at both physical and mental fitness, encouraging people to deal with both aspects of their wellbeing. What started as a small regional chain of gyms saw strong growth during the pandemic.

As people looked for a new way to stay fit during the pandemic, 54D provided a unique approach, combining community and social interaction during a time when both were limited, with a dedication to stick to the program for the 54 days of the membership. Because the business plan originally wanted to just get people to a state where they were more fit, it was overlooked by many executives.

However, when Omar Yunes began studying the company’s marketing and sales efforts, he realized that something very special was going on. Despite the complete lack of hard-hitting sales efforts to sign former members back up, the company still saw 70% of their former clients returning for additional Bootcamp sessions of 54 days so that they could continue to enjoy the benefits they’d received during their initial training period.

This strong organic growth allowed Yunes to leverage the recognition, viral growth, and similar aspects brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and turn them into business growth. The company has created new 54D studios in the Miami Design District in October 2021, with new studios opening in Hallandale in March 2022, New York City in April 2022 and Los Angeles in August 2022, providing a wide range of new opportunities for growth and outreach to other fitness-seekers.

Whether for a new online fitness program to follow or a new fitness studio to go to, 54D has proven that its unusual approach to marketing and sales is a great formula for success. Omar Yunes encourages you to check out some of their online workouts or one of their studios to discover the best workouts?