Reconnaissance Media. Celebrates the Growth of ‘Let’s Talk About Mental Health podcast

Reconnaissance Media, an Australian-based business focused on improving mental health, celebrates the growth of their Let’s Talk About Mental Health podcast, an independently weekly show that has recently exceeded 600,000 total plays from listeners in more than 150 countries.

‘Let’s Talk About Mental Health’ and its weekly companion show on YouTube, ‘Better Mental Health’, focuses on having open and honest talks about mental health that combine quality research and personal insights. The topics discussed on the shows are drawn from reputable sources and delivered in an easily digestible way, so that the audience can educate themselves about how to improve and maintain their mental health on a daily basis.

“The global events of the past several years have seen an explosion in mental health challenges worldwide and a greater need for easy-to-digest information that can be applied as part of self-care practices”, says Jeremy Godwin, writer and host of the shows. The World Health Organization (WHO, 2021) states that approximately “one in five people in post-conflict settings have a mental health condition” with two of the most common mental health conditions, depression and anxiety, costing the global economy US$1 trillion each year; however, “the global median of government health expenditure that goes to mental health is less than 2%”. Resources such as podcasts, YouTube videos and other easily-accessed forums provide vital information to those dealing with mental health challenges around the world, and there is a strong need for quality advice delivered in easy-to-understand language.

In his work, Mr. Godwin draws on his past experience with anxiety and depression along with his education in Psychology and Sociology to deliver factual and science-based guidance to his audience. The main focus of Reconnaissance Media is to broaden the scope of the podcast and YouTube channel, in order to provide more people with practical and long-term solutions to enhance their mental health and wellbeing.

As at September 2021, 71% of podcast audience is aged between 18-34 and a further 14% of his audience is aged between 35-44, demonstrating a willingness by this age group to turn to non-traditional resources in order to find ways to improve and maintain their wellbeing.

Reconnaissance Media’s content is built around taking complex subject matter and boiling it down to its essence, delivering content that can be easily digested in a short time (videos are less than 10 minutes long and podcast episodes average 25 minutes). Both the Let’s Talk About Mental Health podcast and the Better Mental Health channel on YouTube seek to raise awareness of why it is crucial to be aware of mental health issues on a daily basis, similar to how a proper diet and exercise help to maintain overall health and wellbeing.

In his content, Jeremy strongly urges his audience to make their mental health and wellbeing a priority daily, combining internal work with external support as needed, because good mental health is about finding balance and making the right choices (even if the ‘right’ choice isn’t necessarily the ‘easy’ choice). Jeremy’s ability to draw from his own experiences allows him to speak to his audience with understanding and he is able to challenge them in a thought-provoking way.

New episodes of the Let’s Talk About Mental Health podcast are released every Sunday, and new Better Mental Health videos are released every Wednesday on YouTube. Further information about Jeremy and his work can be found on his website.

About Jeremy Godwin:

Jeremy Godwin is an Australian writer, creator, coach and passionate mental health advocate who is using his weekly podcast and YouTube show to bring practical mental health advice to an audience in over 150 countries. His podcast, Let’s Talk About Mental Health, has over 600,000 downloads and in each weekly episode he explores simple and practical advice that listeners can apply immediately, and he shares even more advice on his weekly YouTube show, Better Mental Health. Jeremy focuses on helping his audience manage their mental health and wellbeing both proactively (to prevent the chances of issues occurring) and reactively (addressing mental health issues that may already exist).

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