Hidden treasures you can find in your house

We all want to make a little extra cash, but while a side gig or overtime are fine, decluttering your home while you’re making money makes the process a lot more gratifying.

There are countless hidden treasures in your house too – but before you delve into your basement, sift through your loft, and raid your garage for goodies, which are worth the most?

Pokémon cards

According to a recent analysis of eBay data conducted in mid-April 2021, Pokémon card collections were worth up to £10,000, with the average listing price coming to £69.33. If you were a schoolyard fan of the series back in the late nineties and early noughties, there could be countless cards (holographic ones, most probably) in your collection waiting to earn you some moolah.

Old coins

While cash payments have certainly become old fashioned since the pandemic reared its head, there are many collectible coins that can fetch a mint. The eBay analysis discovered that the average listing price of 1958 Great Britain Gold Sovereign Elizabeth coins could reach £550, or an average of £113.50. A nice sum for a small piece of metal! If you’re not a coin expert (we don’t expect you to be), you can see how much coins in your home are worth using a coin value checker.
First edition Harry Potter books

Earning an average of £73.13 but topping out at £6,800 depending on the condition of the book, JK Rowling’s wizarding fantasy series can earn plenty of pounds. First editions are crucial here – without this, they will simply be as worth as much as any old second-hand book.

Comic books

The same eBay analysis also found that comic book collections were also a likely high earner, with Iron Man, Batman, and Superman comics fetching huge sums of up to £8,450. On average, listings come to around £28.29 – not a huge amount, true, but if you need to get rid of some clutter, a great price in our eyes!

Beanie Babies

Another 1990s gem, Beanie Babies are a classic collector’s item, and can fetch tall prices on online auction sites as a result. The eBay analysis found that average listings came to a whopping £601.71 in total, but original tags and good condition fabrics are crucial to reaching the big league selling prices.

What will you use your attic cash for? To pay off credit card balances, finance home improvements, or simply improve your household cashflow? Let us know your plans, and whether you have found any treasures, in the comments section.