Defy-Insurance & Cowbell Arms Customers with Standalone, Admitted Cyber Coverage and Risk Insights.

Princeton, NJ – August 25, 2021– Cowbell Cyber, the industry’s first AI-powered cyber insurance provider for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs),  announced it has partnered with Defy Insurance – a platform that takes an educational and transparent approach to insure your business, home, auto and even gives you cyber insurance.  They have got a team of licensed insurance experts who develop a personalized solutions tailored to your  needs – to enable increased distribution of Cowbell’s standalone cyber insurance to the small business market, an area traditionally underserved by cyber insurance. 

Covid-19 has shifted our entire focus and businesses of all sizes are now becoming more reliant on digital environment, often leaving them exposed to cyber security vulnerabilities including cyber-crime, data theft, ransom ware attack and lot more. Due to these cyber related crimes the demand in cyber coverage has drastically increased as cyber insurance is necessary now.  Moreover these cyber criminals have tripled their phishing attacks since the beginning of 2020. 

Defy insurance have selected Cowbell Cyber because Cowbell Prime – Cowbell’s standalone, admitted cyber insurance programs – addresses the challenges faced by small businesses when considering insurance including:

  • Clarity of the policy terms: business owners can now immediately understand the protection they will receive
  • Relevancy: Quote and policies are customizable in a few clicks for higher relevancy for the policyholder
  • Admitted program: Ensures that everything has been thoroughly vetted by state level agencies
  • Superior risk management tools: Free risk assessment and mitigation tools add value to small business on day-one of the policy

Defy Insurance (Cyber Insurance Div.) is excited to partner with Cowbell Cyber, together they can deliver customized cyber coverage more affectively, with their easy-to- use risk management tools for their expanding client base.  That will further distribute cyber insurance to the currently underserved markets, ultimately helping customers with their cyber resilience.

As an advocate for SMEs Owners, Defy Insurance and Cowbell Cyber will help them to prepare for cyber-attacks, which can threaten everything they have worked so hard for. 

Defy Insurance  and Cowbell Cyber are a great fit because they both focus on using technology to give businesses the protection they need to anticipate and recover from serious risks.

The partnership brings significant efficiencies to Defy’s agents including:

  • Speed: Cowbell Prime enables agents to prepare multiple, customized quotes in a few clicks
  • Ease of use and transparency: Selling of cyber insurance is simplified with coverage that are presented to policyholders in an easy to understand manner, along with Cowbell Factors to identify risk deviation from the industry average
  • No binding delays: Every quote issued by Cowbell Prime can be instantaneously bound

About Cowbell Cyber

Cowbell Cyber is dedicated to providing standalone, admitted, individualized and easy-to-understand cyber insurance for small and mid-size businesses. In its unique AI-based approach to risk selection and pricing, Cowbell’s continuous underwriting platform, powered by Cowbell Factors, compresses the insurance process from submission to issue to less than 5 minutes. Cowbell Insurance Agency LLC is licensed in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia and provides SMBs with admitted cyber insurance on AM Best “A” rated paper with up to $15 Million in coverage. For more information, please visit

About Defy Insurance:

Defy here to recommend the ideal coverage for your insurance need – then quickly find the best price from a wide range of trusted carriers. Because Defy is a one-stop shop, that one can count on for business solutions, car, home, health, cyber security , life and much more.


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