What Makes NetSuite the Leading Cloud Finance Solution?

Technological progress helps thousands of businesses worldwide achieve their goals. But only those that adopt and embrace the new bold solutions will benefit from them. We can see an increase in the number of users of planning and accounting software, AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (the Internet of Things), etc. However, there’s also a group of people who are rather scared of tech.

These businesses, unfortunately, are left behind in the race.

When it comes to finances, proper planning and precise calculations are a must-do. That’s why there is so much ERP (enterprise resource planning) software around. So, which one to choose to take a step further to organized, secured finances?

Many users choose Oracle and similar cloud software. We’re here to present the NetSuite financial management solution, which combines all the best features of modern ERP cloud applications.

Get familiar with it, and you’ll see that the choice is obvious.

Features: Convenience, Precision, and Safety in One Deal

Digital financial solutions are used by thousands of businesses. Accounting in large companies can’t be done in Excel or Google Sheets due to its complexity. One error can destroy the whole system, leaving employees underpaid or business revenue lost.

Here are the features you will benefit from:

  • Billing.
    To make revenue recognition more accurate and stronger. Seeing sales, spendings, fulfillment in one program will help you see the big picture and never doubt the numbers.
  • Financial Planning.
    Improve your planning capabilities and make forecasts on budget and business projects with this solution. The algorithm will help you optimize all financial processes going on in the company.
  • Financial Reporting.
    In real-time, get all the information about your business processes with quick analysis and clear reports.
  • Global Accounting and Consolidation.
    If you want to spend less time on close and improve the transparency of your business, this feature is a must-have.
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance.
    The GRC solution helps you address and resolve the problems of corporate governance. You can also predict and avoid potential risks with it, and improve tech integration.
  • Revenue Recognition.
    Always be updated on accounting standards and send timely reports,

Benefits for Every User

The solution offers lots of benefits, including having up-to-date accounting information and most features a business needs. Some of the benefits are:

  • Timeliness.
    You can see how the company is doing at any moment by accessing the program. In a couple of clicks, you’ll get a report with all the metrics needed.
  • Accurate reports.
    The algorithms of the software are built to provide the most accuracy in everything, from minor reports to large corporation revenue recognition.

Choose the Best Cloud Financial Management Software on the Market

There are lots of things to consider before making the final choice. Based on the advantages and features of NetSuite, it should definitely be on your list. It’s easy to get used to, convenient, and accurate. You have access to all necessary functions related to finances, which helps to keep all the data in one place.

The cloud eliminates storage problems, and the tech support is impeccable. Visit the company’s website and contact its support team to find out the details of your potential cooperation!