Fashion Nova’s Donation Towards Ellaé Lisqué

Fashion Nova is at it yet again! This time, this global fashion house has joined hands with Grammy Award-winning artist Megan Thee Stallion to donate towards Ellaé Lisqué, a rising fashion brand.

The donation towards Ellaé Lisqué comes as a series of other donations to women entrepreneurs and women-based and female-focused institutions under a philanthropic initiative launched by Fashion Nova in partnership with Megan in March 2021.

Since its launch in 2006 by its top-performing founder and CEO, Richard Saghian, Fashion Nova has always been in the frontline when it comes to community-based initiatives. And in honor of Women’s History Month, this fast-growing global fashion brand decided to launch a women empowerment project dubbed Women on Top.

Saghian made a bold statement during the launch of this initiative where he said, “At Fashion Nova, women empowerment and ongoing advocacy for diversity and inclusion have always been part of our guiding principles.”

True to his words, Fashion Nova went the extra mile to see the empowerment of women in different sectors through financial support. Fashion Nova and Megan’s partnership raised $1M that was distributed to different pre-selected individual women, organizations, and foundations, with each recipient walking away with financial aid to the tune of $25K or more in the form of grants, donations, and scholarships.

Among the entrepreneurs awarded during this initiative was Maxie.J, an independent fashion designer and the founder of the Ellaé Lisqué fashion brand.

Maxie. J started off as a stylist with big dreams. Her impeccable taste in fashion saw her rise in popularity as an indie fashion designer focusing on authentic, creatively designed outfits. She pursued her passion and graduated from just styling celebrities to owning her own fashion brand, the Ellaé Lisqué, to serve the needs of her growing number of clients.

As a fast-fashion house, Fashion Nova values the efforts of upcoming independent fashion designers doing exemplary work in the fashion industry.  To reward Maxie. J’s efforts, Fashion Nova and Megan donated $25K to Ellaé Lisqué.

This donation was made in support of Maxie’s efforts to come up with unique creative pieces and also to give her more resources to work towards her goals.

Fashion Nova confirmed this donation through a Facebook post saying, “As part of our Women On Top initiative, we’re highlighting independent fashion designers who inspire us with their creativity and style. Each designer spotlighted will receive $25,000 for their burgeoning business.⁠⁠ Meet Maxie J, founder and designer of Ellaé Lisqué! Maxie J began her career as a stylist renowned for her impeccable taste before founding the Ellaé Lisqué brand. Her original designs embody class, sophistication, and exceptional quality. Maxie.J progressed from styling celebrities in Los Angeles to put them in her own show-stopping creations. She’s a true testament that dreaming big is the key to success. We can’t wait to see her achieve even more!”

As a continuation of his earlier statement during the launch of this philanthropic initiative, Saghian added a few remarks saying, “We believe the world will be a better place when all women are provided the opportunity to maximize their potential. This program was created to give women greater advantage as they pursue their passions.”

The donation to Ellaé Lisqué will put Maxie. J at a greater advantage in her quest to pursue her dreams, all thanks to Fashion Nova and Megan’s partnership.

Other beneficiaries who received a share of Fashion Nova and Megan’s selfless donations include Texas Southern University, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, Breonna Taylor Foundation, and Helping Houston Rebuild.