Plato’s Closet Is The Fastest Growing Consignment Store In Fayetteville NC

You may have seen many consignment stores in your areas but Platos closet is more than your average consignment store. In Plato’s closet one can find gently used clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories at very reasonable prices. Usually in a consignment store one can find items that are really bad shape. Especially if one is looking for black body suit, latex body suit, or white body suit.

At Platos closet there is no compromise on quality. Our dedicated team makes sure that one can get the best item from our store. as it is established Plato’s closet is a consignment store which buys and sells ones used clothes, this store is not limited to clothes but one can sell shoes, bags, hats and other accessories. People visit Plato’s closet to find front thong body suit, red body suit and green body suit.

Plato’s closet is the perfect option if you are looking to recycle your slightly used clothing. The best aspect about Platos Closet is that one can get paid on the spot. There are no hidden terms and conditions involved. One can be paid with cash on the spot. 

To Buy Or Sell Used Clothes Visit Consignment Store In Fayetteville NC

There are no limits to how many items one can sell and buy, and there are also no limits on which style of clothing one brings for sale, it can be of any season. We accept all, all day all the time. Plato’s closet is very unique in a way because all of the stores that comes under Plato’s closet are individually owned. 

So it is more like your friendly neighborhood store which allows you to buy and sell your gently used clothes and other items. once can choose from a large verity of lingerie body suit, pink body suit and full body compression suit.

Buying and selling sustainably 

According to our recent findings only 15% of the clothes are up for recycling others are wasted, that is a lot of fashion going to waste, we can bet you right now that there are hundreds of slightly used clothes which are collecting dust in your closet. Wouldn’t it be great if you were to make some money on these clothes?

By recycling your slightly used clothes you are contributing to a greater good. if one does decide to recycle then he/she is contributing in saving thousands of gallons of oil and water. One can extend the life of their previously owned clothes by giving them a new home. All of your recycled items are put on to our store shelves.

If one decides not to recycle then all of their used clothes ends up in a landfill. We always recommend that you play your part in making an earth a better place. 

Visiting Platos closet for full body compression suit

Plato’s closet is considered best if one is looking for body suites, there are many verities to choose from which includes Black body suit, female body suit, body suit lingerie, while others that visit Plato’s closet admire the variety of latex body suit, white body suit, red body suit and pink body suit.

While there is no denying that front thong body suit, green body suit and lingerie body suites are available at other consignments stores but there is a noticeable difference in quality. Plato’s closet chooses nothing but the best, and our dedicated teammates know how to spot a defective item from the right one.

there are many qualities of Plato’s closet that set them apart from the rest but the choices of brands that are available at Plato’s closet is in its own league, Plato’s closet accepts items from all brands but there are some specific ones that are in demand the most.

Some of these brands are as follows: Adidas, BKE, Champion, Fabletics, H&M, LEVIS, UrbanFitters, Under Armour, Sperrys, Top Shop and so much more. There are so much to choose from that one needs considerable amount to time to check out all the variety available at Plato’s closet.

Reason To Resale

There can be many reasons behind resealing a specific product, perhaps one might have grown out of their size or someone changed their mind after buying the clothes, in all cases one thing is for certain that there are many clothes that are eating dust in one’s closet, we believe every piece of cloth deserves one more life. 

To give your clothes another life you can sell us your clothes. We guaranty you that the clothes we brought from you will be handled with care and love. All of our shelves are filled with items that are brought to us by you. We only deal in items that are slightly used.

Coming back to the reason of sale, here at Plato’s closet we believe in resale we do not consider our inventory as used items we consider them as items that are up for resale. As you see there is a huge difference between reselling and selling used items. the words alone make so much difference.

This shows our love towards your items. Whenever you enter our store you will be greeted by our team members which will help you find what fits you. our team consists of some of the most helpful staff members which will help you in either buying and selling.

As we discussed earlier our selling process is very easy. In just four simple steps one can walk out of our store with pocket full of cash.

How To Sell items to us 

Selling an item to us is easy as one two three, in 4 simple steps you can help us increase our inventory, the first step involves you to walk into our store with the items you are looking to sale, these items can be any like black body suit, latex body suit, white body suit, front thong body suit, red body suit, green body suit, lingerie body suit, pink body suit, body suit lingerie, female body suit, full body compression suit

We pretty much buy any type of body suite available. In the second step, one of our team member will inspect your brought items, the inspection is done on many basis, the first thing our team member check is that finding out when was that item bought then it will be examined for quality.

After that our team member will check the fashion and style of the item, and after the inspection we will be coming close on to our third step which is offering you a prince on the items you brought, the price that is given to you is quite reasonable and we can even say that the amount that will be offered to you will be high from other consignment stores.

You will be also given a choice to either get paid in cash or you can trade in your items with the items from our stores, it is totally up to you and the decision will be always yours, we will never put pressure on our customer to do trade or to take cash, our team is always ready to guide to through the process.

Last but not the least after you agree upon on our offered price you will be paid in cash. And in these four easy steps one can take home cash with them.

How To Buy From Us

Buying from is as simple as buying form any other thrift store, we prefer the word consignment store because to us we are playing our part in the conservation of environment by giving your clothes a new life, those items which do not reach us ends up wasting. Wouldn’t it be great if one can earn some money off these items? 

Plato’s Closet offers its customers up to 70% less prices as compared to mall and retail shops. All this is possible because of our customers, all the items they bring us, ends up on us shelfs and then those items are picked up by more people, this circle goes on.

But the fact still remains; Plato’s Closet is the most affordable clothing option if you are looking to buy branded clothes in affordable prices. If you are looking to change your style and get in to your summer look then head on down to Plato’s Closet.

Plato’s Closet is loved by hundreds and thousands of people across the US, people describe their experience anywhere from very good to satisfied, in order to check the worth of the company one needs to read customer reviews, 

Plato’s Closet is filled to the brim with positive reviews, the main reason of people regarding Plato’s Closet so highly is their excellent customer policy. If one wants to sell items, they do not need any appointment, anyone can come it in Plato’s Closet open timing and sell to them.

Something For Everyone

At Plato’s Closet there is something for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you into skinny genes or shorts, when you come to Plato’s Closet you can find what fits you. Plato’s Closet is for young adults and teens. The target audience for Plato’s Closet is those demographics which are choosier and harder to satisfy,

In this age people are pickier and more in to fashion then any other age in their life point, so choosing the perfect threads that matches one personality is very important, this is the main reason behind Plato’s Closet dedicating a whole section of clothes just for teens and young adults.

Plato’s Closet is the go-to shopping destination if one is looking for hot and trendy shoes, bags and other accessories. Our inventory changes everyday because of customers like yourself, usually our items are on display for a limit amount of time because our times gets picked that fast.

People usually stop by Plato’s Closet everyday to check out that day’s verity. Plato’s Closet never compromises on quality and prices. The prices you will see at Plato’s Closet are so affordable that you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying more.

Like we touched upon earlier there is no limit on the number of items you can buy and sell. If one wants to, he can buy the whole store and nobody will bat an eye. Similarly, there are no restriction on how many numbers of items can one sell. 

Making Plato’s Closet you go to shopping destination

One can make Plato’s Closet his or her go to shopping destination, there are a number of factors which might interest one, the first and foremost fact is that the prices are up to 70% the mall and retail prices. The second factor is that one can find amazing items from all the big brands.

One can find items form adidas, Nike and many more, if one is into fashion then one will be glad to know that Plato’s Closet buys and displays items which are hot and trending. So, if you were seconding guessing yourself on which item to go for, you can ask our team members.

You will not only get an expert’s opinion but also you will find it very easy to shop at Plato’s Closet. Because of this store being locally owned you will feel like shopping form your friendly neighbor’s store.


To conclude our topic, we would again like to emphasize on the fact that one can get clothes, shoes, bags, hats and other accessories at 70% of mall and retail prices, all of the items one finds at Plato’s Closet are sold to us by customers like yourself.

There can be many items in your closet just dusting away, it would be not only be good for the environment if you sold your slightly used clothes but you will make money off them. It is a win, win situation for all.

So, if you want amazing clothes at amazing prices then you can check us out in person or you can visit our website where you will be able to get the latest news about our variety and our store.