Once Upon A Child Is Opening A Consignment Store In Fayetteville NC And It Is Taking Everyone By Storm

People Are rushing towards the market to see once upon a child opening its doors to the public, and the main reason of once upon a child becoming the talk of the town is their amazing discounted prices on wood crib, crib toys, crib accessories, kid’s furniture and kid’s patio furniture. Not only this once upon a child have a wide variety of kids clothes, toys, shoes and accessories.

There may be many consignment stores in your area but no one can come close to the level of discount and verity once upon a child has to offer. once upon a child is not your typical consignment store, it is so much more than that. It is a locally owned store and the owners believe that one is not buying reused items but they are buying resold items. 

There is a huge difference is buying used items to buying resold items, as you see the items that are available at once upon a child are taken with care and love. So if one is thinking about how many crib sheets do I need, then head on down to once upon a child for huge variety of crib sheets.

At once upon a child there is no compromise on the quality of a product, so it doesn’t matter if you are looking for wood crib, crib blanket or crib toys then you can find them all Once Upon A Child, and on top of all this one can also find crib accessories, kids outdoor furniture in your local Once Upon A Child.

Not Your Everyday Consignment Store

Once Upon A Child is known by many names in Fayetteville NC some call Once Upon A Child, a kids furniture store others call it a consignment store but in reality Once Upon A Child is not your everyday consignment store, as it is gives the opportunity to people to sell their kids gently used items.

As discussed there are many things one can sale to us, the basic items that we receive are kid’s clothes, kids toy, wood cribs, crib blankets, crib toys, kids shoe, kid’s furniture and other kid’s accessories. what sets us apart from other consignment stores is our love and care.

The way we take care of our products is never seen anywhere. We always keep our items with love because we know that these items are going to be used by kids. We pay extra attention to the safety of these products because the safety of your child is our number one priority.

There can be many reasons on which one might want to sell their kids slightly used items. the main reason being that our kids grow up so fast and they outgrow their clothes. Most often than not kids lose interest in their old toys, that is just human nature, instead of throwing all of the items away one can sell them to us.

The items you see to us will be enjoyed by other kids. We believe every kid has the right to enjoy. We can bet you that your kids closet has so many slightly used clothes and items that are just collecting dust, wouldn’t it be great if you can make money on these items.

Sell to us in four simple steps

We mentioned many times that one can sell their kids old items to us, but one should know how much easy it is to sell to us. The whole process can be summed up in four simple steps. The first step involves you coming in the store with the items you are looking to sell, there is no appointment needed. There isn’t any complicated process. 

There are no hidden terms and conditions, all one has to do in walk in our store in our opening hours and you will be assisted by our team members. Our team consists of some of the most helpful and generous people what will assist you all the way through. One can ask them anything. One can even ask them how many crib sheets do I need.

Once you are in the store you can bring the items directly to us and we will move on to our second step. This step involves us examining the items you brought to us, this is done because the items you brought to us are going to be displayed on our shelves and we never compromise on quality.

The items you bring us has to be lightly used, and should be in good condition. We do not say no to any brand we welcome them all, one can sell us any seasons clothing there is no restrictions on what you sell to us. We pretty much buy everything.

After we inspect your items we will offer you an amount based on our inspection, now it has been established what we check and what we want, just as a refresher we would like to mention again that we look for quality over quantity we look for clothes that are in fashion and items that are slightly used. 

The prices we offer our customers are the best prices one can find all over the city. One can visit any consignment store in NC area to check what prices they offer; we can guarantee you the prices that you will be offered cannot be found anywhere else.

The last step involves you walking out with your pocket filled with cash. We pay you on the spot and in cash, if you agree on the prices that we offer you then you can get paid right there, as we touched upon before there are no hidden terms and conditions there are no facts that are kept secret. Once Upon A Child is like an open book. Anyone can take benefit from us.

Why we are considered the best consignment store in NC  

 There are many reasons that makes us the best consignment store in NC but the most prevalent reason is our rates and our customer loyalty. One can find items that are 70% off the mall stores. Wouldn’t it be great if you bought something in 70% less price that you were going to buy anyway? The soon to be mothers can take advantage of this and can prepare for the big day with us.

We have kids clothes of all sizes, we also have wood crib. Crib blanket, crib toys, and all crib accessories that a soon to be mother can expect. Here at Once Upon A Child we believe in recycling. As per our understanding less than 12% of the clothes are recycled in the US. 

We have even seen some clothes that are in perfect condition going in to landfills, those clothes which are discarded could be reused and recycled with us. This is not only good for the environment but one can also make money. If one does decide to recycle then one should be glad to know that one is playing its part in conversation of environment.

One can help in saving thousands of gallons of water and oil. Why one should discard an item that is in perfectly good condition. One can always sell to us; our inventory is filled with items due to customers like yourself that proves to be good caring citizens. 

We get all of our stock by buying from you. there are thousands of people which have lightly used kids clothes just laying around their houses. This not only take unnecessary closet space but over time, starts to wear and tear. These clothes end up in the bin.

Get The Best Deal At Best Consignment Store

Making Things Easier For You

Here at once upon a child we always try to make things easier for soon to be moms. We know that it is very hard on soon to be moms so we try to make things easy by providing a wide variety of gently used clothes, shoes, toys and other baby gear. Having a baby is not easy one needs to think about the finances involved. 

To this Once Upon a Child offers rates that are 70% of retail market. this will result in saving 70% more money which you can spend elsewhere. Similarly, when you bring us clothes to sale you are making someone else life easy. We know that a mom can only select the best products for its kids. 

So buying something that is chosen by a mom is something you don’t get to experience. But here at Once Upon A Child you can experience just that. Usually there are many brands that one can chose from. the most popular brands that can be found at our store are here follows.

  1. Adidas
  2. Carters
  3. Cherokee
  4. Gap
  5. Nike
  6. Baby gap
  7. Cat & jack
  8. H & M 
  9. Justice 
  10. Under Armour

And so much more. As we mentioned before that we buy everything and anything that looks to be of value. We buy items related to any seasons, which means that if you are selling items that are of winter season in summer, we won’t bat an eye. It’s part of our policy we will however guide you all the way through the process of buying and selling.

Coming back to making life easy for moms to be. If you a becoming a mom for the first time then it is very hard for you to choose the right clothes and items for your new born, it is a time taking and frustrating process of trial and error when it comes to choosing the right items

Choosing the best items for your kids with Once Upon A Child

There are hundreds of items in the market for new born. Some of the items are nursery other can be of less importance, but how does a first time mom to be knows these items, let’s take the crib for example a first time mom might not know how many crib sheets do I needs?

To this Once Upon A Child is your best option, not only you will find the best items there but you can find wood crib, crib toys, crib accessories, kids furniture. The cribs that Once Upon A Child has to offer is up to 70% off retail market. Think of this is this way that for how long your kid is going to use the crib.

At some point your kid will need a bed, to wouldn’t it be great to buy the crib in up to 70% off retail price and after your kid is done using that crib you can sell that crib back to us or you can trade that in for other kid’s furniture. It is totally up to our customers.

If our customers like they can trade in their slightly used kid’s items for other items. one can take cash any time but there is an alternative. One can easily trade in the items. the process of trading is same as selling the item. By trading you walk out with your desired item.

Once Upon A Child has been hailed by many as the best consignment store in NC. There are many factors that make Once Upon A Child the best, some of which we have discussed, the best method of knowing whether a brand is worth it or not, is to come and visit the brand personally or checking their official website.

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To conclude our topic, we would like to once again emphasize hard on the fact that one can find kids clothes, shoes, toys, accessories at up to 70% off mall and retail prices, there is another option that Once Upon A Child gives to their customer and that is buying slightly used clothes at very reasonable price.

Buying slightly used clothes are not only good for the environment but one can make some extra cash. To sell to us one does not need an appointment nor there is any complicated method, one can sell to us in four simple steps that includes coming in the store, and getting your items inspected by our team. Once you agree upon offered price you can walk away with cash. 

We pay on the spot and in cash so checking us out won’t cost you anything.