5 Reasons why old age is the perfect time to pick a language

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Have the wrinkles started to show up? Or the night cream no longer works its magic on you? Have you hidden your birthday from all social media platforms yet? If the answer to any of these questions is an emphatic yes-then congratulations mate! Welcome to the old but gold age. You can finally get started on that Haitian Creole class that you did not cross off from your bucket list. Why? Because you have all the time in the world. And also because you are never too old to pick up that ‘Bucket List’ language. In the language learning world the time moves freakishly slow, you see. Follow along for the five reasons why you are never too old to learn a new language.

1. Language learning is now at your fingertips

And if not any other body part, fingertips still work decently, well into the old age. If you did not know this already that you are living under a rock in which case take some inspiration from your neighbour, the ant. After all it does work harder than you. Since the advent of internet and cheap internet data, experts have been keeping busy by transferring all what they know online to help us mere mortals. Say goodbye to the tacky old websites, language learning centers have essentially loaded the process with feel good quizzes, online teachers and what not. Learning languages was never this convenient or fun. Apps like Memrise have courses charted out for major languages at quite affordable rates. You can Learn Haitian Creole Online with Creole Tutors.

2. Your Experience is an asset

Life lessons add the kind of shimmer nothing adds to a learning experience. You get to be more intentional about what you want to learn and why you want to learn it in the first place. This helps bring more focus and functionality to a language learning experience. Say for example you want to visit France for vacation-you would then focus on learning how to ask for transport, local names for tourist places and food and how to give a food order. Adding functionality and a purpose to your learning experience will make it a faster process.

3. Language learning can help fight mental diseases like dementia

There is some evidence that links bilingual people and their delayed development of Alzheimer’s. Although studies are yet to confirm this, when proven true you can confidently boast about your mental ability by giving learning language a try. If you are confused on what languages to learn then go for the unpopular ones such as Haitian Creole. You can Learn Haitian Creole Online with Creole Tutors. Why, you ask? Hop on to the next point.

4. Teaching a language might earn you a nice side income

Old age comes with a lot of worries, but money shouldn’t be a part of this. Thus when you acquire language skills, put it to good use as a teacher of the language. This not only improves your chances of retaining the knowledge but also earns you good money on the side. It will do you more good if you learn an unpopular language because you might want to wane the competition off the popular ones.

5. Learning a new language will keep you busy

Old age is a long time and with few activities to do. Language learning will keep you busy and active and give you a reason to look forward to the day. It will employ your mental space while providing tons of benefits. Consider these reasons and give language learning a chance.


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