Bitcoin Up Review 2020 – Is it a Scam or Safe to Use?

You may want to try trading cryptocurrencies if you are looking for passive online income that will not require a lot of your attention. Not only can you earn a profit doing it, as per several reports, but you might also become a millionaire. 

If you are wondering what cryptocurrency is and how do we trade it, here is a lead.

Cryptocurrency is a kind of virtual money. And cryptocurrency platforms trade digital currency with other brokers having different digital currencies like bitcoin and Litecoin, and Ethereum. 

Bitcoin is perhaps one of the most common digital money that is used for dealing these days. Since it is attractive as a digital currency, some retailers can now recognize it as compensation for their products and services. Although you may be thinking it’s only possible in online transactions, many popular platforms facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrencies offline.

But it is challenging to keep yourself safe from online scams. That is why today, we will review a bitcoin trading platform named Bitcoin Up to find the truth about it. So our readers don’t get any misleads. 

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About Bitcoin Up 

What is it?

Bitcoin Up is a sophisticated software program with algorithms that empower bitcoin trade on behalf of its users/traders. It is developed to function with robot brokers in coordination. It is also operated by a range of innovative technologies, like NLP, DL, ML, and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Everything you will have to do to interact with Bitcoin Up is to carefully consider the directions. To function, Bitcoin Up does not require the participants to have any expertise. Considering the excellent score on customer feedback sites, the robot looks prominent among users.

With its estimated ROI of up to 300 percent regular, users seem satisfied. Bitcoin Up has allegedly provided at least 10% of its users the chance to join the Bitcoin Millionaire club ever since launch.

How Does it Work?

Bitcoin Up collaborates with a range of exceptional robot traders. They will conduct requests, execute trades, and earn profits on behalf of the user. These brokers are different from conventional servicers and immediately finalize your transactions. 

A unique technique is used by Bitcoin Up, which is called High-Frequency Scalping. It implies that with even a slight slippage may lead to significant losses. This risk of failure might have been considerably high if the brokers were humans. Since it is a robot dealer, the accuracy is very high, and the uncertainties are lowered.

Nevertheless, the danger is there and maybe more than you can comfortably handle. It is also advised that you restrict the sum of money you allocate to the account so that you can maturely handle it if you fail.

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Is Bitcoin Up Legit?

Yes, Bitcoin Up is legit. We have tested the platform ourselves by registering and conducting trades.

The brokers, who are with Bitcoin Up in partnership, seem to be of top standard. Besides, they are governed by bodies such as the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), the Financial Service Board (FSB), and the Financial Service Board (FAB) (Fubabcuak Conduct Authority). They are causing the deposits against bankruptcy or market collapse to be firmly secured.

You have a 1:5000 equity ratio with the affiliate brokers. Therefore, you will hold a position that is 5,000 times higher than the resources you invest in.

While the consumer could lose a lot due to high leverage, Bitcoin Up offers a negative balance protection feature, which can mitigate this problem. 

The software is secure to invest and takes care of consumer data and assets.

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How to Get Started on Bitcoin Up

Based on our experience with Bitcoin Up,getting started on the auto trading platform is very easy and quick. There a few steps that you will need to follow

  • Create an Account

You will have to fill the form when you’re on the website. This will only take around 15 minutes, so ensure it’s all done correctly. For instance, you should include the name mentioned on your state ID card, not your nickname. With your valid telephone or cell phone numbers, you should also submit a verified email address.

When submitting your private information on the server, you must feel secure because we have ensured that no one can steal the data.

  • ID and Address Verification

You must check your ID and address details for the next move.  For certain people, getting verification in an hour is easy, and for others, it might take 24 hours, but there is nothing to worry about in either situation.  

It takes a long time because all the specifics have to be confirmed by the brokers. You may have to submit your last utility bill so the brokers can verify your address.

  • Transfer Deposit

To start the trading process, you will have to deposit the minimum sum of money for this stage (and that’s the last thing). You will have to add in $250 to your wallet.

The payment will be immediately updated in your account with Bitcoin Up. This is, of course, the key reason why you have to use a controlled broker because it guarantees transparency for the transactions.

You can try Demo trade or Live trade sessions to learn about the software and trading.

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Top 3 Tips for Traders on Bitcoin Up

Here are some tips for you to follow while trading on Bitcoin Up to ensure that you obtain the maximum benefit. 

  1. Don’t track the bot much if you want it to do better.
  2. Invest a smaller amount since you are new to the field.
  3. Trade-in UTC/GMT-7 hours since it’s a usual peak time to conduct trades.


Bitcoin Up is a credible platform; the results are supported by the analysis we have undertaken. The software has also been stated to have received outstanding feedback from reputable review websites as well.

The Bitcoin Up software has been tested, and we have disclosed all the details investors need to make informed choices about their trade. 

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