Aspects to Consider When Buying the Right Dog Collar

A dog collar is an important item that helps in the training and handling of dogs. However, you need to consider multiple factors when purchasing the right collar for your dog. You need to choose one that fits your dog perfectly. Hence it is essential to consider a plethora of factors such as collar size, material, the breed of your dog, safety etc.

Here are the factors to consider for picking the right dog collar for your canine friend.

Breed of a Dog

If you’re considering getting a new dog, then you must know that how to put on a dog collar. All collars are not meant for all dogs. They are available in a host of sizes. Dog owners must and should be careful while buying a collar of a specific size depending on the breed of their dogs.

Collar Material

Dog collars are made from different kinds of materials and it is essential to know the implications of using each type of material. The comfort, durability and aesthetics depend a lot on the material a collar is made from. Among the most common type of material used for making dog collars is nylon. The material is non-irritating, durable and light-weight. The advantage of using the nylon webbing material is that they are comfortable for their improved flexibility, weave and texture as compared to the ‘standard’ nylon collars, which can irritate dogs with short fur.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly dog collar, the ‘hemp’ dog collars are the best. Hemp is an all-natural strong, durable and non-dyed material that can provide added comfort for dogs. By far the classy material to be considered as a dog collar is leather. The leather dog collars are durable and can withstand more wear and tear from constant activities from dogs of heavy breeds. The only disadvantage of a leather dog collar is that it is more expensive than the other varieties.

Exact Measurement

Only knowing a dog’s breed is insufficient for choosing a suitable dog collar. It is essential to take the proper measurements of the neck of a dog as well. A tape can be used to take the measurement of your dog, a few inches below its head, at a place where the collar would rest. You could even use a string for taking the measurement of your dog. In case of small dogs, make sure to add the added inch to your measurements to be able to buy the proper size of dog collar. It is advised to add about two inches for the large and the medium-sized breeds, which weigh more than 80 pounds. To ensure a proper fit of your dog collar, there should be space of two fingers in between the collar and neck of a dog.

Fur Length of a Dog

While selecting a dog collar, it is essential to consider the length of fur of a dog. In order to get the right fur length, you should take the measurements only after your dog is well-groomed, especially if your dog has long fur. There could be an error in choosing the right size of dog collar if your dog is not well-groomed. The right size of dog collar would be adjustable and would fit your dog snugly irrespective of the length of fur of your dog.

These are some of the criteria you must take into account while buying a dog collar so that you make the right choice and do not regret it later on.

Charles Brown