All You Need To Know About Men’s Hair Replacement Systems

If you work in a barbershop or salon and provide hair systems, working with men’s hair replacement systems will be a major part of your daily routine. To apply and remove men’s hair replacement systems, you will need the right products and methods with toupees or hairpieces. We’ll give you the lowdown on men’s hair system if you are unfamiliar with them. covered.

We’ll first go over different men’s systems and answer questions such as “How long will men’s systems last?” or “How much does men’s systems cost?” Next, we’ll look at the top hair systems for men, and the essential products that are needed to maintain and secure them. We’ll also cover the key to great coverage: products!

The Different Types of Hair Systems for Men

Let’s begin with some basic information about hair replacement systems for males. You’ll find three main types of hair systems for men: monofilament, polyurethane, and lace. Each has unique features and benefits depending on the client’s preferences.

Lace Base Hair Systems

These hair replacement systems are made with lace bases and use human or synthetic hair tied to a lightweight lace. These are the most popular options for men’s systems, but they can also be delicate. These bases are comfortable and breathable. They also provide a hairline that is almost invisible for a toupee.

Polyurethane Base Hair Systems

The polyurethane system (also known as skin base hair systems), is made of skin-like material that can be matched to the skin tone of your clients. It is transparent so it can be easily hidden on the scalp. These hair systems for men are ideal to cover thinning hair and hair loss on any scalp. These hair systems are lightweight, comfortable and durable. Many clients wear them for up to one month!

Monofilament Base Hair Systems

Monofilament base systems are more affordable than lace bases among all hair replacement systems available for men. These bases have a webbed design that allows for a comfortable and breathable fit. This blend of polyester and nylon is ideal for scalps that are sensitive.

What is the best hair system for men?

Start by comparing the pros and cons of real human hair vs. synthetic hair when it comes to selecting the best hair systems for men. Human hair systems are the most durable and natural looking, but they also cost more than synthetic alternatives. You’ll want to consider the base options as well, depending on the client’s needs.

When a client asks you, “How long will men’s hair systems hold up before it’s replacement time?” The quality of the materials used and the care taken to maintain the hair system will determine how long it lasts. When used daily, the average life expectancy of men’s hair systems is 6-10 months. To ensure that the hair system lasts as long as possible, it’s essential to follow a regular hair care routine.

How much do men’s male hair systems cost? This also depends on whether the hair system is synthetic or human. The cost of a single hair system can range from $100 to $300, but the maintenance costs can be between $800 and $2,000 (includes all supplies and application procedures).

Essential products for hair replacement systems for men

Bono Hair has all the essentials to replace hair for men. We have everything from hair tapes, liquid adhesives, to contours and removers!

Discussing the needs of your client will help you choose the right Bono Hair product. You can recommend daily, extended wear, or maximum-wear adhesives based on their needs. Your clients will have no problem keeping their hair in place with fourteen different types of hair tapes, and eight types of liquid adhesive.

You’ll also need a remover. Will it be based on oil or alcohol? What about Citrus Cleaner and Citr-o Sol Remover? You’ll have everything you need when your clients arrive for their removal or reapplication appointment. Don’t forget to use the skin preparation spray before applying men’s hair systems. This will create a waterproof and protective barrier that will prevent irritation of the scalp.

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