How to Calculate the TRM Today in Colombia: The Adventure of Currencies

We are going to embark on an exciting journey to discover how the TRM is calculated today in Colombia. Imagine that we are in a movie full of suspense and revelations, and you are the protagonist.

TRM: The Key to the Treasure

The Origin of TRM

In an old building in the heart of Bogotá, the Financial Superintendence of Colombia works tirelessly. Every day, this entity is in charge of calculating and publishing the TRM, a crucial figure for everyone who needs dollars. How do they do that? The TRM is obtained from the weighted average of the exchange rates of dollar purchase and sale transactions in the wholesale market of the previous day. It is as if they were looking for the philosopher’s stone of finance.

Steps to Obtain the Official TRM:

Financial Superintendence of Colombia:

Website: The TRM is published on the official website of the Financial Superintendence of Colombia. When you enter Superfinanciera, you feel as if you are accessing a secret file.

Posting Hours: Every day at 4:00 p.m., the TRM is revealed, ready to be used the next business day. It is the moment of the outcome of our search.

News and Financial Media Portals:

Financial Media: Websites such as Más Colombia, Portafolio, La República and El Tiempo regularly update the TRM Hoy. It’s like having multiple access points to vital information.

Applications and Online Tools:

Google: By simply typing “TRM Colombia today” in the search engine, Google shows us the current value of the TRM. It’s like having a personal assistant that provides you with information instantly.

Banking Apps: Many banks and fintech apps offer exchange rates updated in real time, bringing the information directly to the palm of your hand.

Calculation Example:

Imagine that the weighted average of the previous day’s transactions was 4,000 COP/USD. This means that the TRM for the next day would be 4,000 COP per dollar, as if you had found hidden treasure in a financial cave.

How to Calculate the Euro Today in Colombia: The EuropeanJourney

The Journey of the Euro

The calculation of the Euro exchange rate follows a process similar to that of the TRM. This journey takes you through different platforms and methods to find the exact value of the euro against the Colombian peso.

Steps to Obtain the Euro Exchange Rate:

Banks and Exchange Houses:

Local Banks: Check the exchange rates on the websites of the main banks in Colombia, such as Bancolombia, Davivienda and Banco de Bogotá. Each bank is like a fortress that guards the secret of the value of the euro.

Financial Portals:

Online resources: Sites like Más Colombia Euro Hoy, OANDA and Investing provide continually updated exchange rates. They are beacons that guide financial navigators.

Financial Applications:

Google Finance: Searching “Euro to Colombian Peso” on Google will show you the updated exchange rate, as if an oracle was whispering the answer to you.

Currency Conversion Apps: Apps like XE Currency and Currency Converter Plus offer real-time conversions, turning your device into a magical tool.

Calculation Example:

If the current exchange rate is 4,500 COP/EUR, this means that 1 EUR is equivalent to 4,500 COP. It is as if you have found the golden key that opens the doors of European trade.

Factors Affecting Exchange Rates: The Winds of Destiny

Monetary and Fiscal Policy: The decisions of the Bank of the Republic and the Colombian government can influence the supply and demand of foreign currency, moving economic waters like powerful winds.

Global Economic Conditions: Global economic events, such as the decisions of the Federal Reserve (Fed) in the United States or the European Central Bank (ECB), directly impact the value of the dollar and the euro, like great storms in the financial ocean.

Foreign Exchange Market: Foreign currency purchase and sale operations in the wholesale and retail market directly influence exchange rates. It’s a constant dance between buyers and sellers.

Importance and Application of These Rates in the Colombian Economy: The Impact on Real Life

Exchange rates, both the TRM and the Euro, are vital for various sectors of the economy, each with its own adventure story.

International Trade:

Companies that import or export goods and services depend on these rates to calculate costs and sales prices. It’s like planning a trading expedition with precise maps.


Investors monitor these indicators to make informed decisions about where and when to invest. It is a strategy game where every move counts.


For travelers, these rates determine how much your stay and expenses abroad will cost. Imagine planning an epic trip with a well-calculated budget.

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