Using VirtualBox to Manage a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS in Computer realm resemble the particular space which sites, games and other things can be hosted. One of the fundamental variables adding to the prominence of best vps hosting india is its affordable price exhibition proportion. They are very important because they do this by letting people and businesses have the possibility to control and take freedom with their stuff on the internet. But to make the support of these server, a new interesting software called Oracle’s VirtualBox is one of the best options. It’s really like that magic box that makes arrangement and managing of these virtual rooms easier. This article is going to teach you how VirtualBox can be used to managed the Virtual Private Server.

About VirtualBox

It’s a certain kind of software developed by the Oracle company. VirtualBox is a huge toolbox for computers, because it gives you lots of things to do with them. You can buy this linux vps affordable pricing cpanel optimized server that permits you to tweak hosting arrangements in india and raise the exhibition of your site or applications. VirtualBox is great because you can run a virtual machine, a pretend computer, on the same computer as the real one, and you can do it as many times as you need. With these pretend computers, you can actually feel and act as if they are real computers. You can then test out different operating systems or run programs that cannot be accessed normally without messing up your main computer.

Very often, VirtualBox is used for testings of new software or running on old ones that don’t work with latest machines. However, as time progressed, people turned the internet into a platform where they can manage their own little private chambers, on the internet, called Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

VPS are the internet versions of accommodation units where you can deploy your websites, games, or other stuff. They are the best because there no one has to share anything with others. VirtualBox provides us with the tools to make navigating online spaces simpler, so that we can do the interesting things online without lots of tech knowledge or really cool devices.

Companies like DedicatedCore and DomainRacer are a great option for best VPS hosting that work seamlessly with VirtualBox. Therefore, you are not left with just one choice and can create a virtual corner of the internet.

How to use VirtualBox to manage a virtual private server (VPS)?

1.     Setting Up VirtualBox:

First, you need to look for VirtualBox website and get the program installed on your computer. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can proceed with installation following the instructions.

Once VirtualBox is installed, it will display a user-friendly interface for your selection. First, click a button to start creating a fake computer, then pick one of the buttons to create a new one. You can decide the type of pretend operating system that you want to have, whether it will be Windows or Linux and whatever amount of RAM and storage space that you would like to have.

Then, you need to arrange the imaginary road name of the computer that allows it to get on the internet. This will include the ability for it to communicate with other computers and services such as websites and email. Besides you will also need Virtualbox to be able to provide its virtual internet connection to the real computer.

After all, you’ve prepared everything, you can proceed to install the operating system for an imaginary machine. If you’re wondering about using DedicatedCore or DomainRacer for your online place, you could be visiting their sites as you put these things in order.

2.     Configuring Network Settings

First, you have to go to your VirtualBox, and there you set up the settings of your virtual computer. Here, the connection method to the internet is selected. If you select “bridged adapter mode,” you are utilizing your imaginary computer’s port to connect it directly to real computer’s internet. In this way, they won’t need to make any special effort when interacting.

On the other hand, preapring something called “port forwarding” might be necessary. It is similar to a special door you open on your computer so that other computers can enter it. It is useful to enable features like one-click to your website, or to connect to your fake computer from far away.

Finally, however, you will need to get the networking issues resolved and then save the settings. After that, you can proceed to install your preferred operating system.

3.     Server Operating System Installation

Now that your pretend computer is all set up, it’s time to give it an operating system! Two popular choices are Ubuntu Server and CentOS. These are like the brains of your pretend computer, telling it what to do.

To start with, you will need to get a special image file called ISO that contains the OS you plan to use. Next, you start the file system inside the virtual drive of your computer’s virtual disc drive. It`s like placing the brain of your surrogate computer in the operating system.

Then it will be followed by turning on your imaginary computer, and it will load the operating system. You can always customize more things by using additional things, such as the OpenSSH to connect to your virtual computer via remote or the LAMP stack to host websites.

Then, as you are contemplating whether DedicatedCore or DomainRacer could be good hosting options for your computer online, you might be able to choose the best option for your website.

4.     Launching Server on Boot:

With that, you can have your imaginary computer running automatically as soon as your real computer switches on! This is such that, your online world will always be up and running without the need to act on anything.

In order to achieve this you will create a specific file whose name is batch file which will start your pretend computer. After that, you put this file in a particular folder on your real computer and it is named the Startup folder.

The next step is to get your virtual computer ready. Once you do that, every time you turn your real computer on, your pretend computer will automatically turn on too. It ensures you have the same online space ready to use even when you have switched to DedicatedCore or DomainRacer.

5.     Accessing VPS from External IP:

This is the function of a router to enable you to use your online space when you are miles away by port forwarding. In this case the particular numbers that will be assigned to your IP address will be forwarded to your real computer’s address. This hand you over a chance of managing your virtual area from anywhere, for instance, SSH for remote control or HTTP for websites too. A wonderful thing is that your online files are always accessible with DedicatedCore or DomainRacer, however you want to manage your virtual space.


So, VirtualBox of Oracle is a superb solution to control your own small online area called a Virtual Private Server. Although this is not something you can do for the day job, it is quite handy for the small endeavors or education purposes. VirtualBox provides you with a virtualization solution that allows you to configure and control your online space, even trying different configurations and operating systems. With this guide, you can now discover fresh approaches to effectively control your internet traffic and you can be thinking of using either DedicatedCore or DomainRacer for cheap VPS server hosting.