Latest Trends in E-commerce App Development

Recently, the eCommerce industry has witnessed rapid expansion revolutionizing the business landscape. By 2024, analysts estimate that the global online retail revenue will hit $8.1 trillion by the end of the year. 

These whopping numbers underline that eCommerce app development has surged exponentially because of the growing popularity of smartphones and the internet. To thrive in bottle-neck competition, it’s crucial to follow the most recent developments in eCommerce app development

That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this detailed guide. Read till the end so you don’t miss out on any information. 

Trends in Ecommerce Application Development: 

Trend #1 Augmented Reality 

According to a recent estimate by Snap Inc., over 100 million customers are currently using augmented reality (AR) technology for both in-store and online shopping. Plus, by 2025, 75% of the world’s population is expected to regularly utilize AR.

Adhering to the mantra “Shop with comfort” – is exactly what Augmented reality (AR) is making a reality. With the help of AR technology, customers can easily try-on products without leaving their comfy zone. 

For instance, Ikea and Lenskart have implemented AR technology that allows users to have a 3D view of furniture and try-on  spectacles respectively. Having a 3D realistic preview of products allows customers to purchase products with comfort.

Trend #2 Voice Search 

Voice search has turned into a ground-breaking technique for e-commerce mobile app development. Not everyone prefers to type in every search to look for products. Nowadays, people want an easy method – and that’s when voice search comes in. It’s convenient for users to quickly look for products online. 

Additionally, this trend is gaining a lot of popularity and is being quickly adopted by an increasing number of e-commerce platforms. 

After all, voice search provides a quick and easy way to shop, which matches the expectations of contemporary consumers. Leading organizations such as Starbucks and Amazon are offering consumers voice search features to make their online shopping an amazing experience.

Trend #3 Mobile Wallet Integration 

By 2026, the number of global digital wallet users is expected to grow by 53% reaching 5.2 billion, or over 60% of the global population.

Often, people are concerned with two factors: speed and convenience. When it comes to eCommerce applications, mobile wallets prove to be one-step payment solutions. 

Customers can rapidly make payments without providing card information or requiring a lot of authorization by integrating mobile wallets. Transactions are completed with just one click, improving user satisfaction as a whole. 

Trend #4 Cloud Integration

During the times when storage was a demur, especially in Ecommerce apps, cloud integration came as a rescue. This emerging technology resolves problems with all other commercial applications in addition to helping with mobile eCommerce apps.  

Furthermore, cloud integration can lead to significant performance gains and savings exponentially on hosting costs or applications. This synergy eventually increases user retention and enhances the consumer experience.

Trend #5 Chatbot Integration

“The goal of a company is to have customer service that is not just best, but legendary.” 

Customer support is the backbone of any eCommerce industry. Therefore, it is unskippable to provide top-notch customer service for your business success. And this is when business must go for chatbot integration.

Integrating chatbots is a practical answer to handle high volumes. Using their queries or search phrases, these AI-powered assistants greet consumers and quickly direct them to pertinent content or locations.

Prominent brands like such as H&M, and Starbucks have already implemented chatbots, showcasing their effectiveness in boosting customer engagement. 

Incorporating this eCommerce trend into your mobile app development process will improve user experience. It will help to respond to customers’ queries in real-time, and help to understand customers’ shopping experience. The goal is to establish a space where customers feel appreciated and supported throughout their shopping experience.

Trend #6 Videos Integration, an online retailer of housewares, uses manufacturer and internal product videos to market its products. Customers who have watched the product video are 144% more likely to add it to their cart than those who haven’t, according to the company’s director of marketing.

Besides, one significant improvement in mobile app development that fits in well with current eCommerce trends is the integration of product videos. Using this functionality can significantly increase sales in an eCommerce application.

In the current digital environment, customers frequently use video content to guide their purchases, thus including videos is a calculated move. 

Businesses can use videos to communicate with their audience on social media and allow customers to interact with products and make direct purchases. 

This strategic method offers consumers a useful, engaging, and visual purchasing experience by bridging the gap between online and offline shopping experiences. 

Through easy navigation of these videos, where users click on desirable items to obtain product links, the eCommerce app becomes a dynamic marketplace where transactions happen without much difficulty. It boosts conversions and improves user experience, taking the eCommerce application to new heights of success.


Getting started with eCommerce app development could be a challenging task. Therefore, it is highly crucial to choose the right steps and ecommerce app development services to take your business in the right direction. Get in touch with a leading eCommerce app development company to adopt the latest trends in your application development and stay ahead of the competition.