Is Linux or Windows better for Servers/VPS?

Tech nerds or businesses who are embarking on the journey of web hosting and want to select a suitable server for their job face this question a lot:

Which is better Linux VPS or Windows VPS? Which one should I choose for my business or personal job?

But why buying a server for your website or business is this much important? Because it acts like a shield, supporter, and jobholder for your website or business. In other words, by buying a server, you get fast performance and load times, data backups and storage, 100% uptime, high-level security, and top-notch support for your questions.

In this post, we will explore all the advantages and disadvantages of both Linux VPS and Windows VPS to help you choose the most suitable one according to the requirements of your business.

Linux VPS vs Windows VPS

Here, we will go through 5 most eye-catching differences between Linux VPS and Windows VPS.

1-     Cost-Effectiveness

Linux VPS: Linux is a free and open-source operating system (OS). Linux’s open-source advantage gives users a free entry to edit, study, and distribute. This advantage escalates the transparency, collaboration, and innovation. That’s why Linux VPS is more affordable than its proprietary alternative, like Windows VPS.

Windows VPS: Windows is licensed-based and not an open-source operating system. It means you pay a licensing fee to install the Windows operating system on your computer.

Wrap-up: Windows VPS is more expensive than Linux VPS because of its high resource consumption andthe licensing costs associated with the Windows OS. Windows VPS is an ideal option for big enterprises and organizations. Linux is a more cost-effective option for creating a VPS environment.So, Linux VPS is best suits small business and Fledgling Startups. 

2-     Flexibility 

When it comes to flexibility, Linux VPS hosting is more flexible than Windows VPS hosting. Adding processing resources is much easier and cheaper on a Linux Server compared to a Windows Server. Linux supports more options when working with CMS and site management tools. Also, Linux VPS is more flexible than Windows VPS in terms of customization and updates.

Wrap-up: Linux VPS is more flexible than Windows VPS. 

3-     Security

Security is one of the most important factors when buying a virtual private server. VPS security is critical for shielding your system against hackers and cyber thieves from accessing your data, especially for financial companies and data-sensitive businesses.

Linux VPS is much more secure than Windows VPS. Linux OS is more secure due to the lack of GUI (Graphical User Interface) and fewer code lines, so hackers don’t have much power to penetrate.

Overall, both the Linux and Windows Server have their own security characteristics and vulnerabilities.

Wrap-up: Linux VPS is much more secure than Windows VPS due to the less graphical interface and few code lines.

4-     Resource Allocation

The cost of the VPS usually depends on the amount of resource allocation, including RAM, storage, CPU cores, and bandwidths. Therefore, a powerful and abundant resource allocation results in higher prices of VPS.

The resource consumption in Windows VPS is more than in Linux VPS. So, to achieve a Windows VPS performance similar to Linux VPS, customers should consider a plan with more resources (RAM and CPU) for Windows VPS.

Wrap-up: Windows VPS costs more than Linux VPS because of the dedicated resources provided by Windows.

5-     Compatibility

Software and hardware compatibility should be a priority for startups, large enterprises, public organizations, banks, and financial institutions. You must choose the perfect VPS based on the type of applications used in your business. Most websites are written with PHP or coding languages. If you have a PHP-based website, Linux VPS is the best choice for you.

Plesk is the most popular control panel on Windows VPS, while Linux VPS is compatible with cPanel, WHM, Direct Admin, and Webmin control panels.

So, Linux is a wise choice for coding open-source server applications, databases, and web servers. Windows is compatible with Microsoft programs and technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server, MS Access, ASP.NET, ASP Classic, C#, and VB Development.


One of the most important questions when buying a server is about your operating system because it will host your virtual private server (VPS).

The ideal choice for most accounting firms is Windows OS because Windows Server has a far superior range of financial Software and budget-friendly options. But, nowadays, most financial companies are switching to Linux Server due to its stable, secure, flexible, cost-effective, and open-source nature. Today, most servers are using Linux OS, whether it be a physical server or a cloud one. More than 90% of the top 1000 websites in the world use Linux OS as the ruling system.

Linux is an ideal choice for gamers wanting complete control and better customization. Windows Server is a go-to choice for gamers wanting a broader range of game support and better performance.

In essence, Windows (Microsoft) is a commercial operating system, whereas Linux is an open-source operating system that’s completely free.

Our expert technicians are here 24/7 to advise you through choosing, buying, and setting up your Linux VPS and Windows VPS. Our team will review the needs, current and future requisites, and standards of your small, mid-sized, or big business to help you select the best VPS. Also, we will provide our customers with all the future-proof solutions to effortlessly grow their business.

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