5 Eye Catching Small Tattoos For All The Young Girls Over There

Well, what can be after all better than having a small sized tattoo in order to express your personality, thoughts, beliefs, and nature.  In recent times, small tattoos have become extremely famous among youngsters especially celebrities who prefer to get small tattoos on some visible part of their body to enhance their personality. Small tattoos are the best choice nowadays because of the less pain they hold. This sort of tattoos can be the amazing option for you if you are also the one who adores body art or want to have it but not that much. The perk of having small tattoo is not only it costs way lesser than large tattoos in terms of efforts, pain, and cash but also it can be removed easily whenever and wherever you want. Also, it can be transformed into the completely new tattoo design in case, after some point, you get bored of the same design every day.

There are multiple designs that are available in the market when it comes to cute small tattoos. From tiny butterfly and birds tattoos to the lion and wolf tattoos, you can have any of them, whichever suits your personality, and character. For your ease, here we have done some excellent research and have collected top 5 eye catching small tattoos that you will surely adore.

Bird Tattoos-

You also want to fly from you all problems, and troubles like a free bird?  just like everyone in today’s generation, then there is no other better way to show it than having a bird tattoo on any visible part of your body. Usually birds represent the freedom, and independence, however, it may varies from designs to designs. For instance, the phoenix address the process of rebirth and the new beginnings where as the owl address the cleverness, and kindness. You can get such tattoo on any part of the body that is neck, hand, wrist, shoulders, collarbone, and so forth, it looks sizzling hot anywhere on the body canvas.

Heart Tattoos-

Heart tattoos generally represent the emotions, and love that you have within yourself. If you have someone special in your life or even not someone special but just a special friend, and family, then you can use this tattoo design to show your love to them.  You can recreate the design as it is or can customize it the way you want. For example, you can add some symbols such as infinity in between or can add the name of the person for whom you are getting inked if so. Moreover, there are many different types of hearts such as sensual heart, and dedicated heart that you can think of. You can get it inked as neck tattoos back or hand tattoos, ankle tattoos as well as cute small thigh tattoos.

Semicolon Tattoos-

Tattoo designs always have something to say deep, and one such design is semicolon tattoo. If you feel you are surrounded by so many problems and are depressed because of that, this tattoo design would definitely act as a motivational factor for you by reminding you that there is still a hope and everything is not terminated yet. It is always a smart decision to get imprinted such sort of tattoo on the some visible part of the body such as hand, wrist, or ankle so that you can get reminder of going with the flow just by seeing it.

Butterfly Tattoos-

Butterfly has always been considered one of the most gorgeous creatures on earth and so do butterfly tattoos. Whether it’s a flurry cute wings or black and bold wings, it looks extremely beautiful when get inked on upper back, hand, and neck and hence it is considered one of the most trendy neck tattoos, back tattoos, and hand tattoos. This tattoo design always work as an inspiration of getting a tattoo whether you are getting inked for the first time or just adding another ink in your list.

Lion Tattoos-

Lion tattoos have always been common among men but are considered a unique tattoo designs among women as there is nothing related to feminine here. Women who are bold enough to show their strength in front of the society generally prefer to get this sort of unique tattoo and if you are one of those rare women, then you can definitely consider this tattoo design. Such tattoo designs usually address the wisdom, kingdom, and strength. Moreover, you can have the normal lion tattoo design or can combine it with some symbols such as flowers, it looks amazing either way.