Northwestern Mutual: 6 Things to Do Before Planning a Big Move

Planning a big move, whether it’s to a new country, state, town, or just down the street, comes with a lot of details. However, remaining organized during this time can give those changing their addresses a sense of calm, structure, and reassurance, easing their transition into their new space. Let’s look at a handful of helpful strategies for planning an easier move.

Make a checklist

For those in the midst of a move, a checklist is an essential companion. Maintaining a checklist, whether on a notes app or the old-fashioned way, can help ensure that everyone involved in the move—kids, spouses, family, and friends—stay on the same page, accomplish all necessary tasks in a timely fashion, and keep the important stuff from falling through the cracks.

Plan out steps weeks (or months) in advance

It might behoove those with a big move on the horizon to plan out each component weeks, if not months, in advance. Having a timeline for packing up the house, scheduling movers, any travel involved, and unloading into the new space will help minimize tension throughout the process and help improve the odds of things running smoothly on the big day.

Have enough packing supplies

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but folks planning a big move shouldn’t wait until the last minute to gather the necessary materials. Whether repurposing old cardboard boxes or visiting the local hardware store to stock up on new ones, those moving homes should dedicate time ahead of their moving date to obtaining the proper packing supplies, lest they delay or complicate the process.

Get quotes for movers

Getting multiple quotes from different moving services can be instrumental in helping those planning a big move save on money, time, and stress. Folks hiring a moving service can read any public reviews to get a sense of what they can expect. It can also be helpful to ask family and friends for recommendations.

Update addresses with the necessary parties

Planning a big move also comes with the sometimes-arduous task of updating the addresses attached to licenses, credit cards, utility bills, and insurance policies—such as car insurance or the life insurance company that handles your whole life insurance—and more. Couples or families planning a move might consider designating one person in charge of updating everyone’s address with all necessary parties and setting up mail forwarding with the post office. It’s important that this responsibility doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Have a plan for moving day

Lastly, those making a big move should have a flexible plan for moving day. This plan might include having a bag of essentials, leaving kids and pets with a relative while the movers load up the truck, or unpacking boxes in a certain order. Taking care of those last details means that movers can relax and enjoy their new space sooner.

Source: Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual is the marketing name for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (NM) and its subsidiaries in Milwaukee, WI.


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