Ulike IPL Hair Removal: The Best Hair Removal Method

Meaning of IPL hair removal

IPL hair removal is a technique of removing body hair with the help of a specific light. IPL or intense pulsed light is used in this treatment of hair removal. While this type of light is mainly used for hair removal, it is sometimes also used to treat skin infections.

Even though the Ulike IPL treatment looks very similar to laser treatment, both are very different. The IPL treatment uses a pulsed light to remove hair while the laser treatment uses laser rays for hair removal.


Even though both treatments are different, they remove hair through a similar process. Both treatments aim to kill the cells present beneath our skin. These cells are responsible for hair growth under our skin. Hence, when these cells are killed or damaged, hair growth is no longer possible.

Thus, Ulike hair removal IPL treatment can result in the permanent removal of body hair. As the patient keeps repeating the process over regular periods, the cells reach a point where they cannot rejuvenate themselves any longer. After this point, the hair growth on the patient’s body stops.

Working on IPL hair removal treatment


The Ulike hair removal IPL treatment uses an IPL device for removing hair. This device emits pulsed light radiations at regular intervals. When these light radiations come in contact with the skin, they are rapidly absorbed.

As they reach the inner layer of the skin, they come in contact with the pigment present in the body hair. This connection between the pigment and the radiation causes an energy build-up.

The build-up in turn causes heat beneath the outer layer of the skin. Due to the heat, the skin cells that produce body hair slowly get damaged or killed. As a result, body hair growth declines dramatically.

Since this process of hair removal makes changes in the patient’s body, the removal of hair is not instant. After getting the IPL hair removal treatment, the patient has to wait for around 2-3 weeks before their hair starts to shed. However, depending on the hair growth, skin type, etc, it might even take longer for some patients.

Similar to the laser process, the IPL process also has to be repeated over regular intervals. It is because one cannot destroy or kill all the hair-producing cells in the first attempt. Hence, it is important to take the treatment repetitively regularly until the hair growth finally stops.

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