NoBroker Money-Back Plan Review – Features and Benefits Explained

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I was searching for apartments near my workplace, so I tried through brokerage but had no luck. That’s when I discovered Nobroker, a website with many uses, including renting, owning, shortlisting houses, and browsing all over the world with just one click. The website is trusted and offers genuine and up-to-date information to its consumers. NoBroker offers three different plans: the freedom plan, the relaxed plan, and the money-back plan. After extensive research on NoBroker money back plan reviews written by other customers, I signed up for the money-back plan because it provides the best overall value.

With this plan, you can receive features such as contacts for house owners and daily updates on newly listed rental homes, and the best part is that you can save a considerable amount on brokerage fees. The price of the plan was 5,999/- (excluding GST), which is a reasonable amount considering its many advantages. I can personally attest that the claims about the NoBroker scam are false since the website is legitimate.

How To Book NoBroker Money Back Plan?

The money-back plan is superior to other plans since it includes a money-back guarantee.

The method to register to the Nobroker money-back plan is as follows:

  1. Visit the Nobroker homepage through google from your laptop, pc, mobile, etc.
  2. After you visit the site, check for tenant plans from the menu. If you tap on it, you will be sent to the webpage where Nobroker tenants may see the plans; there, you will find the money back plan option.
  3. Select the Moneyback option from the available options, then click the apply button.
  4. Provide information, like your phone number, place, what you are looking for, and any further requested information.
  5. Once you click on the link, you will be sent to the payment service’s website. Proceed with the payment. You now have access to a wide range of handy online payment options.

Tip: On this page, you can also read the NoBroker money back plan reviews from other customers to get an idea of how legit it is.

Benefits Of NoBroker Money Back Plan

  1. As this plan helps you rent without any loss, the money-back renter plan allows clients to rent a home without taking any risk, making it an attractive option for tenants. The Nobroker review on Quora will give you more legit reviews by customers. This perk is especially helpful for renters who are relocating to a new city or unfamiliar with the area’s real estate market.
  2. You won’t have to worry about bogus listings or purchasing a home that doesn’t live up to its billing since the NoBroker homes have all been inspected and approved. The fact that you only acquire verified properties, the proof is the NoBroker company reviews
  3. Nobroker provides 24/7 customer assistance to tenants. This benefit helps first-time tenants and those unfamiliar with the local housing market. Trust the site by reading prior NoBroker customer reviews.
  4. Nobroker’s money-back renting scheme is intended to be as straightforward as possible. Renters can easily understand the specifics of the service, and there are no additional charges or fees associated with utilising the insurance. Because of the plan’s transparency, NoBroker complaints are wisely handled.
  5. This plan’s best feature is its money-back guarantee, which allows you to get your money back if you’re unsatisfied or can’t find a house. The money-back-guarantee dispels the rumours, making the website more trustworthy.

3 Reasons You Must Use NoBroker Money Back Plan 

  1. Money back plan boosts negotiation power since Landlords must make their houses appealing to keep tenants beyond 30 days so you may rent a beautiful residence for your predicted amount. Money-back tenants may negotiate better terms.
  2. This option reduces financial stress since if you don’t like the place, you may obtain a 100% refund after 45 days. Budget-conscious or hesitant renters may benefit from this bonus. A full refund is given within one week after the plan expiry.
  3. This plan is legitimate and provides genuine deals, and the testimonials posted by former customers provide further confidence that the money is 100 percent refundable.


I like this moneyback plan since it provides more advantages than others, particularly after reading a NoBroker Google review. It provides additional assurances such as 100% return, top filters, quick property alerts, locality experts, and the finest rent negotiation. Do check if you wish to fast-track your search for the dream home!

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