VacuumGo Pro Reviews (Scam Exposed): Is The VacuumGo Pro Legit Or Scam? Read Before Buying.

Young children we know have an amazing capacity to generate crumbs in the house, that’s why every home requires the services of a robot vacuum. It’s the ideal device to sweep up the hardwood floor under the dining table after breakfast, keep the hallway dust-free, and pick up the hair, leaves, and twigs that our cat leaves embedded in every carpet. VacuumGo Pro 

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The VacuumGo Pro is one of the handiest household cleaning appliances used today. It’s simple and effective design has done away with having to clean dust and other small particles off surfaces by hand, and turned house cleaning into a more efficient and fairly rapid job. Using suction, the vacuum whisks away dirt and stores it for disposal. VacuumGo Pro Reviews 

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Before vacuum cleaners became  popular, broom was the only thing one had to count on for chores. Not that it’s bad or a complete right off, but we secretly wish that someone would come up with better ways for housekeeping. Maybe someone can design a machine that cleans my floors so we don’t have to deal with the dust. Anything besides the traditional broom and mop method is an improvement that’s worth a buy. VacuumGo Pro Reviews 

Whenever we use a broom to sweep the floor, It takes up much more time and can be very uncomfortable due to dust, which causes us to sneeze. After sweeping comes the mopping part which takes up another hour or more just to do that. Usually time isn’t a luxury with kids running late for classes. We just find it hard to do both. That’s why we all need a vacuum cleaner. One that can work both on wet and dry surfaces would be awesome.

Sweeping alone isn’t enough because the dust that rises up to the air will eventually settle on the floor. That’s why we always need to mop right after. Working with a vacuum cleaner cuts down the stress. This helps us to clean more effectively because there is a filter system in the machine that absorbs allergens. VacuumGo Pro 

There is a simple and clear reason why vacuum cleaners are more popular than brooms these days, it’s a great product! It saves time and it is very easy to use. With a little more money, you get a machine that lets you finish your cleaning chore in half the time. It’s just like having a personal helper to do your chores. Getting a vacuum cleaner is one of the best decisions one can make in a home. I can’t begin to explain to you how much I appreciate the extra time I get to spend with my little angels after I finish my chores quickly. And for the first time in my life, I worry less. I know that the vacuum cleaner will do an exceptionally good job for me.

What is a VacuumGo Pro

A VacuumGo Pro, also known simply as a vacuum or a hoover, is a device that uses suction so as to remove debris from floors, rugs, fabrics, draperies and other surfaces. It is an electrically driven machine. The debris is collected by either a dustbag or a cyclone for later disposal. The VacuumGo Pro uses an electric motor that spins a fan, sucking in air and any small particles caught up in it and pushing it out the other side, into a bag or a canister, to create the negative pressure. 

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Vacuum cleaners, which are used in homes and also in industries, exist in a lot of sizes and models, small battery powered hand held devices, wheeled canister models for home usege, domestic central vacuum cleaners, huge stationary industrial appliances that can handle several hundred litres of dust before being emptied, and self-propelled vacuum trucks for recovery of large spills or removal of contaminated soil. Specialized shop vacuums can be used to suck up both dust and liquids.

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Features of VacuumGo Pro

  • App Controlled Mopping: A 290ml electric water tank combined with app control makes it easy to tailor mopping for different floor types.
  • Virtual No-Go and No-Mop Zones: Set virtual no-go and no-mop zones around the home, no accessories required.
  • Advanced Navigation: Precision laser navigation, z-shape cleaning paths, and selective room cleaning ensure every room is thoroughly cleaned on demand.
  • Intense Suction: Intense 2000Pa suction, combined with automatic Carpet Boost, ensures all types of floor are well cleaned.
  • Selective Cleaning: Customise cleaning your home easily with Selective Room Cleaning.
  • Smart Top-Up: If cleaning rooms larger than the range of a single charge, it will return to dock and recharge enough to finish.
  • Comprehensive Voice Control: Take control with your voice. Clean specific rooms, change cleaning mode and more.
  • Multi-Level Mapping: Up to four levels can be mapped and automatically recognized to ensure efficient navigation.

Specifications of VacuumGo Pro

  • 5200 mAh battery capable of 150 mins cleaning time
  • Electronic water tank for water volume adjustment
  • 13 sensors and four cliff sensors
  • Robot vacuum cleaner and mop
  • 350 x 350 x 97mm
  • 1x side brush, 1x floor brush
  • 0.46-litre bin
  • Microfibre mop
  • Up to 180-minutes battery life
  • 2,000 Pa suction power (with Pascal Pressure Units, high numbers indicate better suction)
  • 0.6L dust capture capacity
  • 70dB noise level for quiet operation (comparable to a regular vacuum cleaner)
  • Works on hard floors to medium-pile carpets
  • 3.3 inches tall, so fits under most furniture
  • Various suction levels
  • Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant support

VacuumGo Pro a revolutionary innovation

One might be left with the thought of ” how this device is a revolutionary one. A VacuumGo Pro with a distinguished features”? Well, my assertion is what I made below. 

Big name manufacturers have been ripping off everyday consumers with the promise of supplying them with a Robot Vacuum cleaner no other manufacturer can match in price or quality. That’s all about to change. VacuumGo Pro bucks the trend by producing not only one of the world’s most efficient cleaning device, but by ensuring the device is worth the buy, and the price just a FRACTION of what other Vacuum cleaners are being sold for. 

The intelligent mapping system gives you the ability to edit the map, right down to small actions like sending the bot to cleaning a specific spot in a certain area of the house, avoid certain rooms, or just give the entire floor a decent clean. Real-time mapping with zone/room identification makes the VacuumGo Pro one of the best we’ve seen.

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As the bot cleans it not only shows you where it’s going and where it’s been, but it also allows you to do clever things like customising the map to adjust power, or mopping on a room-by-room basis. If a room is all carpet you can instruct the S5 Max not to mop in there, while sucking at its full potential; whereas on hard floors you might choose to both clean and mop. The mapping system also means that you can set virtual no-go zones for certain areas of the home. Whether that’s to avoid kids’ toys, places regularly strewn with piles of clothes, or other areas.

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Unique features of VacuumGo Pro

  • Obstacle detection and room cleaning
  • 460ml dust bin capacity and 290ml water reservoir capacity 
  • Laser distancing navigation system with multiple sensors
  • Clog detection system
  • 2000pa max suction
  • For the most part, apart from having to be regularly emptied and occasionally cleaned, the VacuumGo Pro is essentially self-sufficient.
  • With a timer set up, you’ll find the bot comes out for a clean and easily finds its way around the home to go about its business, then happily returns to its charging dock when it’s finished. As long as the floor is clear, you won’t have any issues. 
  • We’re also happy to report that the S5 Max is a capable little cleaner too. We’ve been running it about regularly in the depths of winter, with muddy paws and messy kids dirtying up the place. It handled fallen pine needles from a Christmas tree, dried mud fallen from welly boots, and general mess and dirt that made its way into the home.
  • We remain impressed with the pick-up capabilities of this cleaning bot. It’s a testament to how well it cleans that we regularly found ourselves emptying it. It’s also a testament to its suction abilities that it often got clogged with toys, bits of paper and small objects that the kids had left strewn about the place. 
  • The VacuumGo Pro comes with some nice design features to help keep it running in tip-top shape. There’s a small cutting tool for removing hair and fibres that get wrapped around the main brush, tiny brushes on the inside of the bot that help keep that main brush clean, and even a washable filter to keep maintenance costs down. Sadly, VacuumGo Pro has chosen not to include spare filters with this bot as they have with previous cleaners, but it’s not the end of the world as you can easily clean them. 
  • If the main brush or side brushes get tangled or clogged, the bot lets you know via the accompanying app and with an audible cue too. If it gets stuck, blocked up, or is unable to perform its duty then it will let you know one way or another. 
  • The VacuumGo Pro is not just a great robot vacuum, it’s also a multi-functioning cleaning machine with mopping capabilities. There’s a new water reservoir system with an accompanying microfibre cloth that lets you give your floors an automated wiping.
  • Of course, this mopping system cannot beat a good old-fashioned scrubbing or a proper floor washing, but it does work surprisingly well. We found the VacuumGo Pro managed to rid our floors of our pooch’s mucky paw prints anyway.
  • We’re happy the VacuumGo Pro doesn’t leave the floors soaking as it goes around, but equally, it’s not going to blow your mind with its mopping abilities. Then again, we’ve never seen a multi-functional bot that does.

Design of the VacuumGo Pro

Design wise, the VacuumGo Pro doesn’t deviate much from other models in the range. A round and slim cleaner (350 x 350 x 97mm), the VacuumGo Pro will happily slide under a lot of sofas, although it may struggle to manoeuvre between some dining chair legs.

The VacuumGo Pro comes in white or black, but both options look equally good, finished in a high-quality gloss plastic. This model certainly looks and feels like a premium one. Open the top of the lid and you get access to the 0.46l bin, which easily lifts out for emptying. There’s a handy brush and razor in this compartment, too, designed to cut away hair from the roller brush beneath. This roller brush is easily removed for cleaning.

A single side sweeper brush pushes dirt into the path of the vacuum from the edge. It means the robot has to plan its route carefully to get the brush against all sides, but the smart LDS scanner is more than capable of working this out.

At the back, there’s a pull-out water tank that can hold 280ml of water for mopping. Below this sits the microfibre cloth, which clips in using a separate plastic holder. Other Robot vacuum cleaners relied on gravity to push out water, but this model lets you decide on the amount of water you use, since it’s pumped from the tank. It provides far greater control over the clean you get.

Pros and cons of VacuumGo Pro

VacuumGo Pro appears with magnificent advantages which do not appear out of magic nor coincidence but, out of its masterpiece features. Consider the advantages below :

  • CORDLESS: The ability to take this unit wherever it needs to go was a key requirement for me. Cords wear, they tear, they tangle, and fall into disrepair with even the most casual of use.
  • Docking Station: This unit features an included docking station. This station is where the unit rests to charge. It is also where the mop rollers and filters go to dry. Not having to deal with finding the plug-in port every time I need to charge this unit is very important to me. Again, constant handling of cords and ports leads to excessive and undue wear. Being able to easily rest this unit on its contacts makes for reduced wear. The tray also ensures that the unit won’t make a mess while you let it rest or run the self-clean function.
  • Self-Clean Function: The unit has a self-clean function that you can run after you’ve emptied the gunk, or just before. 
  • Relatively quiet: I am guessing the sound of the vacuum is muffled due to the materials, filters, etc. But the unit is quieter than I would have thought and certainly compared to my other vacuums (cordless and corded).

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  • Weight: Compared to another cordless vacuum (non-wet/dry), this unit feels heavier. But, that is only if you considered weight. If you consider its size, form, and its function(s), it makes sense. In that respect, I feel it is balanced and maneuvers well for its shape and weight.
  • Ramp-Up Period: (not really a con – more of just a matter-of-fact) There is a small ramp-up period required to use the mop functionality. This makes sense. Just as sponges don’t work as efficiently when completely dry, neither do the rollers on this unit. The ramp-up period consists of you pressing the button to allow the cleaning solution to saturate the mop roller for a few seconds. After that, the unit is ready to go.

Reviews from corprates and Experts

The VacuumGo Pro multi surface, Wet/Dry robotic Cleaner is a remarkably versatile and attractive device which does so many functions so well that you may wonder how you got along without it! It has a number of improvements over the wonderful corded Crosswave cleaner.

What does it do? Vacuums carpets, shampoos carpets, vacuums hard floors, mops hard floors, cleans up all pet hair and “accidents” and serves as a general purpose light-duty wet/dry vacuum! And it does all of this with a very well-engineered, light-weight body that is very easy to maintain. If you hate dragging out a heavy carpet cleaning machine or finding a way to shove it back into a crowded closet, this multi-purpose cleaner will solve that problem too.

Overall, I am confident that you will be very impressed by the quality of the Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max Multi-Surface Wet/Dry Cleaner and will appreciate its ability to thoroughly and effortlessly clean both your floors and your carpets in your home. Queen Victoria never had the opportunity to have a Bissell Crosswave clean her palace but I am enjoying the royal luxury of using this wonderful cordless floor cleaner and give it five well-earned stars and my highest recommendation!


All in all, it’s a great product. It cleans quickly and efficiently in 90% of the situations I have put it through. The VacuumGo Pro easily out performs my last floor cleaner in every single criteria. I wouldn’t recommend a single other product for the job.

Stacy United States

The tank system works well and is far better than a dirty mop bucket. Though the VacuumGo Pro could be a little lighter, it is easy to use and maneuver. The cordless design allows easy floor cleaning without worrying about locating a nearby outlet. The battery life unfortunately is rather poor and only last 90 minutes, but this is enough to fill the waste tank fully and equates to approximately 1-3 rooms depending on the area. I would have liked to see battery life approximately doubled so I could complete my hard floor cleaning without having to wait for it to recharge. Another shortfall is the long charge cycle, which can take over 2 hours depending on how depleted the battery is. Despite the poor battery life, I much prefer using this over my older cording model due to the convenience. The VacuumGo Pro also features a cleaning cycle which is a great addition, making it far easier to clean and you spend less time cleaning the vac after each use. While the VacuumGo Pro isn’t going to work miracles on your old stained grout, it will clean and maintain your floors far better than a mop while being adaptable to your various floor surfaces.

….Ann Australia

This is a great unit for deep cleaning hardwoods. I don’t know that I would utilize this on a daily basis but more on a weekly/monthly schedule or for big spills. The reason is the roller, they have a soft microfiber wrap but then there are still plastic/rubber bristles that give me concern. My hardwoods are 3/4″ red oak. With 3 layers stain only. As such there is no “shiny” poly coating.

The floors are swept and mopped every 2 weeks and look nice. This unit cleans even better!! See pics where it really bring out the shimmer of the floor! The unit is super easy to assemble – just snap on the handle! Then clean up is simple with the built self clean mode. 

Overall this is a great product and We will utilize quite frequently to bring back the shine to our hardwood floors.

Thomas Germany

Final Thoughts

The VacuumGo Pro is a powerful robot vacuum with an efficient mapping capability. It performs well picking up the debris of a meal with kids, sucking in dust bunnies, and even lifting pet hair from carpet. It’s also good at avoiding obstacles. Other than the issue with the side brush getting tangled in my carpet, I really like the VacuumGo Pro. It has insanely powerful suction so it is able to easily pick up even heavier objects off the floor like coins or small rocks. Add in the mopping feature and the ability to customize the cleaning sessions through the app and the VacuumGo Pro has become my favorite robot vacuum.

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