Waxing, Shaving, Laser Hair Removal. Which Is The Best Choice?

There is little doubt that women spend more of their time grooming than men. However, both spend a considerable amount of time and cash on products for personal hygiene, skincare, and hair removal.

One study showed that women spend around $10,000 during their life just on shaving products. If this seems unlikely then a look at the laser hair industry reveals the growth in this area of hair removal.

The world laser hair removal sector was worth around $798.6 million in 2021. With a staggering CAGR of 18.4% until 2030, the laser hair removal industry is in fine form.

Then there are the other hair removal services such as waxing. But, which service should you be using, if any?

How do waxing and shaving differ?

The majority of adults are probably more familiar with shaving than waxing.

Men commonly shave their beards, although facial hair has returned to fashion in recent years, and some sportsmen such as swimmers and cyclists will shave their legs. Females commonly shave their legs and armpits, although many prefer a natural look too.

The main difference between shaving and waxing is the method of hair removal. Waxing involves ripping hair out from the root giving longer-lasting effects. Shaving simply trims the hair without removing the root.

The services offered in a beauty salon will typically include waxing, Brazilian treatments, threading, and tweezing for hair removal. Shaving is more typically performed at home without any requirement for a technician.

Another option is laser hair removal, although this is still less common than waxing and shaving.

Is laser hair removal a better option for you?

Intense pulse light technology, epilators, and laser treatments are pushing the global hair removal device market to further growth. Many individuals are finding laser hair removal a preferable option as the effects can last much longer than shaving.

It isn’t uncommon for someone who has laser hair removal to have more than one session. Yet, the effects can last up to 2 years. How effective laser hair removal depends on the individual, and such things as hair density will come into play.

One thing that puts off many considering laser hair removal is the price tag. Some reports put the average cost for laser hair removal at around $429. However, costs can be as much as $1,500 for just one session, and several may be needed.

How do these treatments affect different skin types?

When you are deciding between shaving, waxing, or laser hair removal, you have to consider your budget, but also your skin type. Some people react badly to certain beauty treatments, and some individuals have sensitive skin.

The cosmetic skin care market is predicted to grow to $103 billion in just a few years. There is far more demand from both men and women for grooming products, and perhaps more pressure to look a certain way.

Hair removal can be harsh on the skin, and cause certain problems such as pimples, soreness, and ingrown hairs. There are, though, ways to look after your skin through gentle exfoliation a few days before having a Brazilian wax treatment. Hydrating moisturizers can be used after shaving legs to reduce irritation also.

How do you decide on the best hair removal option?

Finding out the best hair removal treatment for you is likely to comprise a little trial and error. Shaving and waxing are far more affordable, and accessible than laser treatment, so these should be your first options.

If you find shaving is irritating your skin then you could try waxing before you consider the possibilities of laser hair removal. You can wax at home, but most people find it easier to visit a salon. In fact, you can incorporate waxing into a couples’ spa day, with both of you getting different beauty treatments.

If you find you are getting ingrown hairs or suffering from irritation with shaving or waxing then speak to a technician in your local salon for advice. Some steps can be taken prior to, and after, hair removal to soothe the skin and get the best results.

Should you go au naturel?

Of course, there is another option. And that is to leave hair as nature intended, or just to trim it. Some health experts advocate the benefits of leaving hair as it should be, but that isn’t for everyone.

Many find body hair attractive, and more females, including celebrities, are flouting armpit hair. However, it is this hair that traps odor-causing bacteria. If regular shaving and waxing doesn’t appeal, then laser hair removal might be a better option. Or just let it hang out. It’s your body and no one else’s.


There is no definitive answer to which hair removal treatment is best, although many vendors will try to convince you otherwise. Laser hair removal lasts longer, but can be costly. Waxing is preferred by many to shaving, but the first session can be painful according to some.

Taking advice from an expert in this field may be advisable, especially if you have sensitive skin. They can help guide you toward a hair removal treatment that fits you.