Treating Baldness with a Hair Transplant – What You Can Expect

Most people think of baldness and hair thinning when they think of middle-aged men with male pattern baldness issues. Though that’s certainly the most common example, it isn’t the only one. Hair follicles can stop producing hair at any time, regardless of your age, gender, and even health status. Sometimes it’s a matter of simple genetics, and sometimes it’s caused by your stress levels, diet, and more.

Whatever the case is, hair loss is often irreversible, but you can still treat it with a hair transplant turkey.

While treating the balding areas on your head with hair transplant surgery might initially strike you as frightening, it’s anything but. Transplants are safe, effective, and painless, especially when done at one of the top clinics in Turkey.

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What makes Turkey the hub for hair transplants

At first glance, it might seem odd that Turkey, out of all the places in the world, is a hub for hair transplants – but it is. It’s one of the top places for virtually all types of cosmetic treatments, including rhinoplasties, liposuctions, hair restoration, and more.

It’s all due to the rigorous training, professionalism, and expertise of the medical staff.

The healthcare standards in Turkey are high, and all medical professionals must go through years of honing their skills before obtaining the necessary licenses and certificates. What’s more, hospitals and private clinics must work hard to obtain and maintain their US accreditations. As a result of all this, the country boasts some of the best experts in the world in the field of medicine.

The best results can only be achieved at the best clinics

Of course, even though Turkey as a whole is known for its exemplary healthcare system and its utmost devotion to domestic and international patients, it’s still critical to find a clinic that’s the best of the best when you’re scheduling your hair transplant.

Despite modern hair restoration surgery being significantly safer than it was in the past when a whole strip of skin needed to be transplanted, things could still go wrong with inexperienced surgeons. The hair grafted and implanted in the recipient sites could sit at the wrong angle. The surgeon might create a hairline that doesn’t suit your face shape.

If you want to avoid these issues, you need experienced surgeons, and you’ll find them at Smile Hair Clinic.

Smile Hair Clinic, specializing in Sapphire hair transplants, opened its doors in 2018. It’s run by Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan and Dr. Gökay Bilgin, two internationally recognized experts in the field of hair restoration.

Both members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), together they have performed over 8,000 successful transplants, leaving an army of satisfied patients behind them.

Located in Istanbul, Smile Hair Clinic sprawls across seven floors and features cutting-edge tools and equipment that ensure each patient’s utmost comfort and well-being. The clinic employs over a hundred experienced medical professionals, keeping you in excellent hands for the duration of your stay.

5-star services at affordable costs

While Smile Hair Clinic delivers exceptional 5-star services, they are far from exclusive. Even patients on a tight budget can restore their natural hair appearance without putting a dent in their savings.

That is primarily because cosmetic treatments in Turkey are far more affordable than in western Europe and the US. With the lower costs of living and currency devaluation, treatments that would cost you tens of thousands of dollars are accessible for just a fraction of the cost in Turkey.

Secondly, the prices are affordable because clinics such as Hair Smile Clinic offer comprehensive transplant packages to international medical tourists.

Smile Hair Clinic packages for medical tourists

At Smile Hair Clinic, medical tourists receive all-inclusive transplant packages. When scheduling your transplant, the total cost will include the following:

  • Local anesthesia;
  • Pre- and post-op medications;
  • Medicinal shampoos and lotions for after-care;
  • Free consultations;
  • 3-night accommodation at a hotel;
  • Transfer between the Istanbul airport, hotel, and clinic;
  • Translators and interpreters speaking your native language.

Besides the quote you receive, you’ll only have to cover the costs of airfare and book your ticket. The clinic will organize everything else.

How hair transplants work

As mentioned, Smile Hair Clinic specializes in Sapphire hair transplants – the most advanced type of hair restoration surgery with excellent results.

Primarily, the surgeon will examine your scalp to assess the extent of hair loss and analyze the condition of the follicles in other areas of your scalp. Then, they will identify the best donor sites they’ll use for hair replacement – most commonly located at the back of the head.

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With the Sapphire hair transplant, the surgeon will first extract healthy hairs from the donor area and then start preparing the recipient area where balding is most noticeable.

To prepare the recipient area, they will need to make small incisions in it to make room for individual hair follicles that are to be transplanted. For this process, they use a small sapphire blade – hence the name of the procedure. Sapphire is much thinner and sharper than stainless steel, making the incisions cleaner and, thus, less noticeable.

Finally, they insert extracted hairs into the incisions, paying close attention to the angle of insertion to ensure natural-looking results.

The recovery time is quick with this type of surgery, so you can travel home within a couple of days and return to your normal activities as if nothing happened.

Some transplanted hairs might fall out in the first few months post-surgery, but that’s no cause for concern. Within six months, you’ll notice new hair growth, and 12 to 18 months post-surgery, you’ll have full, thick hair that looks completely natural.

The scarring with Sapphire hair transplants is minimal, and your existing hair will easily cover any incision marks made, leaving no signs of surgery whatsoever.


While hair transplant surgery might seem frightening, it’s anything but when you have a team of highly-trained professionals performing it.

Smile Hair Clinic offers advanced hair restoration treatments at affordable costs, so only a short trip to Turkey and back is what’s standing between you and luscious, voluminous hair.