Hair Transplant Turkey – The Best Treatment For a Low Price

You should consider getting a hair transplant if you’re looking for ways of dealing with thinning hair or managing baldness. This is the most effective way of getting your hair back to how it was. This is a proven procedure that delivers results. Turkey has become one of the main hubs for hair transplants as thousands of people worldwide travel to Turkey to get a hair restoration procedure.

Turkey is the leading country regarding innovative and latest hair transplant procedures. A large community of professional medical experts specialize in the field and are constantly working on perfecting their surgical skills to achieve the best possible results.

Apart from having some of the best medical professionals in the world, Turkey has the lowest hair transplant cost considering the quality of service. All of this is possible because there are dozens of modern hair transplant clinics all over the country.

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Turkey hair transplant clinics

Turkey has many clinics that perform professional hair transplant procedures. Some of these clinics are top-ranking in the industry. One of the best clinics is the Murat Makasci Clinic which won the “Best Breakthrough Hair Transplantation Center of the Year” as one of the best up-and-coming institutions.

It’s a young clinic that has adopted some of the most innovative hair transplant methods and invested in the best equipment that enables complex procedures. If you’re looking for the best hair transplant in Turkey for transplantation, eyebrow treatments, hair treatments, beard transplantation, or unshaven hair transplantation, this is one of your best choices.

This clinic has already established a reputation for being friendly, comforting, professional, and reassuring. They have a streamlined customer-focused approach to provide the best possible experience.

All the people working at the Murat Makasci Clinic are some of the best professionals in Turkey to meet the rigorous standards of service and patient care. If you want the best hair transplant surgeon to do the procedure, you’ll be happy to know all of their surgeons are world-class experts.

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Available services

The Murat Macasi Clinic offers both DHI and FUE hair transplant services. These two methods are the global standards. At the same time, apart from offering all kinds of hair corrections, the clinic is also proficient at beard transplants.

Here are all of the services offered:

–          Consultations with surgeons.

–          Preparations and pre-op.

–          Booked hotel accommodation as part of the service.

–          Dedicated transportation from the airport to the clinic and your hotel.

–          Top-quality hair and beard transplant surgery.

–          Eyebrow transplantation.

–          Infusion therapy.

–          Hair laser.

–          Hair mesotherapy.

–          DHI procedures.

–          FUE procedures.

–          Recovery consultation and care.

FUE procedure explained

The Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant method involves harvesting individual follicular units from the patient’s scalp. These follicles are gathered randomly from areas with more hair volume. Surgeons create microscopic incisions on the patient’s scalp to harvest hair.

Murat Macasi Clinic offers both manual and robotic FUE procedures. The manual procedure is done by a surgeon using a specialist tool for extracting follicles, while the robotic procedure involves using a sophisticated transplant device guided by the physician.

DHI procedure explained

The Direct Hair Implantation method is newer than FUE, and they share some similarities. However, DHI is less likely to leave scars and gives more natural results. The physician uses a specialist tool to remove follicles and loads them into an implanter pen to add the units directly into the desired area.

Implantation and creating channels are done simultaneously during this procedure. It’s important to mention that DHI procedures are more expensive than the FUE method and last longer.

What to expect?

Hair transplants are the best possible answer to hair loss and baldness. The process includes using natural hearing without cover-ups, weaves, or chemicals. Your hair is just moved from one place to another to create a more natural pattern and add follicles where they are missing.

The best thing is that the results look natural after recovery. You are simply adding your hair to the bald spots. Once you’ve done a hair transplant at Murat Macasi Clinic, you will have better aesthetics, remove baldness entirely, and regain your self-esteem.

Costs of hair transplant surgery

Getting a hair transplant in Istanbul or Ankara will cost you similarly. In other words, the whole country has low prices in general, and prices depend on how good a clinic is and nothing else. However, even the most expensive clinics in Turkey are far cheaper than in the USA.

But at the same time, you get some of the best medical experts, equipment, post-op care, etc. On average, a hair transplant in Turkey costs around $2,700, while in Canada, the average price for a hair transplant procedure is $17,500.

Yes, Turkey has some of the cheapest transplant clinics in the world, but at the same time, the country also has a respected reputation for its medical staff and experts that perform these procedures. In some ways, it’s too good to be true, and that’s why so many people travel to Turkey to get a hair transplant.

Why is transplant surgery in Turkey so cheap?

The first reason Turkey is so cheaper compared to other countries is that there are many clinics. There are over 500 clinics in the country, and the more competition there is, the lower the prices are. Turkey has invested much in research and education on hair growth and loss.

This means enough equipment manufacturers are available, and clinics can get what they need cheaply. At the same time, there’s a large skilled workforce available. Plastic surgeons must go through strict supervision to get the necessary qualifications to do the job, and the government has helped with subsidies for education.

In the end, Turkey doesn’t have a high standard compared to western countries and has lower living costs, taxes, and leasing costs.


Turkey is one of the best choices available if you’re considering getting a transplant procedure on your hair, beard, or eyebrows. You can get the best care in the world and enjoy some of the most exciting sights while in the country and taste a vivid culture.