A Guide to Delta-8 THC: What is it, and is It Legal?

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Do you want the positive effects of CBD and some of the excitement of THC? Delta-8 THC could be the answer you’re looking for.

You may be familiar with Delta-8 (D8) known as “weed lighter,” as well as “diet THC.” Some may also consider it to be an intermediate between CBD and THC. Many are only learning about this cannabinoid first time. If you’re one of them, you’re in the right spot!

You may want to know more about this new cannabis product or are looking to add a little to your routine; we’ll tell you the details we’ve learned about Delta-8 THC, how it differs from CBD, and a short explanation of the legality of all this. Find more information here about Delta 8 THC.

What exactly is Delta-8? Does it give the user “high”?

The first thing to note is that Delta-8 THC is an entirely new product. Research is still being conducted and most research has been conducted using animals and not human beings. However, there are a few things we do already know about: Delta-8 can be described as one of the hundreds of cannabinoids inside the plant. The two other noteworthy cannabis cannabinoids include Delta-9 THC (the main active ingredient in marijuana that causes the sensation of getting “high”) in addition to CBD (the part that’s renowned for its calming effects – however, there are it doesn’t have any impact on the psychopath).

In this regard, Delta-8 THC is similar to Delta-9 THC because it can provide you with a “high.” Yet the intensity that comes from”high,” or the “high,” is usually reported to be less pronounced and smoother than other Delta-9 THC products. That’s why it’s called “weed thin” or “diet THC.”

A report by the US Cannabis Council noted that Delta-8 is a substance with “a less affinity” to CB1 receptors for cannabinoids within the brain. Also, it was found to be less potent when making people “high.” Although the report also stated that it may still possess as much as 75 percent psychotropic power of Delta-9.

Is Delta-8 THC legal?

Delta-8 THC is legally legal within the State of Florida (although the products we sell in this state cannot be shipped outside of the state) and technically permissible in the other states; however, this is where things can get somewhat complicated.

This is the reason: In 2018, the Farm Bill was passed and allowed hemp production with a concentration of delta-9 THC less than or equivalent to 0.3 percent. But the bill doesn’t make mention Delta-8 THC. Therefore, there’s a lot of uncertainty over how this will be implemented legally.

It’s also important to remember that, as of June 2021, 36 states allow medical cannabis use, and 18 states – including California, Washington, Maine, and New York – allow for adult recreational consumption.

It’s constantly changing, so we’ll try to keep you updated when policies are changed.

The similarities and differences between D8 & CBD

CBD and D8 are cannabinoids in cannabis plants that are known to give “feel-good” positive feelings. Additionally, how D8 is consumed can be described as similar to CBD. There are tinctures, gummies, edibles, and even a smokeable flower.

The distinction between CBD and D8 is that the former contains THC, which means it will make users “high.” Additionally, although CBD is in its beginning stages of development, it has much more information available about CBD than on D8.

Do you see any advantages to D8?

There are reports of consumers experiencing an overall increase in well-being after taking Delta-8 THC. This could range from improved anxiety management, pain relief, and a more energetic mood. Exciting, right?

Other benefits that could be exciting are:

  • It may help to reduce nausea and ease the pain.
  • It improves mood and gives you a feeling of energy
  • Increases appetite

More research on humans is required to be done before any particular healing or therapeutic claims being put forward. However, it’s thrilling to hear positive stories while we wait.

How do you use the D8 products?

If you look up “D8 products on the internet,” you’ll discover brownies, gummies and blunts, tinctures, and crispy rice treats. If you’re a fan of smoking, chewing, or smoking medicines, there’s something to suit your needs.

There’s not much information on D8’s “entourage effect” in D8. We’re still learning how it interacts with other cannabis products, such as CBD. We’ll keep you posted!

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