Planning A Trip? These 7 Credit Cards Will Make Your Journey Affordable

There is almost no way to be ignorant of credit cards and how they work. A credit card is easy to understand if you consider it a short-term loan with a set limit for making purchases and paying bills. Credit cards are an excellent travel companion when going to far-off places where taking a lot of cash is not a good idea.

Are you planning to get a reliable credit card? If so, it is terrific! However, choosing a credit card is a challenging process. It can be complicated because each card has a specific credit limit and interest rate, which are significant considerations and could ruin your financial plan if you aren’t careful. You wouldn’t want to pay the card’s balance in interest at a higher rate than you did for your shopping spree. But what if you could get reputable credit cards at a competitive price with valuable perks and extras, like free access to airport lounges during your international travel? Regardless of how unbelievable you may find it, some credit cards offer complimentary admission to airport lounges, some globally and some domestically.

With more people traveling abroad, credit cards that offer lounge access have become a fantastic option. So have a seat and read on to learn about the best travel credit cards with complimentary lounge access and their benefits and features!

Credit Cards that make your International travel affordable

1.    Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card

The Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card offers complimentary air travel with a selection of more than 100 airlines. Travelers who frequently book flights, rental cars, and hotels can collect airline miles on all purchases using this credit card. With this card, you can plan your international travel in low budget.

Features and Benefits of the Card

  • More than 100 local and international travel airlines accept miles earned with the card for travel.
  • The card allows for the transfer of miles to any of Citibank’s hotel and airline partners.
  • Spend Rs. 1000 or more on the card within 60 days of the card’s issuance to get 10,000 bonus miles.
  • You will be given 3000 airline miles on renewing your card.
  • The Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card offers customers the peace of mind that their miles have no expiration date and can be redeemed whenever they wish, with no blackout periods.
  • Free usage of lounges at airports across India.

Annual Fees

The card comes with a fee of Rs3000 annually.

Interest Rate

The card’s interest rate varies from 37.20% to 42% per annum.

2.    Axis Bank Miles & More World Credit Card

Because it offers unlimited miles on eligible transactions, the Miles & More World Credit Card from Axis Bank is the best credit card for international travel.

Features and Benefits of the Card

  • Utilizing miles at participating businesses.
  • Earn up to 55,000 miles during your first year of travel.
  • Enjoy a minimum 15% discount while dining at partner establishments.
  • Admission to the Priority Pass Lounge
  • You pay a 1% fuel extra on top of the price of gasoline.

Joining Fee

The card, with its excellent benefits, has a joining fee of Rs.3500 plus GST as applicable.

Annual Fee

The card’s annual fee with all its benefits is affordable at Rs. 3500 plus GST as applicable.

Interest Rate

The monthly rate is 2.95%

Yearly or per annum rate 41.75%

3.    Air India SBI Platinum Card

Specially designed for travelers, the Air India SBI Platinum Card offers enticing benefits and rewards for international travel. The card makes traveling simple and more economical and waives fuel fees, which can result in significant savings. The international travel card helps people travel in 150+ countries hassle-free in terms of currency.

Features and Benefits of the Card

  • After paying the registration fee, you will receive a welcome bonus of 5000 Reward Points.
  • You will gain free access to the Air India Frequent Flyer Program for your international travel.
  • You’ll receive two reward points for every Rs. 100 you spend with your card.
  • Get a gift of 2000 Reward Points every year after paying the renewal fees.
  • Spend Rs. 2 lakh or Rs. 3 lakh per year to receive 5,000 or 15,000 extra reward points, based on your spending.
  • Get 10 Reward Points for every Rs. 100 spent on Air India tickets for international travel.
  • Obtain the removal of the 2.5% fuel surcharge at all Indian petrol stations.
  • Get free entry to the visa lounge at India’s primary airports.

Joining Fee

The joining fee for the card is pocket friendly at the cost of Rs 1499.

Annual Fee

The annual Fee of the card is affordable at the cost of Rs 1499.

4.    Axis Bank Titanium Smart Traveler Credit Card

The Titanium Smart Traveler Card from Axis Bank provides travel benefits to make your journey rewarding. Along with loyalty perks and other bonuses, the card also waives the fuel surcharge, allowing users to significantly reduce travel expenses. The card is also regarded as the best credit card for international travel.

Features and Benefits of the Card

  • Get eight eDGE Loyalty Reward Points in addition to more than 500 incentives and rewards on purchases made with the card.
  • You will get eight points for every Rs. 200 you spend on international travel.
  • Four points are earned for every Rs. 200 spent on Indian hotel stays, vacation packages, and bus and train reservations.
  • Get two points for every Rs. 200 you spend domestically with your credit card.
  • Eliminate the 2.5% fuel levy from all Indian petrol stations.

Joining Fee

The card comes at a highly affordable joining fee of Rs 450.

Annual Fee

The annual Fee of the card is also very pocket-friendly at the cost of Rs 100.

Interest Rate

3.25% per month

46.78% per annum

5.    Yatra SBI Credit Card

Some appealing travel deals are available with the Yatra SBI Credit Card. The card helps you to plan your international travel in low budget. Benefits are not just restricted to travel because the card also offers reward points for shopping in addition to the other advantages listed below.

Features and Benefits of the Card

  • When you apply for the card and pay the membership cost, will send you vouchers for Rs. 8250.
  • Get two Rs. 500 each in domestic travel coupons.
  • Get two travel coupons for international travel, each worth Rs. 1000.
  • When making hotel reservations with the card, you’ll receive one voucher worth Rs. 750.
  • To earn 6x more reward points, use the card at the supermarket, department, and
  • When you make purchases on, you’ll receive bonus points multiplied by six.
  • Spend Rs. 100 in retail locations other than supermarkets and department stores to earn one point.
  • You receive a discount coupon from for every Rs. 3000 you spend there.
  • All Indian gas stations would waive 2.5% of the gasoline tax for purchases between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3000.
  • Get special access to the best airport lounges nationwide that accept MasterCard during your domestic and international travel.

Joining Fee

The card with a joining fee of Rs 499 with applicable taxes.

Annual Fee

The card is available with an annual Fee of Rs 499 with applicable taxes.

6.    Standard Chartered Emirates World credit card

A card is an essential option if you are a frequent and enthusiastic traveler due to its many advantages. Look at a few of its exceptional qualities:

Features and Benefits of the Card

  • Use your Mastercard to access more than 25 domestic airport lounges nationwide.
  • You can also sign up for a priority pass membership to use the lounges at numerous international airports.
  • The card provides coverage for international flying mishaps and protection against baggage loss and airline delays during international travel.
  • Your premium card will give you monthly access to golf games and instruction.
  • With the card, you can make contactless purchases worth up to £2,000.
  • Select the EMI payment option to spread out the cost of your significant purchases.

Joining Fee

The card entails a joining fee of Rs 6000.

7.    HDFC Regalia Credit Card

This card is one of the most sensible credit card options available if you want to travel the world at a reasonable cost. The card also grants you access to a particular priority pass membership. If you have this credit card, you can utilize the following features:

Features and Benefits of the Card

  • Get a free, premium Silver Club Vistara membership.
  • Enjoy a special lounge access program that lets you visit a domestic airport lounge up to 12 times a year.
  • You will receive four reward points for each $100 you spend with your card.
  • Use your reward points to book reduced airline tickets and benefit from meal specials.

Annual Fee

The card carries an Annual Fee of only Rs 2500.

The cards mentioned above are some of the best travel credit cards, which are easily accessible.


A few typical features of a travel credit card include partner benefits, access to airport lounges, travel incentives, and earning air miles. Using these travel cards, you can get a range of travel discounts, points, and cashback. Given the vast array of options available, you must decide depending on your needs. The international travel card also offers instant account opening. You can also get a credit card that offers lounge access, or look for cards with flexible feature options if you travel frequently. Happy travels!

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