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The Simple Promise team is proud to share the excellent outcome of the Xitox product, which leading health researchers suggest. Do you struggle with leg pains, cramps, and poor sleep? Studies found that it is a sign of a poor second heart, and people need clarification about this second heart. According to researchers, humans have a complicated system of two hearts. One is the central heart, and the other is not a regular organ. It is a system that maintains healthy blood circulation from our legs and feet to the whole body. Hence, try this thirty-second “Xitox” deep cleaning foot pad to support a healthy second heart that provides rapid relief from joint pains, poor sleep, and other health issues, making you feel refreshed and energized.


The Xitox is a foot sticker made from premium, effective Japanese ingredients extracted from medicinal herbs. The natural ingredients of Xitox are primarily supported for sea sugar detox and help target the blood circulatory system in the legs and feet. The Xitox is a foot pad for deep cleansing, relieving leg pains and muscle cramps. The Xitox foot pads, with a new protocol called” sea sugar detox, “takes only thirty seconds to relieve joint pains, muscle cramps, aches, and restless sleep.

Using these Xitox patches formulated with effective detox ingredients (poliglusam and wood vinegar) and some inflammation fighters helps release harmful toxins and high cholesterol levels and maintain blood sugar health along with the positive inflammatory response. The Simple Promise team made this powerful Xitox product in the USA under facility by following strict and precise standards. These foot pads are safe and easier to use without side effects. It is clinically backed by leading health researchers with the excellent support of wood vinegar and sea sugar to remove toxins from the body.

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The Xitox foot pad cleans our body by drawing out and removing the pain-causing toxins. The poliglusam, as a sea sugar detox, combined with wood vinegar, plays an essential role in eliminating harmful toxins. Due to an improper circulatory system, the body’s blood flow will be disrupted, which causes fatigue and pain. It affects the blood flow to the heart, brain, and muscles and leads to health complications in our bodies. Our brain requires more blood flow during sleep than at rest, and not getting enough blood flow leads to brain fog, numbness, and dizziness. In addition, the toxin entering the body from the environment triggers inflammation and affects the inflammatory response to the whole body. To control all these issues, the Xitox product is made with unique ingredients of inflammation fighters that fight against inflammation by managing the healthy inflammatory system. These foot pads improve blood circulation to the legs and feet and help to push the blood back to the heart. Applying a pair of Xitox on the foot before sleep enhances our blood flow and potentially makes several vital parts perform better.


The Xitox foot stickers are made with 100% natural extracts that are scientifically tested and safe to use with no risks.

The Detox Ingredients: 

  1. Poliglusam: It is a sea sugar with a chitin compound used to remove toxins. This extract combines with glucosamine that binds sea sugar with toxins and naturally sticks to the fat molecules.
  2. Wood Vinegar: The smoke from the wood is collected and condensed to form wood vinegar, and it is more potent to draw toxins out of the soil in agriculture. In the same process, wood vinegar’s osmotic effect helps release harmful toxins from the body.

The poliglusam as sea sugar combines with wood vinegar effectively clears the toxins from the body, which supports a healthy second heart.

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Inflammation Fighters:

  1. Loquat Leaf Extract is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that support to fight against inflammation in our body.
  2. Houttuynia Cordata Thunb: It is a traditional medicinal plant that exhibits an anti-inflammatory response similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
  3. Tourmaline is a mineral that emits far infrared radiation (FIR). This emitted FIR soothes joint pains, stiffness, and fatigue.

In addition to these primary ingredients, bamboo vinegar, chitosan, minus ion powder, dextrin, vegetable fiber, Vitamin C and Mint Powder are included in the Xitox patches.


The Xitox deep-cleansing foot pads are an easy method to follow. Before going to sleep, take two pads of Xitox and apply them on the bottom of each foot. Repeats the process once after five days as one detox cycle to attain better results.


  • The sea sugar detox relieves leg pains, muscle cramps, fatigue, brain fog, and poor sleep.
  • The Xitox with sea sugar protocol targets blood sugar health, cholesterol levels, and joint pains in the legs.
  • It is used to improve our inflammatory response, and the ingredients of Xitox fight against inflammation.
  • The Xitox manages the blood flow to the heart, brain, and other muscular parts to make its task healthier.
  • The powerful ingredients of Xitox target harmful toxins and release them from the body.
  • These foot pads of Xitox result in restful sleep and provide natural energy throughout the day.
  • Using these cleansing pads on foot draws out the harmful toxins from the body and detoxifies the blood.
  • It is a one-time investment with a 365 money-back guarantee to make your purchase risk-free.
  • It is a natural product without chemicals which may not cause side effects.


  • Customers can buy these Xitox foot pads only at the official website, as it is not found anywhere else.
  • Children may avoid using this product.


You can order this Xitox foot sticker only at the secure official webpage, and it is not available at any stores, medicals, or other online retailers. The cost of Xitox is inexpensive, and each box contains 30-foot pads. There are three packages available for purchase with huge discounts. Moreover, there are also free shipping and bonuses.

  1. You can buy 1 box of Xitox for the cost of $49.
  2. You can buy 3 boxes of Xitox for the price of $39/each.
  3. You can buy 6 boxes of Xitox for the cost of $33/each. (Price Drop Alert) Click Here to Buy Xitox For an Unbelievably Low Price


Suppose you are unsatisfied with this Xitox product; the Simple Promise team offers a 365-day money-back guarantee to make the user’s purchase risk-free. If you are unhappy with these foot patches even after using them for a year, contact the customer support team and return the empty boxes; they will refund your invested money without questions.


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The user of the Xitox product, Bruce Mitchell from Fort Worth, had five surgeries on his feet past three years and often felt pain day and night. Later he tried the Xitox foot pads for more than one week, and he got relief from the pain and felt refreshed and energized throughout the day. Eva mills, age 54, has herniated disk on her lower back and pains while lying down; she applied this Xitox for detox and benefitted. The many users’ of Xitox gained excellent results with better lifestyles. Hence try these Xitox foot pads once in your life and stay happy within 30 seconds of sea sugar detox for the best pain relief and muscle cramps with zero risks.


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