Most beautiful Private cabin restaurants in Jammu that you should definitely visit


Jammu is one of India’s most beautiful hill stations and a place you’ll want to visit. However, it’s not just the spectacular natural beauty that makes Jammu so alluring—the food here is also really delicious! If you’re planning on visiting Jammu soon and are looking for a private cabin restaurant in Jammu, then you should keep reading because I’m going to talk about the best ones here. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

You’ll love this place if you’re looking for a beautiful ambiance and exquisite private cabin restaurant in Jammu. This restaurant has a lot of history attached to itself, and it has been serving amazing food to people from all over since it first opened in the early 20th century. The hotel used to serve its guests with private cabins on the terrace (hence the name), but these private cabins have now been replaced with comfortable seating areas that overlook the beautiful valley below.

These are some private cabin restaurants in Jammu you need to check out:

1. Imperial Grill Restaurant And Legends Pub, Jammu

Legends is a beautiful, open-air restaurant in the heart of Jammu. It has an amazing ambiance and serves some delicious food, not to mention that it’s incredibly cheap too. Now, the restaurant is pretty famous for the plethora of delicious chicken dishes it serves here—especially its tandoori chicken and chicken tikka. However, you can also try some of their other amazing dishes like the butter naan and veg Manchurian.

2. Eden – Botanic Kitchen & Bubbly Bar, Jammu

If you’re looking for some delicious private cabin restaurants in Jammu, then you’ll love Eden—a beautiful restaurant with a lot of history. It’s filled with many Kerala-style decorations and serves many authentic foods. The restaurant has been around since the early 20th century and has gained quite a reputation in the local area. Eden is also known for its delicious drinks and amazing chicken dishes; especially its chicken Manchurian.

3. Blue Coriander The Restaurant, Jammu

Blue Coriander is a newer addition to the Jammu area, but it has already gained quite a reputation. This place serves some delicious, authentic food with an amazing ambiance. The restaurant is owned by a Hungarian chef and serves some authentic dishes. You can enjoy the incredible dishes they serve here, like beef goulash, chicken paprika, and duck goulash.

4. The Terrace Sky Lounge, Jammu

The Terrace Sky Lounge is a beautiful restaurant with incredible views of its surroundings. The restaurant is located in the heart of Srinagar and serves some delicious food, just like every other restaurant here. You can also enjoy some amazing drinks here, especially their cocktail and mocktail, as well as their magnificent wine list. The private cabin is located on the restaurant’s terrace, so that’s a great place to eat your meal.

5. Khana Khazana, Jammu

Khana Khazana is a gorgeous place with an amazing ambiance and delicious food. They serve authentic Punjabi delicacies, including chicken tikka, butter chicken, and mutton tikka masala. The restaurant is located on the banks of River Tawi so that you can enjoy your meal right next to the calm waters of the river.

6. Rajveer Food Cabin, Jammu

If you’re looking for delicious private cabin restaurants in Jammu, look no further than Rajveer. This restaurant is located nearby the famous Raj Bhawan and serves delicious food at an unbelievably low price. The menu includes dishes, including some of my favorites like chicken tikka, paneer butter masala, and Dal Makhani. They also serve a variety of steaks if you prefer that instead—however, it is a little pricier than the other dishes here.

7. Royal Grill Kitchen & Bar, Jammu

Royal Grill Kitchen & Bar is an open-air restaurant with beautiful views of the valley. The restaurant serves some delicious food, just like every other restaurant from here. . The private cabin allows you to sleep in the comfort of your bed while enjoying a wonderful meal!


The private cabin restaurants in Jammu mentioned above are my favorite options here. These are some of the most beautiful places to eat here, and I strongly suggest you check them out! If you do end up eating at any of the restaurants, please leave a review below so I can help other travelers! And for more information about cafe for couples in India check out