iMind Reviews: a Decent Video Conferencing Tool to Stay Connected While Working Remotely

In the U.S., there are a huge variety of different services on the commercial market that can help you set up video conferencing and other online communication events. But here’s how to make the right choice and choose the best video conferencing tool for companies that meets specific requirements and goals, such as chat for business, screen sharing, good volume and noise suppression. So let’s take a look at the video conferencing platform iMind reviews and decide if it’s worth joining in the United States.

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Why do People in the U.S.A. Consider a Reliable Video Conferencing Platform?

Video conferencing with iMind brings many benefits to society. Physical boundaries lose weight due to the ease of use. Taking part in a meeting is very simple: just click on the link. You can communicate freely with representatives of other countries, regardless of the kilometers and customs checkpoints. This, in turn, makes the whole world more united, more close, and the development of technology leads to an increase in mutual understanding between people.

Video conferences have made it easier and cheaper for business people to communicate and allowed them to avoid exhausting and expensive business trips. Today, all a businessman needs to do is make a video call, and he is already in touch with his partners and colleagues, regardless of distance.

What Key Options Does iMind Offer?

Among the main options offered by iMind.comare the following:

  • Promote local brands.

Your logo and banner will blend seamlessly into the meeting room interface, reminding the participant of the brand they’re working with.

  • Blocking attendees.

There is a feature to block offenders during a conversation to keep both you and the participant calm. The person can receive a brief warning in the conference chat or be permanently blacklisted.

  • Demonstration presentations and recording.

Your webinar will be more interesting if you can choose to show presentations, materials of a certain topic and video clips.

Nowadays, iMind is known all over the world and especially people from the USA like the functions provided by the platform. 

What are the Main Pros of the iMind Conferencing Platform?

It should be mentioned that any benefits of using the platform depend on the profession you are in and the requirements you have. 

The objective advantages are as follows:

  • iMind is a rapidly evolving project;
  • the platform has a well-structured gradation of functionality for each subscription level;
  • the features provide ample opportunities even in the free plan;
  • the multitude of features does not overload the system and leaves it easy to use;
  • the tool is safe to use from all points of view.

But the potential inconveniences depend on the user’s capabilities and how they use the platform. Some examples of customer feedback can always be seen on the testimonial site.

Which iMind Plan is Better to Choose?

The iMind video conferencing platform has options for management, communication and leadership. The main subscription plans are 4 of them:

1. Free plan.

This is your opportunity to:

  • hosting up to 100 participants;
  • group meetings of up to 24 hours duration;
  • simultaneous display of screens.

It’s also important to consider unlimited cloud storage.

2. Pro plan.

The basic options in the Pro plan for small teams are everything in the Free plan, plus:

  • license and user rights management;
  • unlimited room URLs;
  • personal and group rooms.

You can always custom brand yourself.

3. Plan Business.

Basic Business plan options are everything the Pro plan has, plus:

  • a personal customer service account;
  • custom subdomain;
  • connection to storage via WebDAV;
  • multimedia streaming.

There’s also an option for custom branding.

4. Enterprise plan.

Basic options in the Enterprise plan are everything in the Business plan, plus:

  • cloud-based localization;
  • system metrics in Prometheus format;
  • on-site delivery;
  • priority support.

This option is more suitable for larger companies.

Every user can create a meeting room. It is enough to enter the name of the room and get a link. The user then copies it and sends it to the participants. Every participant can join the meeting: just follow the link.

What do Customers Say about the Platform?

There are lots of iMind reviews online if you need to make sure everything is perfect for you for work or any other activity you do.

According to customers, iMind stands out as one of the best video conferencing solutions for businesses. People liked the interface and how easy it was to get started with the platform. Others appreciated the features of the free plan. The overall impression is that the tool provides seamless communication at any level.  

To summarize, people have found iMind to be a great tool for their professional events. The variety of aspects that users have told us about determines that the features are truly comprehensive and harmonious. Check it out at!

Choose iMind now for a safe, stable and productive connection wherever you need it!