EcoPoxy FlowCast Clear Casting Resin: The Perfect Solution for Your Crafting Needs

Do you enjoy crafting? If so, then you know that there are a lot of different types of resin on the market. So, which one should you choose? If you’re looking for a resin that is easy to use and produces high-quality results, then EcoPoxy FlowCast Clear Casting Resin is a perfect choice! In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using EcoPoxy FlowCast Clear Casting Resin for your crafting needs. We will also provide tips on how to use this resin safely and effectively!

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EcoPoxy FlowCast Clear Casting Resin

The FlowCast® Kit is an incredible new product that can create custom colors, textures, or effects with just one application. The two parts combine into a durable finish once hardened giving you ultimate clarity at any thickness up 1/2″ deep!

You can create beautiful projects with FlowCast®, and it’s perfect for all of your cast needs! You’ll find thousands upon thousands of possibilities when using the material on anything from art to furniture.

The new and improved FlowCast® is a thicker 1.5″ casting capacity that can be used for pouring river or ocean tables as well as any other deep pour applications requiring large molds such as silicone cups! It also comes in an array of colors with many pigments available to color it whatever you want – making this product versatile enough no matter what application needs are needed where they need them most.

EcoPoxy FlowCast is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind projects without having to worry about the environment. This product is made with renewable resources and contains no VOCs, making it safe for both you and the planet.

Epoxy Table – Ecopoxy Resin

Resin is a two-part, clear casting epoxy that is perfect for creating stunning river or ocean tables, as well as any other deep pour applications requiring large molds. FlowCast has a low viscosity, making it easy to work with, and cures a crystal-clear finish that will showcase your project perfectly. It also comes in an array of colors, so you can find the perfect shade to complement your project. And because it’s made with renewable resources and contains no VOCs, EcoPoxy FlowCast is safe for both you and the planet.

FlowCast has a glass-like finish that is absolutely crystal clear and leaves you amazed at how smooth it looks. The low profile odor means Flowcast can be used indoors or outdoors without worry, giving users peace of mind when applying this product for the first time as well! Once cured (which usually takes anywhere from 1 – 3 days), your tools are safe on both wood surfaces like decks or porchways but also metal objects such as outside including fences where there may otherwise occur a cleaner cut due to corrosion caused by exposure.

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EcoPoxy FlowCast Clear Casting Resin Montana

If you live in Montana, finding epoxy near me is made easier by All American Woodwork. With EcoPoxy FlowCast, you can create beautiful pieces of art to help you make beautiful projects.

FlowCast is perfect for making jewelry, coasters, table tops, and so much more. And because it’s clear, you can add in color tints or even glitter to really make your creations pop!


Ecopoxy is a well-known brand when it comes to epoxy. They offer a variety of products that can be used for different purposes.

One of their most popular products is the FlowCast Clear Casting Resin. This product is perfect for crafters who want to create beautiful pieces without having to worry about the yellowing that can often occur with other types of resins.

What makes EcoPoxy FlowCast even better is that it’s made from recycled materials, so you can feel good about using it knowing that you’re helping to reduce your carbon footprint!


What is EcoPoxy used for?

Ecopoxy is used for a lot of things, including casting, molding and repairing.

How to use Ecopoxy?

You can use ecopoxy anyway you like, if you are looking for a thick layer than you can use ecopoxy without mixing it with anything, if you want a thin layer than you can dilute it.

Why use Ecopoxy?

Ecopoxy is loved by many crafters for its unique and high quality of texturing, on top of everything ecopoxy is made from recycled materials so it is good for the planet as well.

How do you finish an EcoPoxy?

You can finish your EcoPoxy with a high-gloss or matte finish. For a high-gloss finish, you must apply a minimum of three coats. For a matte finish, you can apply one to two coats. You can also add color to your EcoPoxy with a pigmented epoxy resin.

How long does EcoPoxy take to cure?

EcoPoxy will cure in 24 hours and completely cured in seven days. However, it is important to note that the curing process is temperature-dependent. For example, if you are working in a cold environment, it will take longer for the EcoPoxy to cure.

How thin can you pour EcoPoxy?

You can pour EcoPoxy as thin as a credit card.

What happens if you pour Ecopoxy too thick?

If you pour too thick ecopoxy, it will not cure properly and can cause yellowing, bubbling, and hazing. Conversely, if you pour too thin ecopoxy, it will not have the proper strength and durability.

How much Uvpoxy do I need?

The kit comes with two bottles of ecopoxy, each containing 16 fluid ounces. This is enough ecopoxy to cover approximately six square feet.

Do Ecopoxy countertops scratch easily?

Ecopoxy countertops are very durable and scratch-resistant. However, they are not completely scratch-proof. You can minimize the risk of scratching by using cutting boards and avoiding placing hot pans directly on the surface.

How do you keep Ecopoxy in place?

You can use tape or clamps to keep the ecopoxy in place while it dries. Once the ecopoxy has dried, it will be very strong and will not need additional support.

Is EcoPoxy safe to use indoors?

Yes, EcoPoxy is safe to use indoors. It is non-toxic and does not emit any harmful fumes.

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