5 Biggest Super Bowl Upsets That Surprised The World

The Super Bowl is a colossal event for many of us, it signifies a certain time of year for us, it’s a holiday, an event, and something special to us, but when something goes wrong. When it’s not what it seems, it can be quite shocking for us.

Every couple of years, there is a very lopsided matchup for the Super Bowl, there will be a heavy favorite and a deep down underdog

Sometimes the favoritism is justified, such as Brady’s Patriots, but not all the time.

However, an uneven scale can open doors for an insane upset, it shakes the Super Bowl odds, and changes everything for everyone involved and watching. The Super Bowl doesn’t open itself up to be a series of games like other sports.

This is one single event to decide a world champion, so there is no room for mistakes.

Some very memorable upset comes out of this, so, while we wait to see if the 2022-2023 Super Bowl will be one of an upset, let’s reminisce.

#1. New York Giants Vs New England Patriots (2008)

The Patriots were on the edge of glory at this point. They had a 16-0 season, and they won their first two playoff games making it 18-0, they were only a single win away from being the first ever 19-0 Super Bowl champion ever!

Their only roadblock was the Giants, they had entered the playoffs at 10-6, and were something of a wildcard team. They had 3 successive road playoffs wins, and Manning and his Giants finally got their date at the Super Bowl.

We don’t need to remind you of much, because this was an event you are unlikely to forget soon. The David Tyree catch is one of the most remembered in NFL history. Of course, let’s not forget the image of Manning getting out of the grasp of several defenders on the Patriots side.

It was a historic game, but it would never have been so much of an upset if not for the David and Goliath style tale that came with it.

#2. New York Jets Vs Baltimore Colts (1969)

Namath set his legacy in stone when he publicly guaranteed that his Jets would defeat the Colts in the ‘69 Super Bowl.

The Colts came in as a favorite, but Namath did not dismiss his moxie, and everyone was surprised. He backed up his tough talk and put on a performance worthy of any MVP. He led the Jets to their only ever Super Bowl victory in the history of their franchise!

#3. New England Patriots Vs St. Louis Rams (2002)

Long before the Patriots legacy began thanks to Brady, the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ had to occur. This was a moniker of the Ram’s very feared offense, with Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, and Kurt Warner.

The Rams entered the 2nd Super Bowl out of 3, they were behind a 14-2 regular season record.

The Patriots defense stifled the Rams’ offense in the game, and suddenly the ball was thrown into the hands of a young, inexperienced Brady with only 2 minutes left on the clock.

Brady drove the Patriots down the field, and set up Vinatieri for a field goal that went through the uprights just as the clock ran out.

A team who started as an underdog became a legend, all thanks to another legend who started his journey in that game!

#4. New York Giants Vs Buffalo Bills (1991)

Many remember this game, but most for different reasons. This was the start to a very miserable 4 year run for the Bills. The wide right kick, and one of the closest games ever.

However, it was actually really unlikely that the Giants would leave Florida with the Trophy that year. The Bills had entered the game with a 13-3 record, and a great offense, they scored 428 points in the regular season, and they decimated the Raiders in the regular season.

The Giants had the best defense but the Buffalo offense was stronger… or that is what we all thought at least!

New York was also led by their backup quarterback, as Simms’ was cut short in his season by a broken foot. The backup was in the front seat, and the Giants went back and forth. All resulting in a win for the very unlikely Giants.

#5. Denver Broncos Vs Green Bay Packers (1998)

Their 12-4 regular season does not make the Broncos seem like underdogs, but Elway and his bunch came into this Super Bowl with the chance to be the 2nd ever wild card to win.

Green Bay entered as defending champions and has a 13-3 record. The odds were in Brett Favre’s favor. They were a double-digit favorite as they went in, which makes it even more shocking for this matchup to be so close.

Davis ran 157 yards and hit a record for 3 rushing touchdowns, including the one that one the game with less than 2 minutes left on the clock. Denver won and Davis made the Packers the first ever 2 digit favorite to lose since 1970.