Edwards Bros Locksmith: Changing Locks On New House – Get Premium Services!


Shifting to a new house can be a time of celebration. But what if you have concerns about the security of your new house? What if you want to limit access to your door locks? We can help you either way. Our top-quality security locks can save you from taking a lot of stress. You may think that your old owners can have keys to your locks and we have a solution to that problem. You can simply take changing locks on new house service by calling Edwards Bros Locksmith professionals. We have highly qualified and expert locksmiths to do the job. So, you have nothing to worry about. Just call us and we will provide you with the best changing locks on new house services in Pittsburgh, PA.

Residential Door Locks – We Have Top-Rated Locks


As we all know that doors play an important role in the security of our residential spaces. If you don’t have the best security locks then your security can be at stake. There can be a risk of robbery or unauthorized access to your personal property. But you can leave your security concerns to us because we have the top-quality locks available for you.  There are a lot of options for increasing security to your residential doors. For instance, you can install

  • Mortise locks
  • Keyless entry door locks
  • Keypad locks
  • Deadbolt locks, etc.

All these locks and a lot more are available at Edwards Bros Locksmith. You can select any of them for changing locks on new house. Moreover, you can contact us for repairing and replacement services too. We have top-rated locks and exceptional locksmiths available 24/7 in Pittsburgh, PA!

Repair Door Locks – Extraordinary Technicians

Along with changing locks on new house, we are providing door lock repairing services too. During shifting your home, it’s normal if your door lock breaks. You can simply call a locksmith for repairing service and no one can be better than us. We are mobile locksmith near me service providers so, we can reach you within minutes. Once you make a call to us and we will send the nearest locksmith at your location. Believe us, the idea of Edwards Bros Locksmith for residential services is the best.

Sometimes, if you rotate your keys wrongly inside your front door locks Pittsburgh, they can also break. The mechanism of door locks is simple but became complicated if you try to fix it by yourself. So, we always advise our customers to call us for help rather than trying it by themselves. As we are the professionals when it comes to changing locks on new house.

Changing Locks On New House – We Can Handle All Types

In today’s modern times, people are using many advanced door locks in their homes. As it’s the era of using smart devices, people are using smart locks too. They are more careful while using locks for their residential spaces. Using advanced and latest technology locks can be a good thing but there can be problems with these locks too. But not all locksmith companies can fix these problems. Only certified, qualified and experienced companies can handle these locks.

We at Edwards Bros Locksmith are one of the leading experts who can handle all types of changing locks on new house services. You can contact us for any type of lock you need. We have high-quality advanced door locks available. Above all, we have experienced professionals to install or replace these locks at your doors.

Our services are mobile. You can call us anytime in Pittsburgh and have a faith in getting the best possible solutions to all your lock needs.

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