Having or rather experiencing flat tires in our cars and machines is something that’s inevitable. Most of us are really uncomfortable checking and inflating these tires regularly. A flat tire is a threat to one’s movement as both over and under-inflated tires can actually be dangerous. They can result in accidents on the road and could cost one his or her life. Since one can’t fully predict what would happen at the next moment, you could hit a nail or slumps your car in a bad area, all of these resulting in a bad flat tire. One should find a way to circumvent all these and be prepared should incase your day runs sideways as a result of flat tires on your bicycle or car.

Moreover, you might not always find that next gas station close to you and so your best bet is to purchase this wireless air pump that’s portable enough for you to carry around while driving and use wherever – The Inflate-R pump. This pump makes it possible and simple to fill up any tire to the exact extent that you want. If you are someone who travels a lot or even goes about your normal activities, you know that it is really paramount that you check your tires and ensure that they are all in good shape. You go ahead to inflate and add some air too before leaving off to get everything sound and working. Unfortunately, most people don’t really look at this sight and just head off overlooking this. Most times the oversight is a result of the fact that they don’t even have this machine to use and check for over or under-inflated tires. The Inflate-R wireless air pump provides you with everything that you need to adequately take care of your car tires, motorbikes, and so on. The Inflate-R wireless air pump gives out a cool air of about 150 PSI and inflates different objects within minutes and it would be very much convenient for one to own their own portable air pump

Furthermore, the Inflate-R air pump also checks the pressure in your tire and fills it up as needed depending on how it is. Having an Inflate-R inflator allows you to act quickly to any signs that your tires are running low on air and help to avoid the cost of a tow truck and they are quite expensive.

It is also efficient in maintaining proper tire pressure which provides maximum grip and braking performance and reduces wear and possibly lowers fuel consumption. It’s better to check them always as this Inflate-R makes the work easier than the normal traditional pumps. This review is to get to know what Inflate-R offers and its amazing benefits.

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What is Inflate-R ( InflateR air pump Reviews)

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Inflate-R is a portable, lightweight, and wireless air pump that is used to pump air into car tires and not just even in motorbikes since it can pump up to 150 PSI. It is a chargeable machine meaning that it can work during an emergency. Inflate-R wireless air pump comes with a nozzle, this nozzle is meant to plug into the top of the device and then into your tire. After plugging it in, the current tire pressure (PSI) appears on the LED screen. The LED screen will then show your current tire PSI when you connect it in and you set the PSI on the device’s base and press the power button. When this is done the Inflate-R will begin immediately to inflate the tire to its desired PSI. You must have set it to your desired PSI and hit the power button. Inflate-R instantly drives air into your tire, ensuring it doesn’t over- or under-inflate! Once the PSI number required is reached, the Inflate-R will automatically shut down.

Furthermore, Inflate-R also works as a portable power bank. Surprised right? It has a micro-USB charging with a car adaptor so you can chuck it in your car and charge it up while driving. Another amazing thing about the Inflate-R apart from charging your phone while driving is that it is able to inflate many more things than just car tires. Inflate-R is as small as a water bottle, so it is light enough for you to carry on your bike or store in your backpack.

It has the capability to pump up to 150 PSI. This ability makes it possible to inflate bike tires up to 120 PSI. So you need this Inflate-R as with a hand pump you won’t be really able to achieve that. Inflate-R is small in size and lightweight so could be carried about, giving you the option of starting it, and setting it down.

NB: The Inflate-R comes with different attachments like the balloon, bike and sports equipment nozzles providing you with a wide range of options while using the air pump.

So it is safe to say that Inflate-R pumps up almost anything that holds air.

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Specifications of Inflate-R

Colors                         Black

Materials                    Plastic Shell

Measurements          6″L x 2″W x 2″H

Manufactured by China

Battery Charge Time: 3-4 Hours (From 0%), 1 Hour (From 50%)

Wireless Portable Air Pump

Features of Inflate-R (Inflate-R pump Reviews)

1) Easy to use:

Inflate-R is a very simple device to use to pump air into your car. All you need is just to set the PSI to its desired level and by pressing the power button, it starts pumping the object where it is connected to be it motorbikes or cars and shut off immediately when it’s done i.e when the PSI limit set is reached.

2) Built-in Power-bank: It is one of the most unique and amazing features of the Inflate-R as its battery also functions as a power bank. It allows you to use it to charge your GPS or phone while in an emergency situation too. So with just the Inflate-R device which you purchase for power alone, you will never be without power.

3) Emergency light:

With the Inflate-R Inflator emergency light, which is powered by the Inflate-Rs built-in power bank, youll always be able to see in the dark. This is a big up to its crystal clear LCD screen too.

What does the Inflate-R device come with?

– car adapter

– charging cable

– balloon nozzle attachment

– basketball nozzle attachment

– car tire nozzle attachment

– bike nozzle attachment


How does the Inflate-R work? (Inflate-R reviews 2022)

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Ininflate-R Airpump Reviews

A wireless air pump is simple to use. Not everyone feels comfortable while checking and inflating their own tires so for someone who isn’t an expert, Inflate-R is something you really need to have them as an aid because it’s an essential component of car safety. One other thing that the Inflate-R does is that it takes away all the guesswork when it comes to pumping air to your tires. And it does this very easily.

– Just plug the nozzle into your tire. While the LED screen displays your tire’s PSI, you set the pump to the PSI you want and hit the power button.

– Once your tires have been filled to the point where the PSI was set, the Inflate-R shuts off automatically. Its that easy and can be a true lifesaver, especially if your tire goes flat and you don’t have a spare. Just little things like this can save you from hazardous accidents.

– It is very portable and lightweight, so can be carried anywhere, allowing you to start it, set it down, and return back to whatever you were doing before while it runs.

– The nozzle that it comes with is plugged into the top of the device and also into your tire so that moment you plug it in, you will see your PSI on the screen.

– Set your desired PSI and hit the power button. Inflate-R Inflator instantly drives air into your tire, ensuring it doesn’t over- or under-inflate! Once the tire reaches your set PSI, Inflate-R Inflator shuts off automatically.

Because the Inflate-R device is a compact and portable device, it can be easily stored in your car, purse, or a backpack too. The nozzle that the Inflate-R inflator comes with that plugs into the top of the device measures your tires PSI. It can then add the amount of air you need. But air isnt the only thing this roadside assistance device comes with. It also has a power bank with micro-USB charging and an LED flashlight.

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Benefits of the Inflate-R (Inflate-R review)

1) LCD display: One thing about the Inflate-R is that it gives you an all-in-one advantage over other pumping devices. With Inflate-R, even while stranded in the dark, you don’t have to worry so much as the Inflate-R device has a crystal clear LCD screen which is bright enough to ensure visibility under any conditions be it in the daytime or at night.

2) It works well with all Inflatables:

Inflate-R works in anything that’s actually inflatable so it’s not only limited to cars or motorbikes, it works in balls (literally any kind of ball, basket, soccer, and the rest), auto tires, and bicycle tires too. So, you can use the Inflate-R to pump up anything because it comes with attachments for various varieties of inflatables.

3) Powerful output:

Among all the other pumps you may find around, Inflate-R air pump is one of the only portable ones that can pump up to 150 PSI. And such range is even enough to handle the biggest tractor trailers and RVs.


Pros of Inflate-R (Inflate-R reviews)

– It has a crystal LCD screen display

– It is easy to use

– Provides up to 150 PSI of air output

– It has an integrated LED flashlight & a power bank for emergency charging

– Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

– It works to inflate your vehicle tires, soccer balls, motorbikes and other inflatables.

– It shut off once preset PSI is achieved thereby conserving the battery

Cons of Inflate-R (Inflate-R reviews)

– It can only be purchased online and it would be better if you do that from the official website.

– It can be limited in stock.


Where can I purchase the Inflate-R Tire pump?

To purchase the Inflate-R, the manufacturer’s official website remains the best place to get this as the manufacturer also offers some discount and a huge 30-day money back guarantee on his product in case you are not satisfied with what it gives you. It is important to purchase from the official website also because other sites may keep you at the risk of getting substandard products and not that only, the return policy might as well be lacking greatly.

Pricing of the Inflate-R (Inflate-R reviews)

1 INFLATE-R     10% OFF

Now $67

2 INFLATE-Rs    50% OFF

($56.25 each)

Only: $112.50


($50 each)

Only: $150


Return Policy

The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee for 30days on product purchase beginning from the time the item was delivered. So you have an opportunity to try it out for 30 days and if you are not happy or satisfied with it. You notify the company and they will refund your money back, no shipping fee included.

To run this process or have questions concerning this, you can contact the customer care service using their email or phone via:

Phone: +1 (855) 531-8868


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Warranty and Shipping

When you place your order on a purchase, the order will ship out the day of purchase or the next day, at the latest.

For standard Domestic Shipping: 3-5 business days

For expedited Domestic Orders: 2-3 business days

International Orders: 10-15 business days

Frequently asked questions about Inflate-R

Question: What is the battery capacity/power of the Inflate-R?

A: Inflate-R has about 2000 mAh battery output so it means the battery will last 99% of your uses. However, if you forgot to charge the device, a 12-foot charging cable is included with every purchase. This allows you to use Inflate-R as long as you’d like without worrying about battery levels!

Question: What does Inflate-R work on?

A: Inflate-R works on literally anything inflatable like car tires, balloons, inflatable pools etc. Just anything that holds air!

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This review has exposed you to the core benefits and amazing features of this product and why it is worth investing in. The Inflate-R inflates every inflatable, cars, motorbikes and so on. It is very much affordable as the services it would provide for you are so numerous outside pumping air into your car. Purchase this today and worry less on flat tires as you have your remedy at your reach.


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