What Should You Do After a Dog Bite?

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There’s a saying that dogs are a man’s best friend. You may have grown up with pets in your house. Unfortunately, not every dog is friendly. There are some situations where you may suffer a dog bite. You might have even been bitten by a dog with a human out our. What do you need to do after you have suffered a dog bite? There are several steps you need to follow. You must minimize your chances of developing complications and also maximize your chances of your rights being protected. 

Seek Appropriate Medical Care

After a dog has bitten you, you need to move to a safe location. Then, you need to seek appropriate medical care. You can start by washing the bike with plenty of soap and water. If the bite is bleeding, replace a piece of sterile gauze on it. Then, do not forget to go to urgent care or the emergency room. You need to seek acute medical care from a professional because it has to be evaluated. A professional must look at the bite to ensure that none of the underlying structures have been damaged. For example, a medical professional must ensure that nerves are not damaged, no bone fractures are present, and none of the blood vessels have been severed. A medical professional will also have to decide whether to prescribe antibiotics to minimize the chances of an infection.

Call Animal Control 

Next, you need to call animal control. If you do not know how to reach them, a local medical professional can give you the contact information for animal control in your area. It will be the responsibility of animal control to see if the dog has to be taken into custody. Sometimes, a dog may bite somebody entirely out of the blue. The dog might not have been provoked at all. In this situation, animal control may need to complete the dog’s evaluation to ensure it does not have a severe infection, such as rabies.

Reach Out to a Lawyer

Finally, you should reach out to a Hamilton dog bite lawyer after you are confident with your medical recovery. A lawyer can take a look at the situation and make sure that your rights are protected. All dog owners must ensure that their dogs are on leashes, safe, and do not hurt anybody. You could be entitled to compensation if a dog owner failed in this respect. After all, if it was not your fault, you should not be responsible for the medical expenses. Always reach out to a legal professional who can comprehensively evaluate the case. 

Take Care of Your Dog Bite

Getting bitten by a dog can be incredibly stressful. There are probably a lot of thoughts and emotions going through your head, and you may not necessarily know what to do next. The most important thing you must remember is that you must seek medical attention. Dogs have very dirty mouths, and there is a chance that your dog bite could get infected if you do not seek appropriate medical care. Then, remember that the entire case has to be investigated thoroughly. That is why you should contact a local lawyer who can help you. Following a dog bite, you do not have to go through the situation alone. There are experts on all sides who are willing to help you.