Vocal Remover Tools- Redefining Music Production

The music industry is known for experimentation and novelty in the craft to deliver the finest quality audio pieces with the help of technology. As for the latest developments, the industry has come up with vocals remover programs and tools to address the concern of voice and instrumentals isolation from the music files. Such utilities are dedicated to making the audio editing and intelligent music production tasks much easier. When it comes to picking the most affordable solution, the Wondershare UniConverter program is ready at your disposal.

An Insight into Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is a smart video processing tool that entitles its users to a host of appealing merits. You can conveniently and quickly adhere to the concerns of editing, compressing, recording, and transferring videos using the software’s toolbox. The developers introduced UniConverter 14, the latest version of the tool on June 30, 2022. The new edition promises improvements in the video conversion and compression utilities. The app’s performance in other video-related concerns has also been upgraded.

In comparison to its video processing counterparts, including remove vocals audacity, the software is a market leader in sorting the most expansive range of audio-visual issues. The potential merits of the tool are its quick response time and user-cohesive interface. The tool grants you the liberty to experiment with different tasks on selected music pieces by isolating their vocal components.

The tool fetches effective results for a wide range of video converter, music production, and DJ mixing tasks. You can work with the software to extract the instrumental scratch from a song’s vocals and save them separately. The extracted vocals can be put to a series of uses, like DJ remixing for entertainment purposes.

Removing Vocals with Wondershare UniConverter 14

Now that you have understood the credibility of the vocals remover functionality of UniConverter, its time to see through the step-by-step instructions to use the feature in what follows next:

Step 1: Choose the Vocal Remover Option

To remove vocals from a song, navigate to the official site of Wondershare UniConverter and download and install the tool in your system. On a successful launch, reach the left-side panel and hit the ‘Tools’ option. Head to the ‘AI Lab’ section and choose “Vocal Remover”.


Step 2: Upload the Media Files

Tap on the ‘Add File’ button and start uploading the required media files for removing the latter’s vocal components. You can also drag the files directly to the software window from their source folders.


When all the files are uploaded, the tool will initiate a direct, precise, and automatic extraction of their vocals.


Step 3: Time to Save!

The final file without vocals can be saved by tapping on the ‘Export’ button beside the instrumentals file. You can also save these files at separate locations in your system.


AI Audio Function- The Newest Inclusion

The biggest attraction of UniConverter14 is its high-tech AI audio functionality, which runs on an advanced AI algorithm to extract the vocals of a music piece. The voice portions and instrumental scratch are accurately separated from the music file. The isolated vocals can be used in the creation of new music pieces. The unpaid version, however, comes with a limited period of free access. You will need a paid subscription to the tool for uninterrupted usage.

Additional Credibility UniConverter 14

The tool’s most recent version is available to you with a diversity of interesting and improved utilities. The highly appreciated features are outlined in what follows next:

  • Video Conversion

The UniConverter program supports more than 1000 formats to convert video, image, and audio files. Talking of the most recent Wondershare video converter, the conversion speed is expected to witness a growth of 50%. The tool also promises full-process GPU acceleration for addressing 4K/8K HDR HD video resolution with 50% improved speed. The software’s compatibility with WebM and MP4 file formats for alpha channel output is a welcome boon for video editing professionals.

Moving ahead to some other video conversion advantages, the program is dedicated to supporting the HEVC (H.265) encoder MP4 (CFHD)/MOV (HEVC)/MKV (AV1)/WebM (VP9/AV1) function and Mac M1 native acceleration. UniConverter 14 will also be compatible with AV1 and VP9, along with favoring multi-threaded GPU acceleration and NVIDIA/AMD/Intel support.

  • Video Compression

The tool is assured of possessing excellent video compression capabilities ahead of any size limitations with its custom compression functionality. The sound files can be compressed up to 90% without any loss of data. The compression quality is also expected to increase by 80%. You can set straight the most diverse requirements of audio-visual compression with the different compression modes of the tool.

  • Playing Videos

UniConverter 14 will support independent video playing in over 1000 different file formats, with a video playback effect competitive with the VLC professional player. The tool will also have 4K/8K HD video compatibility and provide seamless GPU playbacks.

UniConverter Review Conclusions

The music industry is highly dependent on video processing functionalities for effective audio production and DJ-based applications. One of the major hindrances to such experimentation is the vocal components of any music piece. When pondering on effective means to remove vocals from an audio file, you can rely on the Wondershare UniConverter tool. Releasing its version as UniConverter 14, the software is packed with a host of new and exciting features of video processing. The latter’s advanced AI algorithm is most effective in the extraction of vocals from music pieces for various applications.

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