Travel Blogging: Can It Be Profitable In 2022?

I must understand why people are confused about travel blogging in the near future. The reason is obvious; the situation created by this pandemic has alarmed all of us before choosing any career.

When you think of travel blogging it’s a huge area to explore. It is not only limited to exploring places but it includes food, culture, language, dress, wildlife, hotel, transport, etc., says the experts at bloggerspassion.

So you have unlimited scope to shift if a single thing is not working in your way.

What is Travel Blogging?

You have seen a tv show called Travelxp. They do a lot of things to entertain us. If you limit your travel blogging to a certain extent then you will be hopeless with little difficulty itself.

So as per my knowledge, it’s a very vast scope of work If you are serious and fully dedicated to it.

Future Of Travel Blogging

We know that nothing is certain but change is 100% certain. So we have to plan and execute accordingly.

Travel blogging came into existence long ago and it will last for very long for sure. A winner in any industry is one who sticks with its mission and vision, only path changes to reach the destination.

Travel bloggers have a lot of scope in their own field.

Promote local tourism

Already we have seen restrictions on traveling abroad and to other states as well. So why not start exploring local places which we were never interested in.

Regional communities benefit from this initiative and local businesses will also flourish.

Live Experience sharing

A travel blogger has a huge following on their website so they can utilize it by engaging with them.

They can arrange live sessions with their followers who are interested to know about their journey.

Educate others about perfect travel planning

Travel bloggers are icons in traveling. They can make many blogs on travel planning. It can be about necessary packing for traveling, itinerary planning, important things to consider while choosing any destination, best stay in a particular location, best food which can not be missed, adventure planning, and the list is endless.

Campaign on Environment protection

We are facing so many environmental issues around us and travel bloggers are best to educate and influence people to control them.

This COVID period has taught us to improve our lifestyle otherwise we may face bigger problems than the above-mentioned one.

Animal cruelty is a big problem that is increasing day by day. Animals are not meant to kill and abuse. They are a major part of this ecosystem and it has to be realized.

Discipline and a hygienic lifestyle save the world and travel bloggers know it very well. They can influence the world in a better way because they are directly connected to people all over the world.

Revival of the tourism Industry

After this pandemic people have lost faith and confidence to again explore and visit new places. It is only travel bloggers who can bring that fire in common man to start their normal life.

The tourism industry is one of the industries which was badly hit by this pandemic. Still, recovery is very slow. If a blogger educates about traveling with proper precautions it will impact the mindset of the general public.

They can make blogs about current improvements in traveling regulations, how hotels have enhanced their services etc.

There is much to do in this direction, scopes are endless but persons are limited.

How Do Travel Bloggers Make Money

I am sure nobody can do their best for a long time without any monetary benefits. Travel blogging is a very tough task as it requires a lot of effort to achieve success.

There are many ways from which a travel blogger can become profitable at this crucial time.

Royalty income

If you are a travel blogger then you must have these 2 things: beautiful pictures and amazing videos. Am I right?

Then what are you thinking about? There are a lot of websites on the internet that will either buy your stuff or they can offer you realty if anyone buys from their website. You can also join a Travel affiliate program and sell other’s products.

Collaboration with hotels and tour-related companies

Businesses want to promote themselves nowadays with the help of public figures and big Influencers. Travel bloggers have an edge in this field.

You will get regular income just by doing your regular work.

Sell your book

Readers are always searching for good quality materials for their consumption and what is better than a book on travel from an experienced travel blogger.

Your book can provide you with the next level of growth that you have not experienced yet.

Press Trips

It means you will get paid for what you are doing currently. Isn’t it interesting? Of Course, you find it surprising but it’s true. When your blogs have the power to attract followers continuously you can get this kind of benefit too.

Advertisement and Affiliates

These are very common and known sources of earnings via blogging.

Travel bloggers first need to generate their affiliate link and then can place it on their blog. Whenever anyone buys from their link, they will be paid some percentage of that purchase.

Bloggers can run ads on their websites.


Nowadays webinars are a way to teach more people at a time. One-on-one sessions may take much of your time and get comparatively less income. But through webinar, you earn more in less time.

Final Words

I know it is a very tough time for many travel bloggers but never lose hope. This dark phase will fade away some time but our hard work and enthusiasm will grow multiple times.

Thank you for reading my article and I am sure you will get some ideas for increasing your income through travel blogging.

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