Should You Use WhatsApp Plus or Stick To The Original?

There are a lot of misconceptions on the internet about WhatsApp’s official version and other redesigned versions, but this article will clear your misunderstanding. It will help if you read this article from start to end without missing a single word because we will share some precious information not provided on other websites. So be ready, and thumbs up!

WhatsApp is a messaging app, and everyone is familiar with it. Numerous apps are released every day, and few of them attract users’ attention. Not every app is powerful enough to attract every user to itself. Also, there is a freaking high competition in the market. Every business is switching to online. Online companies are growing faster than offline businesses. Creating messaging apps is also an online business people are involved in.

So in such competition, you need to create or design apps that can compete with the apps being released these days. Now WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that needs no introduction. It has some PROS and CONS. It has millions of users, and people have redesigned numerous other clones. So WhatsApp Plus is its clone, which is famous right now.

WhatsApp Plus isn’t an official mode released by Meta, but it’s designed by developers who have expertise in creating alternative apps. WAPlus is a famous WhatsApp Plus distributor. Here is the official website You can visit this website to get the latest updates on WhatsApp Plus. This was a little introduction to WhatsApp Plus, but the question that arises in everyone’s mind is its sticking. Should users stick to the official WhatsApp version or use WhatsApp Plus. That’s the question that I will answer right now.

Should You Use WhatsApp Plus or Stick To The Original

That’s the question often asked on social media and other discussion forums. So, I will answer this question with 5 examples. After completely reading these examples, you’ve to decide whether using an official WhatsApp is good or WhatsApp Plus suits you best.

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus OFFICIAL Badge Status

WhatsApp’s owner is Meta, and its owner name is Mark Zuckerberg, whereas WhatsApp Plus’ owner is a developer who has developed this app for people demanding more space on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has won from WhatsApp Plus in this badge status. An official is official. You can’t compare an app whose developer isn’t authorized.

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus Account Operations

When we see in the WhatsApp section, we get 1 account to operate. However, WhatsApp Plus allows you to run 4 versions in one place. You can create 4 tabs in WhatsApp Plus. Now here is another question that will arise in your mind. Almost every Android phone providing WhatsApp has 2 SIM Slots. In these 2 slots, you get 1 number to use WhatsApp on. The 2nd number is pretty useful because it is in your SIM slot, but you can’t use it on WhatsApp on the same mobile.

With WhatsApp Plus, this problem gets evaded. You can create 4 accounts in one place. Now here is another question worth answering. If you have 2 SIMs installed on your smartphone, then how will you be able to use 4 WhatsApp accounts?

Here is its answer. You can send a text message from another number to get WhatsApp’s verification code. When you have entered the verification code, you can use that number on the same android phone having WhatsApp Plus. That’s the solution, and using 4 accounts can help you keep your information private.

You can use 1 number for your business, 1 digit for your family members and 1 number for your friends. So everything is possible on WhatsApp Plus. That’s the kind of winning situation on WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus Data Security

Now here is the condition when WhatsApp Plus loses to WhatsApp. WhatsApp is owned by a well-known brand that takes care of users’ security. You can chit-chat without any fear because Meta is responsible for your data, but WhatsApp Plus doesn’t have any security measures taken by its developers.

WhatsApp’s official version’s data is stored in a large database whose security precautions are taken by cyber security activists. There is no chance of data loss, and WhatsApp also provides message backups. When using WhatsApp after a long time, your data remains safe. When you install WhatsApp on any other mobile, your data gets backed up. That’s because of the database stored by Meta.

A developer develops WhatsApp Plus, and no one knows about its database. Your data can never be safe when you don’t know who owns that thing. Meta owns WhatsApp and is responsible for your data, but what will you do when your data gets leaked on WhatsApp Plus, and you don’t have a place to find a person responsible for this. That’s the only thing people don’t like about WhatsApp Plus, and they stick to the original WhatsApp.


So these were the examples I shared with you. Deciding the users can easily be understood after reading this article. If you have some questions or issues related to WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus, then ask us by dropping a comment. We are responsive to the words, so don’t expect any negative response because your response will be answered.

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