Top 5 Best Action Camera Flashlight 2022

Do you love capturing divine beauty? No doubt, it’s a great hobby to save nature’s vista in your camera. But, have you ever attempted to shoot an unusual marine creature while submerged for a long time only to find that the image was blurry upon rising to the surface? Or perhaps you were out at night and missed the opportunity to snap a wonderful scene as it was too black?

Or perhaps you went out after a thunderstorm and only managed to catch a shadow of the gorgeous scene or creature you were trying to photograph. I know, it’s awful and you might feel that your photos are spoiled by poor lighting. A decent action camera flashlight will save you in this situation.  A decent flashlight offers extensive, even brightness for your target and enables you to take photos and videos that are super bright.

Because of this, we’ve demystified the top 8 trustworthy action camera flashlights available in the market. With crystal-clear photos made with the help of these flashlights, we are here to help you and make your scuba diving, and other outdoor recreation fun.

Top 5 Action Camera Flashlights

1. GoPro Zues Mini Rechargeable LED Light



This is a versatile, weatherproof, hands-free LED clip light that is ideal for securely snapping away whether hiking or on other recreational excursions.

With the help of a strong 360° swivel, you may also change the angle of your illumination. It is tough and has a 10-meter waterproof depth.

All GoPro action camera attachments are suitable for it in terms of compatibility.

It is waterproof up to a depth of approximately 33 feet. Consequently, it may be utilised to shoot aquatic sports.

The light’s illumination time varies with the brightness setting. The maximum lifespan of the internal lithium battery is 6 hours.

The GoPro Zeus small light has a lumen output that ranges from 20 to 200. There are 4 levels of brightness. The level of light brightness is up to you.


  • 20 lumens for level 1
  • 60 lumens for level 2
  • 125 lumens for level 3
  • 200 lumens at Level 4

There is a flash of extremely brilliant light that can last up to 30 seconds when the overdrive option is engaged. The light features a signalling strobe mode that may be employed.

For precise illumination, a 360-degree swivel enables quick and simple angle adjustment. The Grip Clip offers hands-free illumination for any activity or sport whether it is attached to a hat, helmet, back strap, or other things. The flashlight is adhesive and may be attached to a variety of surfaces.

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2. ULANZI LED Video Light

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If you’re interested in taking nighttime shots, the ULANZI LED Video Light is a great option. The ULANZI VL49 includes an updated soft light board that softens and dims to supplement light.

It works with a variety of cameras and lenses, including DSLRs, Sony, Canon, and GoPro action cameras.

A 2000mAh built-in battery is included with the action camera flashlight. This flashlight can illuminate the room for 120 minutes at full brightness, and 300 minutes at least brightness.

The ULANZI is ideal for magnification and streamlines editing since it features 49 LED beads with a CRI of up to 5500k. The fact that this camera flashlight is not water-resistant is a drawback.

The integrated lithium battery has a 2000mAh capacity and provides a 300-minute maximum runtime at low brightness. The usage period is limited to 120 minutes at maximum brightness.

In terms of colour temperature, it has a value of 5500. This fully captures natural light’s character, making it perfect for close-up photography and filmmaking.

It has 49 LED beads and a CRI of 95 or higher. As a result, there will be less colour grading work and a high colour rendering index. Also, it has an extensible connecting system. The three-connection interface enables the connecting of several light panels, enhancing the lighting impact. The top interface is one and the sides are the other two.

Its weight is 0.2 pounds in weight (90 grams). Therefore, it is portable.

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3. Suptig 84 LED Dimmable Video Light


A flexible action camera flashlight that works with a number of action cameras and a broad selection of SLR cameras.  Many artists embrace it and are aware of it.

To ensure that you don’t miss out on shooting that stunning picture, it is quite easy to use. Your flashlight won’t abruptly turn off while you’re diving since it’s weatherproof to a depth of 147 feet. Additionally, it is weatherproof.

As far as compatibility is concerned, it works with practically all DSLR and GoPro cameras.

The SUPTIG Diving Light offers 5 different light colours that may be used as illumination. White, blue, red, pink, and golden light is the different lighting hues. You may separately adjust the brightness of each hue to suit your preferences.

You will love capturing underwater up to a depth of 147 feet while tweaking this action camera flashlight to achieve the visual impact you want for your photos and videos. Waterproof depth of 147 feet.

Neither intense rain nor sweltering heat can harm this flashlight. Depending on the intensity levels and light colour chosen, the lithium battery within the device can power lights for a long time.

  • White light: two and a half hours
  • Red signal: three hours and ten minutes
  • Pink light: three and a half hours
  • Blue light: three and a half hours
  • Golden light lasts for three hours and thirty minutes.

Long-lasting and built of materials that keep it from corrosion even when used repeatedly in deep fresh or saltwater, the design is resilient. It has a 60° angle and employs 72 LED lights to provide strong illumination. It has a two-year warranty and a money-back guarantee of 30-days.

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4. HONGDAK Diving Light

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This flashlight is useful for more than just photographing special moments when rafting or paddling. Additionally, it is ideal for usage while diving. This is due to the fact that it is 147 feet deep and completely watertight, in addition to being water-resistant (45 meters).

This flashlight is perfect for you if you want to dive or go kayaking at dusk. It has a 400-lumen maximum brightness. Using this flashlight illuminates your thing as well as the area around it due to its broad angle.

The HONGDAK diving light may be used for a variety of tasks. Among other activities, it may be utilised when diving, snorkelling, and surfing. It may also be utilised for activities other than water sports, such as hiking, cycling, skiing, and camping.

The HONGDAK diving light is your best choice if you want to see well at night or in a dim setting and improve the quality of your photos. It is appropriate for use when participating in water sports, diving, and travelling on land.

Compatibility is not an issue, as it is interoperable with almost all action cameras. It can be connected to the Hero 4 Session’s waterproof case and functions well with various camera add-ons.

This action camera light setup has 3 LEDs that emit 400 Lumens of light at a broad angle (5500K-6000K). This wide-angle lens guarantees that the whole field of vision is well lit, which makes for outstanding video lighting.

It is portable and weighs 0.4 pounds (180 grams). This action camera flashlight is has a size of 7.7cm x 5cm x 7cm.

This flashlight is submersible to a depth of 147 feet, making it more than just water-resistant (45 meters). So, you have not much to be afraid about. The HONGDAK dive light will not let you down whether you are paddling, surfing, scuba diving, or snorkelling.

Additionally, a 1000mAh polymer battery that is already inside the HONGDAK dive light provides power. This dive light is built of high-quality stainless steel and ultra-durable PC (polycarbonate), both of which are corrosion resistant even when used underwater continuously. It offers a two-year warranty along with a 30-day refund policy.

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5. VILTROX VL-162T CRI95+ LED Video Light


It is a strong, portable, and simple-to-use camera flashlight, the VILTROX VL-162T. The VL-162T offers correct colour temperature, long bulb life, and low energy usage thanks to its 162 dazzling LEDs.

This flashlight’s intensity and colour temperature may be changed to suit your needs. It can produce a gentle glow as well as a strong light effect. It may be used both indoors and outside and features a white light filter that is detachable.

Either a battery or an AC adapter can be used with the VILTROX VL-162T. You may change the light’s angle to suit your needs. It is mountable, portable, and simple to operate. Its brightest setting is 1070LM/1250Lux (1m).

DSLR cameras are interoperable with the VILTROX VL-162T in terms of compatibility. The 162 premium LED bulbs have a maximum brightness of 1250 Lux (1070LM) (1m). The colour temperatures of the VL-162T range from 3300K to 5600K. Additionally, it features a brightness control that ranges from 20% to 100%. For artistic colour effects, it contains four colour filters. The CR1 95+ offers improved colour resolution and streamlines picture grading.

It may be used with either the included AC adaptor or an AC adapter that is purchased separately. Depending on the brightness level, it may be used for up to 3 hours after a full charge. It has a built-in LCD display with which you can work more effectively.

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Tips For Shooting in Low Light

It takes skill to capture still, noise-free video at night or in low light. Here are some helpful hints to help you master taking stunning low-light photos:

1. Raising Your Light Source

Incorporating a light source may significantly enhance the quality of your film while shooting in low light or at night. Use one of the action camera flashlights mentioned above to improve your nighttime photography.

2. Slowly Moving Cameras

The likelihood is that the film you capture if you move your camera quickly while photographing in low light will be noisy and unpleasant. As a result, you should be careful to maintain your action camera moving slowly and evenly in low light.

3. Fix Your Action Camera

Despite doing a superb job of stabilising your film, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) has the potential to make your movie appear noisy. Therefore, think about employing a gimbal stabiliser rather than depending on the EIS on your action camera. You may obtain the needed stability for fluid, shake-free shots with the aid of a decent gimbal without sacrificing the video’s quality.

What should you ask while purchasing an action camera flashlight?

You need certain knowledge before purchasing action camera flashes. While shopping, it’s crucial to keep your objectives in mind. You should first decide what you require from the flashlights.

Action cameras may be used for leisure activities even though they are made to be incredibly rapid and action-packed. It may inform you of the value of the battery and other features.

1.  Extended battery life

Based on their effectiveness, batteries have been demonstrated to be a wise investment for flashlights. The need for flashlights with abnormally lengthy charge lives is not essential when utilising this light for recreational reasons.

Make sure the battery life lasts the entire time if you want to use it for a more demanding task.

2. Lumens

Lumens must also be taken into consideration when selecting a flashlight for action cameras. It instantly determines the amount of light present in a specific region of radiated sunlight.

The brightest flashlight should be chosen if you want one that is really powerful. It’s probable that the light output might be lower if you used this mostly as a quick form of entertainment.

A common action camera flashlight has a 300-lumen output, which is powerful enough to record quality footage.

3. Dimensions and weight

The weight and size of the flashlight are thus crucial. Look for a flashlight that weighs less than six ounces if you need something small and light. However, if you desired some, you might consider little torches or light objects that weighed more than a kiloton.

4. Price

The cost of the flashlights must be considered. Prices for action cameras range from $100 to $300. The quality and characteristics of the flashlights determine the pricing.

As an alternative, you might utilise inexpensive torches for longer journeys and more enjoyable activities. However, you could discover that it costs more than flashlights.

5 – Reliability

I advise you to look into the flashlights’ robustness as well. A strategy must also include using it outside.

The ideal flashlight for outdoor lighting is constructed of stainless steel or aluminium.

You ought to employ a lighter flashlight depending on how many persons require them.


When looking for a flashlight to use with your action cameras for shooting, the ability to resist a hostile environment should be your first priority. The ideal flashlight should not be cumbersome. No matter the weather. They must continue to be shock-proof and have tempered glass in order to withstand shattering. The most effective ones offer customers hours of dazzling illumination. The top flashlight models for action videos are in this list.

You won’t be disappointed with any of the top flashlights on the market, which is all highlighted above. Suptig 84 LED Dimmable Video Light, however, stands out as the greatest option out of these. It offers the strongest light and four distinct lighting settings for various photography situations. Additionally, the battery life is excellent. So, if you want the greatest product possible, go with the Suptig 84 LED Flashlight, and you’ll be good to go!

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