How To Choose the Right Electric Commuter Bike?



Today most of the urban riders (and all the other types of riders, for that matter) would love to have an e-bike for their rides. Honbike knows better about this new trend and has managed to present its new bikes with revolutionary technology to the public. When you ride the Honbike chainless & folding e-bikes, you are sure that you have the lighter and safer bike you would ever buy.

It’s obvious that many people don’t really know how to choose the right e-bike for their body type and needs. This short article addresses that matter and gives you a few tips on what you need to know and check before submitting your request for a new e-bike. It’s necessary to know all these steps to ensure that you will have the best e-bike you can have with your limited budget and get the right commutes right away.


Get The one Matching Your Size

At first, you need to check the availability of e-bikes and try the ones that match your size. Even though some e-bikes have some adjustable parts, you cannot be sure that you will fit on your e-bike unless you go to a store and try to ride it. That’s the right thing to do when you need to invest several thousands of dollars in a single e-bike and ensure that you will find the right size that will remain with you for the rest of your life. Checking the size is also important if you are a male or female user or need to pass the bike to your kids when they grow up.


You Should Consider Chainfree Possibility

Not all e-bikes have the possibility to offer you a chainless function. However, if you look deeper, you will find the Honbike brand that will give you the chainless possibility that creates less friction between the pedals and the wheels. With their Monotork drive shaft system, most of the energy provided from your muscles and the e-motor will pass directly to the rod moving the rear wheel, and that is something that will give you extra mileage on all your trips. So the chainless possibility is worth mentioning when you go for a new e-bike.


Ensure that the Battery is Li-Ion

Today you also need to know more details about your e-bike’s battery. There is no need to buy the biggest one with tremendous capacity. However, you must buy the Li-Ion technology that allows your battery to recharge much easier and faster. Additionally, these batteries keep the charges for more time and allow the rider to recharge them using the pedals and the rotor mechanism. That is how you must buy the new Li-Ion batteries (Honbike always has them in its models) to ensure you go with the flow.


Check the Folding Time and Pattern

Folding time and pattern is also another thing to examine when you want to buy a new e-bike. You should allow the salesperson to show you the way to fold the e-bike and have the necessary manual to take home or online video tutoring to assist you. We know that folding the e-bike is not rocket science, but you should know how to do it safely and without destroying the rest of the bike. Honbike has the best folding mechanism that only takes seconds to unfold and fold, giving you a chance for the best urban rides to work and storing the e-bike in a safe place within your office.

Have a Test Ride

When you want to buy a car, don’t you try to schedule a test drive with the dealeship? The same should apply to Honbike e-bikes that may not be so expensive to have, but they still require a large investment by your side that could not be anticipated easily. That’s why it’s better to arrange a test drive in your convenience to ensure that you fit on your bike and check the e-bike’s behavior in different terrains on and off the road. That’s one of the biggest concerns for people who want to ride and e-bike and reduce their commuting costs in the city.


Ensure the E-bike Fits in Your Trunk

Some other riders are afraid to ride in the cities since the car traffic could give them a hard time or injure them. These people prefer to foldable electric bikes and use them during excursions in the suburbs. That’s the perfect market group to check if the e-bike fits in their car’s trunk when it’s folded. If that will not happen, then it’s not the right e-bike for them. You need to know before you order the bike the exact dimensions when folded and unfolded to ensure that they all know what you need and cover these needs easier.


You Need to know If the E-bike Has a Warranty

You should never buy anything without checking the warranty provisions and times. That’s the same with the Honbike e-bikes that offer the longest warranty period compared to their competition. It’s required by law for bike manufacturers to offer certain years of warranty for all the moving parts and several more years for the e-motor. These two elements should be thoroughly examined from the potential buyers before their bid for the bike. When you see that the warranty covers your needs, then you can proceed with buying the desired e-bike and start your commutes.


Ask the Salesperson About the Cost of Maintenance

Finally, you should always ask the salesperson about the cost of maintenance for these e-bikes. Some of the e-bikes should get repaired every 10,000 miles, while others have shorter intervals of maintenance and inspection. You need to know these times to ensure that you can pay for the maintenance and keep the e-bike and its motor in the best possible condition. However, you will not have such concerns with Honbike, the brand provides riders with 40000KM free maintenance, you only need to ride with no worries.