How does social media affect mental health?



One thing to think of when considering if social media affects metal health, is the suppression of Instagram likes by the company in the previous year. If it didn’t matter, do you think they would?

In today’s world, most people rely upon social media for communication. Gone are the days when people needed to send a letter to express themselves. Communication moves faster today, and this hasn’t evolved without the help of social media.

There are a number of social media platforms people rely on messaging, with the most notable of them including; snapchat, Instagram, twitter and Facebook. Other class of communication today, are what people refer to as instant messaging apps, some of which include; WhatsApp, telegram, Kik, Viber and WeChat.

When considering the effects of social media on mental health, it unfair not to consider the positive aspects, some of which will be discussed below.

  • Easy of communication
  • Instant delivery of messages
  • Way out of depression
  • Positive distraction
  • Source of information
  • Market place

Ease of communication

social media makes it very easy for people to communicate. To communicate with someone today all it takes is to go to the person’s page and send them a message, which may be while you are on the bed, when taking a work, when taking a shit or when hanging out with friends.

Instant delivery of messages

There is no doubt, social media is the fastest way of communication. Unlike with post office and other means of communications used in the past, sometimes, all it takes is seconds in order to send and receive messages.

Way out of depression

Social media can boost your mental health and take you out of your depression. Social media usage alone, can give you reasons to live as it can sometimes be a source of joy and source of vital information that could make you see the essence of your existence. For instance, TikTok has been able to help the disabled, both financially and even mentally.

Positive distraction

Sometimes, when we are down, all we just need is that positive distraction and luckily, the social media is that. You can surely find that interesting content to keep yourself busy.

Source of information

Social media, is one of the greatest source of information today. Information spread like wildfire on the social media network making it a platform to reckon.

Market place

A lot of people use social media as a trading platform. Among these is Facebook, which has a special feature ‘market place’ primarily for the purpose of buying and selling of not just goods but services.


While considering all the positives, it is a known fact that social media affects your mental health. If you are a very high consumer of social media, it is very important you caught this down as it has been known to cause depression, anxiety, inferiority complex and other metal hazards. The best practice, is to look for other distractions to engage yourself with in order to have a better metal health.