Best Real Estate Websites in America 2022

The real estate industry has changed a lot over a while. The competition and digitalization of the industry have made things relatively easy for an individual with an interest to buy, sell or own a house. Hence, the industry also has a lot to offer for potential individuals interested.

As per reports in 2021, America’s real estate witnessed considerable growth in the USD 250,000 to USD 500,000 price range by more than 42% percent, followed by the USD 100,000 to USD 250,000 price range. Also, the sales of existing homes are leveraged by increasing first-time buyers, investors’ interest, more cash sales, etc.

Hence, the sector’s digitalization has guided many interested individuals to navigate and choose among their preferences. Thus, why not use it and learn about the best real estate websites in America in 2022?

What is the real estate condition in America?

Firstly, real estate refers to land and any permanent improvements associated with it, whether natural or manufactured, including water, trees, minerals, buildings, houses, fences, and bridges. A real estate is a form of real property that can be operated for selling a home, purchasing, renting, and everything applicable.

As per authorized reports, America’s house prices have risen to 11.3% in 2020 and 15.9% in 2021, driven by strong housing demand and record low mortgage rates. Considering Freddie Mac’s most recent housing forecast, it is recorded that the home price growth in 2022 will be less than half the growth compared to last year’s rates.

Best Real Estate Websites in America 2022

As discussed, America’s real estate witnessed considerable growth in the USD 250,000 to approximately USD 470,000 price range by more than 42% percent, followed by the USD 100,000 to USD 250,000 price range. Such deals are made via database and agreements that a website offers to its client. The most trusted website that clicks on one’s mind is one that tops our list.


Selling a house is easy with Houzeo as it is one of the most popular best real estate websites known for house sellers looking for companies that buy homes at considerable rates. The general best Flat Fee MLS and FSBO provider in the US real estate market, Houzeo, is a platform that offers the most help to its clients.

The modern technology and updated MLS listing help the individuals navigate their preferences. MLS listings are syndicated on Zillow,, Trulia, Redfin, and hundreds of other websites with flexible and affordable plans.

The official listing website of the National Association of Realtors is considered one of the best housing sites by the majority of realtors. is regarded as the best housing site by many realtors for its exclusive source of listings and information available on the website sourced for house buyers and sellers.

Furthermore, the site offers listings from any of the regional MLS systems and does not aggregate its listing data from respective broker sites. Having listings sourced from over 700 plus regional MLS, provides considerable statistical data to trust and make a concise choice. Compared to other legal websites, makes its client’s requirements considered by professional authorization.


RealtyTrac is a real estate marketplace website for foreclosed properties. The website is up to date with numbers of figures for foreclosed and agreement properties. As a result, RealtyTrac provides access to updated listings and participation in auctions through a subscription-based model for selling a house or buying one.

The benefits come aided when an individual subscribes for a subscription that avails knowledge about buying and selling a house in a respective area. Get access to reasonable and legal properties with the RealtyTrac website.


Why pay any agent the traditional way when you can opt for the Redfin way. Redfin avails you of the best realtor services considerably, cutting out the hefty task of finding a manageable licensed realtor. Like Houzeo, Redfin too allows you to set your listing fee between 1% and 2% on the services you wish to get catered.

Moreover, the website also adds additional services to the existing customers’ subscribed plans and makes considerable changes. However, as Redfin agents are responsible for handling many clients at once, you can expect some delays in your work.

Precisely, the website operates both ways. The registration and listing work is entirely online, but many other procedures require an in-person appearance like paperwork, cross-checking, etc. Hence, you can’t rely on online services; your physical appearance is equally important. is one of the top real estate websites with a legal, authorized database and listing to learn. To be precise, is preferred by many for its home buying services. Though the website has no big names, it will be the ‘big bull’ of the real estate market soon in the future.

The part differentiating from other websites is the liberty to examine, understand, and compare the value history of any listed property and compare it with others listed in the exact location. The website is a perfect guide regarding their doubts over property stabilization, value, and growth in the future.

FSBO is firstly the traditional website that caters to digitalized services.

With the extension to cater services to people worldwide, the website offers economical packages to its customers that any other websites hardly provide. A lot can be catered when you choose $99.95 and $399.95 packages.

But as everything comes with a disadvantage, the $99.95 package will add less value to the services you’ll be offered. Hence, make the best choice not to regret it later. Though they operate digitally, most work is carried out offline, as the website functions on outdated technology.


Buy or sell a house with professional licensed real estate agents on Homefinder. The platform is best known for its reliability and user-friendly interface. Your job of finding, renting, or selling a house becomes easy with the platform’s unhostile user interface and accuracy of calculation over property rates and prices.

You can also find the answers to your basic questions like how to sell a house by owner. The questions are finding the local mortgage rates for each state and calculating additional costs, including loans and other charges.

We hope to have covered the best information on the best Real Estate Websites in America in 2022.

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